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Apple in 873-page legal claim to word 'Pod'

John Angelico

Prior Art...?

[Dave Bowman] HAL, open the pod bay doors please.

[HAL9000] I'm sorry Dave but I can't do that.

And let Apple face the consequences as expensively as possible.

BOFH: Die, Robot

John Angelico
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Sir Humphrey Appleby protests...

"But the public have no idea about wasting money. WE'RE the experts!"

Paul Allen's patent madness not worth single penny

John Angelico

Estoppel is it's name...

... and there must be a fancy 'merkan name too.

It is the legal principle that if you fail to take action within a reasonable time to defend your position, it is deemed wholly indefensible (with thanks to Sir Joseph Porter KCB).

If someone steals your property, and you then fail to lock doors, restrict access, install an alarm etc, then the next time a burglar fronts up you may discover that your insurer isn't going to pay on your claim.

And THEN you may discover that Burglar Bill can't be prosecuted because there is no provable loss via the insurance company (it can happen folks).

So watch it!

Prudish Google slammed for Aussie censorship

John Angelico

Completely OT...

"The ASP began running an online campaign..."

Would ASP have anything to do with Cleopatra, d'y think?

And as readers of Asterix may recall, she had *such* a cute nose!

Aussie parties trade blows over fast broadband

John Angelico
IT Angle

Yes, you have...

By definition, when warrants are issued for an election, the government of the day resigns, and is required by the Governor-General to act only in a caretaker mode until the polls are declared and the Parliament sits again.

So not only have you N-issed something, you are liable to be dissed as well. Take care :-).

Icon is there only 'cos I have never used it before.

John Angelico
Big Brother

Roger, just don't expect

to be able to afford the NBN and don't expect it to deliver the speeds they are talking about.

If you look into the fine print, the NBN co is not going to put FTTH into every place where a carbon-based bipedal lifeform chooses to lay its head nightly.

Large sections of this sparse continent will only get satellite coverage.

The NBN will be Telstra writ large. Governments are not meant to run businesses, and nobody likes Telstra's monopolistic "divine right of kings" attitude to customers.

And if you have been around long enough, you may recall that our government of the day couldn't make a satellite operation pay (bleeding red ink for years before they sold it to Optus).

However, Optus have managed it very well, including putting up two more satellites since then.

I have it from an insider that they can't fathom the problems the govt had in making a quid - all they do is send bits up, wait a second, get them back again, and ring up the cash register (Dennis Bloodnok's favourite song as it happens). It's not rocket science, except at the beginning. :-)

Perseid meteors - brace for endazzlement

John Angelico

Well, this should solve...

Well this...

"the possibility of being treated to a spectacular lightshow is enough to provoke 10/10 cloud cover and torrential rain."

...should solve the world's greatest moral crisis previously known as "global warming" but lately called "climate change"

...shouldn't it?

Err, the raincoat, thanks.

Aussie opposition will scrap firewall

John Angelico

Nope - more different than that...

The current policy positions are

a) Labor (yes, with 'merkan spelling) installing the NBN - an uncosted white elephant to run 100Mb FTTH for most but not all people (satellite for the remoter parts of the continent, and offshore territories)


promising this technological / political white elephant the Great Aussie Firewall (GAF and a big gaffe I believe it will be)

b) Conservative Coalition (Liberals and Nationals) scrap the NBN to save gigabucks (let free enterprise operators risk their own funds if they reckon there's a quid in it)


abandon the GAF probably by substituting parental level controls as they did last time (and like the set-top box add-in reported elsewhere).

Hollywood claims Aussie ISP promoted BitTorrent use

John Angelico

Hmm, interesting point...

...about the quality of evidence, the character of the witness and, as you say, a possible entrapment strategy.

I am not impressed by the AFACT argument that iiNet, by encouraging the user to pay more instead of having his traffic shaped, has somehow condoned, permitted or authorised the alleged breach of copyright.

That basically strikes at any business which dares to encourage its customers to spend more.

