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OMG! New free speech social network won’t allow members to take the Lord’s name in vain

Mojave Green

You might want to look up the definition of monopoly. No one has to, needs to, or is forced to use Twitter, nor is anyone prevented from using an alternative communication platform or starting their own. Twitter also has terms and conditions which they can remove users for not complying with. It's ok to criticize the way they do business, but stick to the facts.

Mullet over: Aussie boys' school tells kids 'business in the front, party in the back' hairstyle is 'not acceptable'

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Re: It's the 1950s again (or is it?)

Lighten up, it's one private school, you and your mullet are still welcome down under.

Free Software Foundation urged to free itself of Richard Stallman by hundreds of developers and techies

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Re: Oh how the woke wimper

People whining about stuff they don't understand comes to mind.

Space station dumps 2.9-ton battery pack to burn up in Earth's atmosphere after hardware upgrade

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"The ISS is upgrading its battery system, and the old hardware has to be disposed of." Should've added a shed.

TPG buys Thycotic, immediately merges it with Centrify to create ~$230m access management monster

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Off topic

Thycotic - is that someone who is crazy about legs?

Biden administration pauses pursuit of TikTok and WeChat

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Re: Err....

I assume you mean on the side of having lawful justifications and proof of harm before attempting to shut down a business and force it to be sold off to the highest bidder.

Bixby users. Yes, both of you! Samsung's unloved voice assistant now works with its unloved DeX desktop mode

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Not even the shed

Nope, I've got a desktop in the shed, too. I recently inherited my spouse's Note 9 and I'm really annoyed you can't turn off the Bixby button or reassign it to another function. Useless thing pops up when the button is accidentally pressed. I'm thinking a little epoxy could solve this problem -- too small for duct tape!

One does not simply shove elephants on a ballet shoe point and call it an acceptable measure of pressure

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Re: Surely it should be ... the area of a 7" vinyl

Re: 7" vinyl...additional data required.

You may need to do some more calculations. if we assume the vinyl disc actually touches the underlying surface on the peaks of it's grooves, you'll need to know the linear length of the groove and resting width of the peak to calculate the resting surface area. CDs may be inappropriate here, but the calculation for the smooth surface would be much easier. Then again, who wants easy. Oh wait, I do. : 0

Don't Zoom off elsewhere: Google plugs video-chat service Meet into Gmail as user eyes start wandering

Mojave Green

Meet sessions? I thought they were supposed to be virtual...ba dum bump.


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