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Apache promotes OpenOffice to top-level project

John Angelico

Re: Cut/n/Paste was Weirdly, I get on better with OpenOffice..

But, isn't that a Paste Special option?

New telescope tipped to spot 700,000 galaxies

John Angelico

"OUR OWN universe"?

Umm, who owns all the others then?

Facebook's latest brain wave: Flogging REAL fluffy tat

John Angelico

And when they get to...

...real furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, it will be time to wake up Douglas Adams.

The Register lands in Australia

John Angelico

Re: Not liking my choices

Nah, had no probs with the Reset Password.

John Angelico

Re: Antipodean name

Sorry, but "El Wedge" sounds a bit kiwi, doesn't it?

We could try to take a leaf out of the old Japanese TV advert - can't rememebr the product, but the Australian reporter to HO was Mr Ockamura, who failed to report because he was enjoying the delights of sun, sand, surf and girls on Bondi beach. I seem to recall that his NZ colleague was Mr Kiwimura, but that didn't work as well.

Is OckaReg too bogan?

At least we haven't got Wayne, Julia or Penny as reporters.

Astronomers tell story set a LONG time ago in a galaxy far, FAR away

John Angelico

Spell check?

"researchers poring into this early stage of the universe's life."


Or grammar check?

What are they drinking? Thinking? Or is this a Goon Show joke?

Key evidence in Assange case dissolves

John Angelico

A forged passport?

"it wanted to forge solidarity with Assange" - yeah, right!

That won't help him. What on earth were they thinking?

Greens promise free WiFi for Sydney

John Angelico

They have forgotten the TINSTAAFL Law - AGAIN!

Ther Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Someone has to pay for it. Eventually it will be the ratepayers.

Coming to a cloud near you: dirty laundry

John Angelico

Re: My only question is "why?".

Why on earth are we attempting to proceed down a path of LESSER automation, and GREATER intervention?

Will the person reporting on phone control of a Porsche please tell us all if that extends to disabling the automatic transmission and reverting to phone control of a clutch pedal and manual transmission?

It's obvious that evolution is a crock - we are going backwards not forwards.

Ice core shows Antarctic Peninsula warming is nothing unusual

John Angelico

Re: Evidence?

<quote>Even if I accept that the peak oil people are utterly crazy, I find it hard to believe there's INFINITE fossil fuel.</quote>

Umm, I suggest that you Google for "renewable crude oil" and read what you find...

Furthermore, I offer this analysis:

Where, currently, do we find it more amenable to live - in warmer or colder climes around the globe? [Rhetorical question, surely?]

So should the overall temperature trend be on the rise, I put it to you that the global effect will be to expand the warmer regions towards currently colder latitudes. Equatorial latitudes might become 2-4 degrees warmer by the end of this century, but so will temperate and frigid zones IF the prognostications achieve their worst predicted outcomes.

Why should such trends represent "the sky is falling" doom & gloom panic stations?

I posit that the result should lead to a reduction in fossil fuels being used for heating, and that more temperate acreage might mean more plants absorbing CO2. Some nicely positive feedback effects, no?

John Angelico

Re: There is no such thing as "natural" or "random" variation

<blockquote>The "natural variations" crowd are like believers in "intelligent design" (creationists). They too explain changes based on unknowable forces at work, which cannot be analysed and understood by man.</blockquote>

Oh, er do you mean unknowable forces, akin to unknowable substances like "dark matter", Oort clouds as a source of comets, and so forth?

I thought I heard someone whispering "unicorn"...

Arctic ice panics sparked by half-baked sat data

John Angelico
Thumb Up

"hysteretic threshold behavior"

Can this "hysteretic threshold behavior" be read as "hysterical behavior" which has extended beyond a threshold, thus representing a danger to life on this planet?

Probably sums up this entire Anthropogenic Global Warming scam very neatly!

Locking in the NBN

John Angelico


The NBN is approaching TNM stage = The New Monopoly.

The current gummint (ALP or new labour flavour) has never hidden its disdain for the ideas of competition and free enterprise, even whilst enjoying the benefits.

Despite the bungled corporatisation of the old PMG - separation into Australia Post (highly successful commercially) and Telstra (highly successful financially but abysmal structurally, and with a woeful corporate culture), the country has some competition in telecomms.

Now that Telstra (11billion), Optus (about 900million) and whoever the hell the third carrier is, have sold their freedom to NBN, there will be no more competition: there will only be the NBN game in town telecomms-wise.