Should my humble oil <g> business be prosecuted for selling more engine oil to a customer who (unbeknownst to me) is a drug dealer?

Should a service station be prosecuted for offering a bulk discount for larger quantities of fuel used by said putative drug dealer?

Where would this end, eh?

Opposition to can Aus $1.3bn school laptops program

John Angelico
Black Helicopters

Precisely Mr Watson!

This is indeed what government control freaks want - a bland populace that may protest in some innocuous way, but which doesn't actually achieve any real political change.

X Prize offers cash for oil spill cleaners

John Angelico

Rapid deployment ...

... sounds all fine and dandy, but how will the prize winner handle the political delays?

Mobile phones cause tinnitus, says study

John Angelico
IT Angle

Yes, well

I have had my personal white noise service in my ears since I don't know when.

Certainly before that term was invented AND before mobile phones were even a gleam in James Bond's eye!

Kaspersky blocks BBC News over false phishing fears

John Angelico


'Course! That's what a style sheet is for!


No, I don't follow Aussie Rules either.

John Angelico

You're asking for it...

...so here 'tis!

Wintel - just don't do it!

OS/2 Zealot

I own Facebook, claims New York fuel salesman

John Angelico

Reminds me of...

...the very old advert for Eveready Gold batteries.

Today I power ALL OF ZIS...

and tomorrow ZE VORLD!!

Telco sets honey pot for nuisance marketers

John Angelico

Another fax technique...

...I heard about was to take a spam fax, make 3-4 copies, stitch them together in a loop through the fax machine feed tray and let 'er rip back to the spammer.

It wouldn't be long before they were calling you to say "err, is there something wrong with your fax machine?" To which came the sweet rejoiner "No - it's working perfectly! We just thought you would like to see how much of our paper you have wasted."

It was especially effective in the old days of thermal paper on rolls, because the result was a loooooong stretch of fax paper which wasn't any good for recycling. These days cut sheet fax machines are just glorified photocopiers and the effect is not so dramatic.

Microsoft seeks patent on ebook page flip

John Angelico

Nah, don't worry...

MS only filed recently:

"The patent application, which was originally filed in January 2009 but published only Thursday"

so there will be a lot of prior art of fingering, flipping and turning to disallow it.

Mega new climate science: 'Runaway' effect exaggerated

John Angelico

Hoist with...

...your own petard, my friend.

Read the article where it states that human emissions are about 31Bn tonnes pa, vs forest absorbtion (alone) of around 123Bn tonnes pa or four times what we puny earthlings put out.

Just HOW much influence does all of humanity have, then, eh?

Doomsayers might need to be looking for a Vogon Constructor Fleet instead.

Ancient typewriters reborn as USB keyboards

John Angelico

$500 dollars

Brought to you by the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

Aussies face 10 year browsing lock-up

John Angelico

No worries...

I'll let them have all the spam, and just keep a clean inbox :-)

Giddens, Lawson argue quite sensibly on climate change

John Angelico

Can you substantiate?

"If people do less, eat less, travel less, holiday less, replace their cars less often and stop building houses no one wants (UK excepted) then emissions of CO2 will fall dramatically"

Can you supply evidence that this will

a) occur as you posit


b) result in a cessation of global warming


c) averting doomsday disaster/s


John Angelico

Reductio ad absurdum...?

...or are you just absurdly reducing the argument?

There is now sufficient evidence that those arguing that teh climate is being warmed to dangerous levels primarily by human activity have failed to support their case with verifiable evidence.

So I'm with the Scottish lawyer: Not Proven.

I also note as a separate factor that many of the hysterical arguers conflate carbon dioxide emissions with pollution.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is an essential compound in the carbon/oxygen cycle for our "carbon-based life form" (thank you Douglas Adams for a top-class definition).

I have no objection to reducing pollution, or to using energy more efficiently and effectively.

However, I object to the bastardising of science by people wishing to banish the carbon from our carbon based lifestyle, and thus inflicting a death-wish upon the human race.

Linux wins the SCO vs Novell case

John Angelico

Excuse me...

