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HP shatters excessive packaging world record

Anthony Poh

..... that's nothing....

.... wait till you order a Integrity or 9000 system and add in the additional software (glanceplus, etc).... The amount of empty boxes with only paper licenses in them.... jeez, then you'll realise the amount of poor trees that have been chopped down to make the HP packaging!

Battle of the stats: Blu-ray beats HD DVD

Anthony Poh

China adopts HD-DVD equivalent

Check out this article I've just read:


Seems that China have come up with their own format called CH-DVD which builds on the fundamentals of HD-DVD......

So with the country with the worlds largest population adopting a HD-DVD format, will this shift the High-Definition war away from Sony?!?

Surely a country that can mass-produce HD-DVDs and their players for cheap will mean that they can flood the market with their wares?!?

Interesting article (check alternate sources too).

Although I've read stuff on N4G before, I'd rather wait till a site like The Reg picks up on it and gives their opinion!

HD-DVD or Blu-ray?

Anthony Poh


You may want to check out this article which I've just read!


"A new unexpected development coming out of China is shedding light on the reason that might have prompted Paramount and Dreamworks to jump ship and abort its support for Blu-ray. On September 7th, 2007, China officially dropped the bomb on the HD format war:

A consortium of Chinese university engineers and globally recognized manufacturers, in cooperation with the China High Definition DVD Industry Association (CHDA) and backed by the Chinese government, have reached an agreement on a standard specification for a blue-laser, hi-def disc, (note: not Blu-ray,) which is based on and fundamentally compatible with HD DVD with only minor adjustments"

This could be really interesting in the HD-DVD vs Blue-ray war......

Man is Sony ever gonna make a format that the world will embrace?!? =P


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