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Why you might want an email client in the era of webmail


Re: "who uses as a local email client in 2023. Doesn't everybody use webmail these days?"

It's even better on a mobile device: who uses webmail, there's an app for email. One app for each provider.

Or one could just use an email app.


"who uses as a local email client in 2023. Doesn't everybody use webmail these days?"

Whilst I am heartily tired of all the apps nowadays that one is encouraged to use instead of a perfectly functional web page, I feel that webmail is the opposite: why use webmail instead of a proper email client which can connect to various email accounts?

In the scenario where one has more than one email address, with multiple accounts from individual providers, I cannot see how using webmail could be anything other than a nightmare.

Fedora 37 beta: Hints of what's to come in Red Hat's free flagship


Re: Notes

How is nouveau in this release?

My pc (approx 2 years old, i3 cpu without onboard graphics plus low-end nvidia gpu) won't boot from Fedora 35 or 36 usb media. When I last needed to reinstall back in June after disk failure I had to boot / install Fedora 34 and upgrade.

After installation / updates nouveau "works", but is flaky enough so I end up using the proprietary drivers instead.

Google, Oracle cloud servers wilt in UK heatwave, take down websites


Grauniad reads el reg


Could become a feedback loop.

How to get Linux onto a non-approved laptop


"keep it just in case"

My version of "keep it just in case" is to take out the original drive with windows on it and stash it in a bag with a label.

GitHub drops Atom bomb: Open-source text editor mothballed by end of year


M$ to kill Atom

Fork off.

Sick of Windows but can't afford a Mac? Consult our cynic's guide to desktop Linux


Re: Control Your Own Upgrades

My Fedora installations upgrade smoothly these days with 'dnf upgrade' without hassle.

Even taking the boot device from an old motherboard to a new one seems to work fine.

The Return of Gopher: Pre-web hypertext service is still around



Pro tip - read El Reg using Lynx at work, if your boss looks at your screen they just see you 'working' in a terminal.

Netflix to crack down on account sharing, offer ad-laden cheaper options


Re: Concurrent usage

"I own a city apartment and a country cottage"

cf UK TV licence - you need one for your holiday cottage.

Indonesia's new mega-telco to build 18,000km submarine cable to the US



I always mix up Batam with Bintan, which makes me think of Bintang, possibly the best beer in Indonesia ... or not.

Grab some tissues: Meta's share price tanks after Facebook emits latest figures


Re: Deflection

"I closed my account a couple of weeks ago"

I think you count towards next quarter's results - sorry.

Google's Pixel 6 fingerprint reader is rubbish because of 'enhanced security algorithms'


Re: A guess

Shurely, them with insecure, easily faked fingerprints were excluded.

Would you like to try another finger?

New Zealand spooks say satellite snooping is obsolete – better intel is found elsewhere


Re: Now, If New Zealand Only Had Ocean Cables Passing Across It's Shores . . .

Interesting viewpont; not sure how ocean cables might affect this satellite monitoring station: presumably other activities vis a vis cables would continue unabated at this site.

140,000-plus drivers sent $60m in compensation checks after Amazon 'stole their tips'


Re: Once again

Bezos probably just thought that as restaurants keep tips intended for staff, why shouldn't he?

Thunderbird 91 lands: Now native on Apple Silicon, swaps 'master' for 'primary' password, and more


running Windows 7 and hit the update button for Firefox

... and, what about your Thunderbird experience from this effort?


Not a fan? ;-)

Didn't you read Devuan in the post?


... no longer be a "Master Craftsman"?

And just forget about that MSc, MBA, MA or whatever.

Elementary OS 6 Odin released on a 'pay what you want' basis


New users expect at a minimum to have a web browser, email, and an office suite when they first boot


When I was a young 'un, we had to install from floppies (5.25", not any of the new fangled 3.5") ....

no, wait, I mean mag tape, or was it punched cards?

Stone tablets, hewn from the mountain, that's it, I remember now.

Firefox 91 introduces cookie clearing, clutter-free printing, Microsoft single sign-on... so where are all the users?


> constant nagging to use "pocket" How did you manage to get that?

Right click on a link.

In the context menu, between 'save link as' and 'copy link' sits 'save link to pocket'.

I accidentally choose 'save link to pocket' around 5% of the time, and have to cancel.


UX designers

Perhaps if they didn't update the UX they'd be redundant.


Re: This is mine

Is that enough? Six domains?

I tend to go with the pi-hole type approach - i.e. a far larger number of blocked domains, updated automatically, for various devices.

Obviously still need an adblocker in firefox. Doesn't work against lots of mobile ads: avoid apps where possible, and use the browser instead; many apps aren't really necessary.



I also use Seamonkey in an "open, visit site, close" manner for sites that are too bothersome to fix noscript permissions temporarily for (I try to avoid permanent) on firefox. I have noticed recently that less plugins work on seamonkey (ublock?) which is annoying.


"badgered by Google"

... and repeated "Critical security alert for ... Sign-in attempt was blocked" emails when I use an android phone running k9 mail or fair email to access a gmail account.

Since I popped a new sim into a phone I get this every time the phone leaves a known wifi network and is on the cellular network / other wifi.

Rocky Linux release attracts 80,000 downloads as ex-CentOS users mull choices



Unfortunately, throughout this article, I kept reading AlmaLinux as AnimalLinux, now there's no going back for me.

Richard Branson plans to trump Jeff Bezos by 9 days in billionaires' space race


Re: Sigh



Re: Am I evil ?

Are you short?