"Obsessive compulsive" ??

Sorry Vultures, but on this issue you can't even give credit graciously.

It seems someone still recalls the rankles when El Reg was sniping at PJ and Groklaw, and in particular the subsequent back-down when Groklaw pushed back - and was vindicated.

Bridge --> Construct -->> Traverse, please!

German bank robbers in Italian Job moment

John Angelico

Dye bombs Down Under, on the other hand

...don't suffer from this disincentive to use.

Here the spoiled notes are redeemable

a) ONLY by the banks or other recognised owner of the dispenser

b) ONLY by direct application to the Reserve Bank (colonial version of the Old Lady of Threadneedle St)

US boffins synthesize self-replicating bacteria

John Angelico
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I had the ...

Same thought as I yawned - what's the difference?

And it takes so much equipment, time and <loverly gummint research> money, but I'll bet it isn't as much fun as the traditional way.

'Completely useless' Windows 3.1 hits Google's Android

John Angelico

It could actually...

...be useful in say answering an email (MS-Mail), typing a letter (MS-Write), or even drawing some graphics (MS-Paintbrush).

Now I wonder how much more Windows 7 on the Android could do? Is it really worth waiting for, now that Win 3.1 is already shipping?


Asteroids the source of Earth's water, NASA suggests

John Angelico
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"Mine's the one with the bible in the pocket."

A bible which you have only read to mine for lampoonable quotes!

Betcha don't say that about the Q'ran!

Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot

John Angelico
Gates Horns

Colour me cynical...again...

Quoth Microsoft:

"the user would need to have IE set as their default browser and have never configured it for use"

Gee, that sounds like a default install configuration, straight off the DVD.

Imagine if someone had to re-install their MS-Windows from scratch.

Or imagine if your IT department had to wipe and re-install your machine

Or imagine your machine gets hosed by some malware, and you have to re-install.

Or imagine if you get to 6 months since your last clean install, and MS-Windows has slowed down with a heap of cruft - again - and you get out your discs to re-install - again!

Since I don't run MS-Windows at home, I have to do more imagining than most, of course. :-)

'Switch to Century Gothic to save the planet'

John Angelico

Isn't it a bit early...

...for April?

The duffel coat, please.

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

John Angelico

My, my...

...did El Reg do a 'ranga'?

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles part 2

John Angelico

Ah! But did you...?

...use the 029 card verifiers?

Data integrity, always the data integrity!

Drought effect on rainforests is negligible

John Angelico

Which goes to show...


"only that the conclusion that the dry spell was good for the Amazon cannot be subjected to the scientific method."


Thus the original conclusion that the dry spell was dangerous for the Amazon and the entire planet, was likewise incapable of scientific determination.

So the science is definitely NOT "in" as the mantra previously had it, and the IPCC is once more demonstrated to be not a scientific document but merely a political one.

Which means that down under our PM's claim that the IPCC is "a bunch of 4000 scientists running around in white coats" is pure humbug.

SeaWorld killer killer whale must die, Bible insists

John Angelico

Troll alert!

...Very definitely

Global warming may be normal at this point in glacial cycle

John Angelico

All we need to do then is...

...feed in all the world's problems, let it burp once or twice, and then we will all be in nirvana


Mad Aus gov accuses Sydney hacks of hacking

John Angelico

Out of the frying pan...

...and into the fire!

John Angelico
Thumb Up

What else could you expect...?

...from the state that gave Australia's history the Rum Corps and the Rum Rebellion?

Microsoft finally debuts Euro-choose-a-browser screen

John Angelico

You simply don't understand, do you?

Quote: "Microsoft have earned there (sic) way into almost everyones computer"

No they have NOT earned their way - they have bullied, abused and cheated their way onto almost everyone's computer and that has been proved in court.

John Angelico

Gee eh, software is supposed to...

1) be there

Well, I'll be - software availability?

2) install correctly

Wow! what are installers for?

3) work

Oh, yeah, force applied over distance, maybe?

4) keep on working ...