So AC above, if you want to see us go back to six-week lead times for a single telephone line install, go right ahead. If you want to have lovely 100Mbit speeds (theoretical) for traffic within Australia BUT no change for incoming international traffic, go ahead. If you want to pay over the odds for high-speed services, or be content with affordable middle of the road services at speeds we already have, go right ahead.

But don't expect me to put up with it. I'll go wireless to bypass the lot.

SATELLITE SMACKDOWN: Turnbull vs. Quigley

John Angelico

Re: Turnbull may be the better politican (compared to Abbott)

Ye gods! Turnbull has dropped two catches in the slips, and managed an overthrow for more runs.

Obviously doesn't belong there. He should be either third man or twelfth man.

The big scam which is the NBN is the sheer grandiose scale of FTTH. The Coalition policy of expanding fibre through the backbone then going to the kerb, with scaled expansion would have cost approx AUD4-5Billion in 2007 dollars, when it was their election policy.

The Rudd-Conroy Axis of Stupidity decided that a logical, affordable, progressive rollout had to be trumped by big numbers - hence a figure out of the air - 42Billion, with a net cost of 26Billion (after private sector buy-in).

There was not even a back of the envelope costing or a Compaq table napkin business plan.

So Turnbull is attacking in the wrong place.

Either get him out of there, or get him better advice.

Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist

John Angelico

Re: @K Hey doc..

On catfood? That's probably done more than all the billions spent on "climate research" then. At least cats are companion animals that give their people the semblance of a pleasant lifestyle. :-)

Lucy in 3.4 million-year-old cross-species cave tryst

John Angelico

A foot skeleton?

Just the thing for leaping to conclusions!

Huawei banned from Australia’s NBN: reports

John Angelico

Where do they source their laptops?

Could there be a bunch of Lenovo slims around?

Wonder how they spell hypocrisy?

Football rules punt Oz IPTV into touch

John Angelico
Big Brother

He may be grossly overpaid...

...but he's definitely not a TV network executive.

So why the hell is he deciding what goes to air and what doesn't?

I want two icons:

Big Brother



Supermodel-fiddling tool Photoshop CS6 flinged in free beta

John Angelico

Flinged? Flinged!!???

What's this "flinged" in the subtitle?

At least it allows me to use the Grammar icon!

QLD flood report calls for emergency services broadband network

John Angelico

The report says ... DOH!

A typical cover the backside report - telling insurers (and everybody else) that they must do better next time.

Pray tell, how is a digital broadband network going to keep operating when an area is entirely flooded? When power has to be cut off, the network will be bereft of electrons to push around.

Yes, other parts of a city will be OK, but all this huffing and puffing about improving the infrastructure is all fine in theory - but how will it cope in practice?

And I notice that Big Brother is being told to gather and store more data. Yeah, right!

PayPal slaps down Dr Who ‘charity book’

John Angelico

One day those T&Cs will kill 'em

PayPal's T&Cs are fiddlesticks - they hold themselves out to be "the easiest way to send or receive money around the world". But every single T or C which restricts that represents more and more misleading advertising.

I hope that one day someone with deep enough pockets takes them up on their whinnet-ridden (thank you, Douglas Adams - a truly pungent turn of phrase) T&Cs and goes through the organisation like a dose of salts.

Oceans gaining ACID faster than last 300 MILLION YEARS

John Angelico

CO2 blamed?

As the bowl of petunias thought: "Oh no, not again!"

New sat data shows Himalayan glaciers hardly melting at all

John Angelico

We have simply GOT to build

a massive spaceship, call it the "B" Ark, and send at least a third of the population off towards Goldafrincham.

John Angelico

Given the half-life of C-14

your comment is a dangerous half-truth.

C-14 has a half life of approx 5700 years, right? 5730 to be precise, Thomson. Thank you Thompson.

C-14 radiometric dating is capable of reasonable dating within human history, because it can be cross-checked against external historical evidence.

It has it's limitations of course: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon-14 (Wikipedia for speed, only). So it cannot be extrapolated to millions or billions of years via the use of other isotopes.

Telstra gets mail with Microsoft

John Angelico

Not my experience at work...

... for two weeks the ADSL2+ "service" from Telstra has been crawling and then stopping every half hour or so at worst, every two hours at best.

We have to go and power cycle the ADSL "modem" aka NTU and <sigh> whilst hoping that it somehow forces the service back on air.

Don't talk to me about Telstra - again!