Fastly 'fesses up to breaking the internet with an 'an undiscovered software bug' triggered by a customer


make sure that *similar* bugs get caught

Please do note that non-similar bugs will continue to be undetected under these updated processes as previously.

Would be so cool if everyone normalized these pesky data leaks, says data-leaking Facebook in leaked memo

IT Angle

How to check?

How can I check whether I feature in the leaked data?

I don't have a facebook account, although I'm pretty sure some contacts of mine have, so my details could be there.

Robocall bagmen admit they collected millions of dollars from victims scammed by bogus IRS officials, lenders


Re: Taken for a ride, twice

Mars should be coming online soon as a destination.

What about the First Nation people?

You want me to do WHAT in that prepaid envelope?


Who gives a shit?

"little spoon the German doctors prescribed last month"

Sounds a bit like the kit they sent me here in Oz. I couldn't face using the one I got shortly after turning 50; next time I did bother, it ended up being too messy for my liking.

How do we combat mass global misinformation? How about making the internet a little harder to use

Black Helicopters

Re: The death of Google search

"My reason for googling myself is to make sure I don't appear."

Now you are recorded in their search logs.


Not that hard to search

I just searched for 'pcr' on startpage - first result was wiki, second was a .gov page with somewhat reasonable info.

We'd rather go down in Down Under, says Google: Search biz threatens to quit Australia if forced to pay for news


"stop indexing news sites"


After 11 years, Australia declares its national broadband network is ‘built and fully operational’


Please do bore us!

"I'll not bore you with the saga of getting my FTTN to be actually usable"

Our FTTN NBN is still usable for the time being; when it was rolled out we almost managed a 50/20 connection; around 2-3 years later we can't quite manage 25/5. Maybe we can soon look forward to 12/1 or whatever comes next.

Adios California, Oracle the latest tech firm to leave California for the wide open (low tax) Lone Star State


Re: improve our employees’ quality of life

I think that was IBM a year or two ago.

Internet Archive to preserve Flash content for posterity with Ruffle emulator


Merry Christmas



Google to end free unlimited online photo, vid storage, will eventually delete files if accounts go over their cap


Re: Another one bites the dust

'I take photo's knowing they will be safe in the future'

What future? The future where your custom is of interest to GOOG, or whoever? Your custom may be deemed to be outside of profit generating business areas, hence obsolete.

Magic! If you have an entry-level iPad, the Combo Touch could make it your workhorse


"Long ago, Perhaps in the jungles of Mexico,"

Should be, shurely:

Long ago, outside a chip shop in Walthamstow.

There, FTFY

Now that's a Finnish-ing move: Finland offers free 90-day tryout of Helsinki tech scene with childcare thrown in


Re: Finland

"restrictive approach to the purchase of alcohol"

Distil at home works quite well.

Nvidia unveils $59 Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB mini AI board, machine learning that slashes vid-chat data by 90%, and new super for Britain


Re: Automatically constructing and animating your face

"How could that be potentially detrimental in any way?"

Better still, why bother? Live stream from Voyager I may have bandwidth constraints, but there's nothing with a face there.

Red Hat tips its Fedora 33: Beta release introduces Btrfs as default file system, .NET on ARM64, plus an IoT variant


keep the family on Windows

Why punish them?

British Army develops AI shotgun drone with machine vision for indoor use


dynamically compensate for recoil

Surely just firing something with equal momentum in the opposite direction would be easiest - another shotgun pointing backwards (towards your own expendable assets?)

The perils of building a career on YouTube: Guitar teacher's channel nearly deleted after music publisher complains


Re: Capricious abuse of power

"Why should a platform like Youtube not have the right to remove any content posted by users that it wants to remove?"

... exactly. Treat YouTube like any other means for generating publicity for your content, don't rely on it.

Easier done from the beginning: host your content somewhere you control, link to from YouTube (probably entails uploading to them too).

Epic, Spotify, ProtonMail and pals rise up as one against Apple's 30% cut, call for end to Cupertino-style markets


Re: Stairway to Heavenly Profits

Maybe Apple couldn't care less:

You don't need Spotify on your iphone, just use our music app instead.

We've got some games too.

Mail? wtf?

Elecrow CrowPi2: Neat way to get your boffins-to-be hooked on Linux from an early age and tinkering in no time


Re: Storage?

Obviously use the USB ports for the SSD. One can boot the Pi from an SSD.

I wanted to know whether it's possible to accommodate an SSD in the Elecrow CrowPi2 chassis, which seems somewhat spacious, rather than hanging it off the side.



Presumably the kits include an SD card; is there space otherwise for an SSD in the chassis?

Russian hacker selling how-to vid on exploiting unsupported Magento installations to skim credit card details for $5,000


Why a video?

Give us clear instructions, and code snippets, with a few relevant images if necessary - we don't want a video!

0ops. 1,OOO-plus parking fine refunds ordered after drivers typed 'O' instead of '0'


Poorly coded app

App should validate input

a) for valid characters - perhaps numeric / alphabetic only allowed in certain positions

b) against vehicle registration database

c) allow input which fails validation only after a warning, so your foreign registered vehicle which may be hard to validate can still buy a ticket.

Vinyl sales top CDs for the first time in decades in America, streaming rules


... weren't using Memorex :-P

No, 'twas a C90


Xiaomi what you're working with: Chinese mobe maker starts Android 11 rollout


"reducing the existing fragmentation in the Android sphere."

Ooh goody, I'll just see whether my 7 year old Android phone gets an update.