Persistence, backward compatibility, retention of learned skills

So what has Windows and IE got going for them?

Men at Work swiped Down Under riff

John Angelico

Dear me, Bosun...

...maybe you are referring to the retort attributed to Sir Arthur Sullivan when challenged about the similarity of his music to another "lesser" composer:

Well, sir, we have but eight notes between us!"

Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad

John Angelico

Dear Jim, little Jim (with apols to Bluebottle)

Sounds like the article went right over your head.

Suggestion: grow a little taller: you might get the joke - right between the eyes!

Danes ditch Microsoft, take ODF road - at last

John Angelico

Exactement, monsieur!

Almost as long as MS-Office has been around, 80% plus of office tasks could have been done and still could be done by MS-Write and MS-Calc.

The OS/2 zealot from Down Under.

Windows plagued by 17-year-old privilege escalation bug

John Angelico

but because...


"But because it's computer software, and Microsoft in particular, all hell breaks loose"

Well, it's because MS people at high levels keep making motherhood statements about security and top priority in the same sentence, and then go on about a quality assurance program, ad nauseum, followed by this kind of tardiness when the rubber hits the road, that the computing community becomes thoroughly jaded.

They NEVER spend enough on quality, but they sure as hell spend heaps on lawyers, and after-market support.

How come they can't grasp the financial impact of quality from the ground up? Corporate culture.

And that's why all hell breaks loose whenever these revelations are leaked.

MS to issue emergency patch for potent IE vuln

John Angelico

you're not listening...

[Moriarty] You're not listening Grytpyppe!

[Thynne] Hmm? Oh, er, I was just reading this advertisement on the back page of my suit. "Wanted: One Genuine Charlie for software development. Apply Microsoft."

One second-hand space shuttle: Yours for $29m

John Angelico

from a Goon Show...

[Thynne as auctioneer] What am I bid for this Army surplus shell?

[Henry Crun] Mgh! Um, mgh sixpence!

[Thynne] Sold! to the man who has lost his memory. Would you like it wrapped or should we arrange delivery for you sir?

[Crun] Mgh, er, oh, er, you can deliver it for me please. East Finchley will do just fine.

[Thynne] Ready? Aim... Fire!

[FX] Shell fired from large cannon.

[Thynne] I will be on your doorstep when you arrive, sir.

[Crun] Thank you! What wonderful service, eh Minnie? The tiger WILL get a surprise, won't he?

Can't recall it all precisely, nor can I recall the show. Sorry if it's embellished and impoverished at the same time: I must bow before the greater knowledge of the Goon Appreciation Society.

British government ignores MS browser fears

John Angelico

...but they should tell their own staff...

Since (and I quote):

"Internet Explorer is the default browser on government computers."

it would surely be incumbent on a competent government department to advise its own to be as secure as possible?

I recognise of course that the expression "competent government" is rather an oxymoron, but I am trying to be as generous as I can. We have essentially the same difficulty Down Under - such animals are as rare here as the Bunyip.

Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins

John Angelico

And you are ... ?

... the final authority on what constitutes a Christian or a lousy one, are you?

Microsoft petitions for second look at Word XML decision

John Angelico
Gates Horns

Gee, judge...

... we didn't like the judgement you gave us because it was the same as the one we didn't like before that.

So we really, really would like you to look at it again, and we really, really would lilke you to change your mind.



Very petulant and childish tantrum.

National Rail website buried ahead of snow storm

John Angelico


A sunny 15+, eh?

Maybe we'll see Dr Phil Jones (semi-retired) getting about in a T-Shirt!

Written from balmy Melbourne Vic Australia where today's temp peaked at +23C

John Angelico

Soaps stopped from filming?

Chemically speaking, does that mean the bubble has burst?

Err, the anorak AND the duffel coat please. It looks pretty cold out there...

Today is not New Year's Eve - or the end of the decade

John Angelico

Second census or first?

Dear YAAC,

You appear to have missed the important point in Luke 2:2 "This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria."

So 4-6BC is still the most reasonable estimate we can make given the historical data available.



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