I am just amazed at the loyalty of the techs who do a marvellous job, but they bust their guts for a service that totally sux where we are.

E. coli turns seaweed into ethanol

John Angelico
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But would be a good idea to see...

...if it scales (yeah, so punish me!) to commercial viability, without causing unmanageable side-effects (aka unintended consequences).

Redmond campaigns for gay marriage rights

John Angelico

I think you miss the parent poster's point...

...which is that whatever the terminology used, the strategy seems to be a most effective way to undermine their opponents, by undermining the institution.

I disagree with what they are doing and with MS for supporting it, because I think it is an illogical (and deceptive) case, and the use of "equal rights" terminology is a false argument.

There are already restrictions on who can marry. The current laws in all jurisdictions do not simply allow any two (heteros, although NB this is NOT stated - more below) who love each other to marry.

There are limitations based on

a) existing married status

b) close blood/family relations (the taboos - usually listed) and

c) age

for example. The definition of marriage as between "a man and a woman, entered into exclusively for life" should preclude a lot of short term relationships too, but easy divorce has undone a lot of that.

Secondly, the argument as put is that marriage should be available to "any two people who love each other" rather than being restricted to "a man and a woman", but this shifts the basis from something biological (capable of scientific testing for example) to something emotional (consequently variable and impossible to assess, realistically speaking).

And looking at the emotional turbulence regularly portrayed in public, one has to wonder whether this represents a good move for a start, before we have even considered the children (won't somebody think of the children! There I said it for you all).

Thirdly, the definition does not say anything about heterosexuals or homosexuals, it simply requires that the two parties be one each of "man" and "woman" and that the relationship be exclusive. If the parties can't meet the definition, then marriage is not for them. But this is where the "gay lobbyists" are deliberately working to undermine the definition. However, they are sawing off the branch on the wrong side and they will go down once the saw cuts through (great cartoon humour, but there are serious repercussions to what they are doing).

The moral of the story is:

Be careful what you wish for: you may very well get it.

John Angelico
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And a national/international employer too!

The argument runs a bit thin when MS has offices all over the blooming place.

If business is about business, then it has no business in social politics.

Darwin's lost fossils found down the back of a cupboard

John Angelico

Oh, no, not again!

<sigh> And now I suppose I have to brace myself for more stupid headlines of the "This completely changes our understanding of evolutionary development" variety.

iPad typos are Apple's fault, not yours - new claim

John Angelico

Reminds me of the stories from the earliest typewriter days

When the first mechanical typewriters were invented, competent typists could jam the mechanisms with the speed of their work.

Therefore Mr Scholes invented the QWERTY keyboard layout to avoid jamming the key mechanism. A partially intended consequence was that typists were slowed down and thus rendered less efficient than they might otherwise have been.

Now we have a sub-optimal keyboard layout represented on screen, but superficial factors appear to necessitate dropping of keystrokes. Argh - it's deja vu all over again!

Boffins drill into human language by terrifying chimps with vipers

John Angelico

Oi! You're off yer bike!

Check this and follow the links:


And look for Donna Laframboise "The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert"

Kindle Edition here: http://www.amazon.com/Delinquent-Teenager-Mistaken-Climate-ebook/dp/B005UEVB8Q/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top&tag=wattsupwithth-20


Amazon UK here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Delinquent-Teenager-Mistaken-Climate-ebook/dp/B005UEVB8Q/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1318550553&sr=8-1-spell

ACMA sets the bar too low for broadcasters claims APF

John Angelico
Big Brother

Beware of

...ACMA morphing into MiniTru.

We DO NOT need a bureaucracy telling us what's fit to print/publish, because in the end the bureacracy will protect itself (and its masters the government) rather than the populace.

New ATLAS particle part of 'everyday mass'

John Angelico

So they say the Higgs is...

...supposed to be a single indivisible particle? Isn't that the same problem as the Greeks had?

So they gave us "atom" as the label for the smallest indivisible component of matter in the Universe ("un-i-verse". Mr Dent-Arthur-Dent!).

Greens Senator champions Assange cause

John Angelico
Big Brother

The Australian Greens Party...

...are on the loony left extremity of Australian politics.

The only problem at the moment is that the ALP (Labour/Democrat equivalent, being so-called "progressives" - mainly closet socialists) is a minority government hanging onto power (whatever it takes) by forming a coalition with the Greens Party and three independents.

Consequently, the Greens tail tends to wag the ALP dog, and we have a PM largely hostage to a deal signed under some duress, aided and abetted by her socialist past which was redder than her hair.

