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Fanbois: The Next Generation. YOUR CHILDREN belong to Apple now

Martin Peacock

Re: Ipad as generic name for tablet

Indeed.. my 9 year old routinely refers to my HTC as 'iPhone'. Just like nobody would suggest 'Dysoning' the carpet.

Apple threatens to ruin peace worldwide with voice-controlled iMacs

Martin Peacock

Prior art?

I recall in the late 80's being on a project where photogrammetry machines were controlled by voice. And yeh - more than 2 operators in the same room was comical.

Going even further back .. Anyone remember the Golden Shot?

Sure if only USPTO followed El Reg they'd be in a better place.

Office 365: This cloud isn't going to put any admins out of a job

Martin Peacock

Think back 20 years or so.....

"Hey lets DOWNSIZE & we can sack the WHOLE IT department"

12 months later:

"Shit. Lets bring some of them back and rename it RIGHTSIZING"

UK.gov: We really are going to start buying open-source from SMEs

Martin Peacock

Not to be heckling the Big Yin...

IMO the biggest issue is what should (in an ideal world) be the biggest plus - choice. Lets say a Gov entity tenders for service X - which is potentially provided perfectly well by OS software Y. There will be a (approx) gazillion SMEs submitting proposals - which nobody is going to wade through to assess properly. And in fact we'd criticise if it happened.

So.. tenders will be subject to pre-qualification to sort out the 'serious players' from the - guess what - SMEs. In generall, one doesn't get to compete on price at pre-qualification stage.

There's a reason why it is so costly to become a <strike>made man<\strike> incumbent vendor - because once the position is achieved - its bloody valuable.

Ubuntu made me puke in a bucket

Martin Peacock
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Take on the mantle

Lads.... Good show. With the (alas) demise of LUGRadio you are the natural leaders for offensive content. Keep it coming.

Red Hat flips CEO, as Microsoft 'goes' astroturfing

Martin Peacock

You think the Adobe blogs are pooly designed?



Open source prima donnas to crush IBM, BEA and MS in 2008

Martin Peacock

All about google

Lads.. since google seems to be recurring theme (all through the two shows), Chew on this:

After another small blip on my attempts to replace Windows with Ubuntu, I can safely say that Google IS the enabling technology for Ubuntu.

It's Open Season on open source

Martin Peacock

Great Meat

Just got around to listening to the 'cast. Good stuff - I'm looking forward to the next installment.

One point I would disagree with is the assertion that a $10m revenue is not sufficient for IPO. That may well be true if the IPO is for NASDAQ, NYSE et al but there are plenty of smaller exchanges where smaller revenues may well be welcomed.

Interesting comments around the topic of IPOs (or indeed buyouts) changing the culture of OSS companies. While the T&Cs of such transactions are somewhat focussed on the rules of the relevant authorities/exchange, surely there is plenty of room in the shareholder agreements to protect the OSS culture whoever happens to own the shares - a kind of GPL of shareholder agreements?


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