Personally, I would put the Greens on a level somewhat lower than Screaming Lord Sutch and the party he established (Official Monster Raving Loonies). The Greens take themselves far too seriously, and we don't do eccentricity anywhere near as well as our colonial masters.

This Senator had the hide to harangue Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, at an enquiry into the lockout of three unions back in October, when he didn't even know what the legislation said about company options in a dispute. Mr Joyce ate him up and spat him out.

Sen Ludlam was one of three such Senators who attacked Alan Joyce as being duplicitous etc etc., and who tried to tell him how to run his airline, when none of them have had any (repeat ANY) business experience in their entire working lives.

And now he says "he did meet with Swedish justice officials to discuss the extradition process." Lemme see, that means he could have merely met with a clerk of a court, and been given a printout explaining court/extradition procedures. He may have had one of his staff point out that it was in Swedish, and he could have gone back to ask for the English translation.

I have no time for such blind incompetence.

Press Council slaps Rupert for Oz NBN coverage

John Angelico
Thumb Down

Someone may need to explain...

"research" to the complainants.

What ever happened to supplying the factual correction in a timely manner?

And thus winning the argument when the debate is on, rather than six months later.

Maybe the complainant/s couldn't...?

Parallel politics: Gerry Harvey, imports and taxes

John Angelico

Penny drops slowly for Mr Harvey

Hmm, Gerry must have finally got the first part of the message. He admits that whta he rails against is a collection policy at Aust Customs, rather than a legal exemption from GST.

We can only hope it will take less than 12 months for him to understand the second part of the message, as clearly enunciated by Term for example.

Doctor Who girl Amy Pond axed in 'heartbreaking' exit

John Angelico

Dear me...

...isn't the point (apart from practical production and budget reasons) that the Doctor has a primary responsibility to protect the Earth and it's quirky inhabitants?

Cops target climate-sceptic bloggers in three countries

John Angelico

OT: "investing a crime"

Wot? D'ye mean that crime could pay if they just invested, right?

World's first biz computer was British – and sold teacakes

John Angelico


Couldn't possibly.

Staid Brits - who else could do a film called "No sex, please we're British!" and get away with it?

At least down here we could have wild colonial boys!

JA from Melbourne Australia (NOT Florida)

John Angelico

Controlled from a control panel!

Yeah, right?

Yeah, right!

Australia Network tender shut down

John Angelico
Big Brother

Payback time?

Could be an example of a government obsessed with hate media and biased reporting by one organisation. Coincidence that it happens to be News Ltd group? Oink, flap!

Last mystery of first recorded supernova laid to rest

John Angelico

You can say it...

...but you will have created a simple error of chronology, by attempting to relate two separate and unrelated things. Have you seen someone about that cognitive dissonance problem of yours?

I am a Christian and no, I do not propose "going thermonuclear" - I will simply shake my head at the lengths some people go to in trying to discredit my beliefs.

WikiLeaks on verge of financial collapse, founder says

John Angelico

So could one say...

...this whistle-blower sucks!?

OK, OK, don't push!

Google unfurls Dead Sea Scrolls

John Angelico

Argh! Translation language fail!

Why, oh why, do the translators seem to insist on using Elizabethan English grammatical forms and even some words, despite the fact that these documents predate Willy Wobblestick and the Virgin Queen by millenia?

A Farewell to Oates: Adios, El Reg

John Angelico

Ah, so long...

... and thank you for being had!

Harvey Norman drops HP’s TouchPad

John Angelico

So it seems...

...that they failed the drop test?

Something an IBM Thinkpad would always be able to pass.

'Missing heat': Is global warmth vanishing into space?

John Angelico
Thumb Up

Well, how about that...!

"<title> Spencer and William Braswell, essentially says the climate is too chaotic to say with certainty what is going on."

I wonder, could it be possible that the Pope is a Catholic?

Developer fury as Google makes Android apps vanish

John Angelico

Feeling D-valued?


Higgs Boson hiding place narrows

John Angelico

Sounds like...

"unififed string theory" sounds like something the Goons would approve of - a tin whistle with only one note, played as the theme music for "The Great String Robbery" episode.

For Australian small biz, NBN retail prices look fabulous

John Angelico

Whoa there, GOF

You said:

"The govt isn't holding a gun to your head and forcing you to upgrade to a faster internet..."

Well, how do you explain the big money being paid to shut down of the copper and HFC networks?



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