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It's been five years since Windows 10 hit: So... how's that working out for you all?


Re: Nope

That was the one co-engineered by IBM wasn’t it? Or the one the guy from DEC? Created. Proves the case about native Microsoft being a bit, well, lacklustre. Maybe mor so since Bill ripped off the original versions

But hey, I’m used to serious boxes that don’t fall over. At least they seemed to fix that problem eventually.

Cabinet Office takes over control of UK government data: Mundane machinery or Machiavellian manoeuvrings?


Re: that Cummings is the sort of kid who'd get beaten up at school just for the hell of it.

So is this your commentary on your own posting, or has your identity been hijacked?


Re: With Dominic Cummings in charge ...

I count four, the last one is a little longer that the first, thus

Dom Dom Dom Doom

It's a Meow-nixed system, I know this: Purr-fect storm of 3,000+ insecure databases – and a data-wiping bot


Whilst I agree with all the comments saying 'serve them right' I believe we should also keep at the forefront of our mind that

It Is The Criminals Fault.

In just the same way as It Is The Criminals Fault if your unlocked house is robbed.

Equally, the fact that such activity can take place is down to the design of the comms. It is no longer beyond our capabilities to run comms and Operating Systems which are intrinsically secure.

Bt I have no idea how you could implement same whilst the USA, China, Russia, etc want to have access to all information, everywhere.

Me? - My fountain pen still works for secure communication.

Raytheon techie who took home radar secrets gets 18 months in the clink in surprise time fraud probe twist


Re: Editing

My memory (the organic one) stretches away back in the fourth dimension.

When email was new...

It was often the case that 'important' emails were being keyed in so quickly that an occasional error was proof of its urgency....

No time to spare to correct it before sending.

Now we have automated spell checkers that can put in the mistukes for us.

Capita's bespoke British Army recruiting IT cost military 25k applicants after switch-on


I worked for Capita, briefly. The organisation was driven from the top to be utterly unscrupulous and blind to users needs, to the point of deliberately luring them into bad specifications so they could charge double for changes.

I have watched them since - the departure of the Chief Exec as a sop to be able to say they were all cleaned up. The give capitalism a bad name. It seems that every system they 'somehow' acquire (WHY was he thrown out?, oh yes - suspected bungs to toady politicians)

Disgraceful. As I get older seem to get more right wing. The only answer is really to bring back capital punishment, and asset stripping, as for drug lords.

Judge green-lights Facebook, WhatsApp hacking lawsuit against spyware biz NSO, unleashing Zuck's lawyers


Only in America

Where it is a Good Thing to make handguns and pass them out like sweeties, and makers are not sued for providing weapons that kill people.

as opposed to a company that makes software.

Why then, is Facebook not being sued by all the people who have suffered at the hands of material posted on it? The incitements to self harm, to suicide, to hate speech and acts?

One rule for the Feds, one rule for for the peasants.

Seven 'no log' VPN providers accused of leaking – yup, you guessed it – 1.2TB of user logs onto the internet


You can say it.

But now you are on a list... somewhere ...

Is it Patch Blues-day for Outlook? Microsoft's email client breaks worldwide, leaves everyone stumped


I left Windows behind, thankfully, when I retired. Solely Mac or Linux on home built kit.

The I had to have W10 to support my daughter.

I had expected that W10 would be a big improvement. But no. The arrogant way in which MS insist on installing its junk. My daughter is disabled. She cannot cope with changes to screen designs or workflows. I have Macs over 20 years old with a UI which is instantly recognisable from the one on this machine.

Also - the email has been working, continuously, without interruption, (as has the OS) all that time too.

TomTom bill bomb: Why am I being charged for infotainment? I sold my car last year, rages Reg reader


Re: As I read that

Regardless of the technicalities,

If the 'man on the Clapham omnibus' (A legal simile to indicate ' an ordinary man in the street ' ) is led to believe that he is buying a Mazda by all the advertising and print and signing. Then it seems reasonable for the judge in the case to take his part in saying that Mazda should have taken more care about their relationship with their supplier, and what that supplier does with Maxda's customers. For more years than Mazda has been selling to this country pre-installed entertainment equipment has been a part of the vehicle, and the vehicle manufacturers' warranty covered it. Not so with 3rd party equipment. IN the days when we took our radio less car to a fitter and chose our own, the radio was the responsibility of the fitter, and through them, to the radio manufacturer.

Mazda therefore has the primary relationship, and nowadays, their relationship is to TomTom. I don't see that the requirement for the customer to register, post sale, with Tom Tom, negates Mazda's responsibility o the affair.

GCHQ's cyber arm report on Huawei said to be burning hole through UK.gov desks


Re: Can't identify the smell

We are still a moderately major economy, so being able to pull some strings and influence policy by having ministers and officials in debt - actual or moral, or even unethical, is all to the good. We seem to be heading towards being a failing country, so plenty of opportunity to extract profit. All those foreign investors in steel, cars, universities knowledge, smashing our high streets are not in it to keep a few jobs afloat, they're here so they can take their money home.

And they're here because they come from a culture where NOT playing by rules and laws is normal, so they have an advantage.


Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future


ON and OFF and a choice of 3 channels would do it.

It isn't as if any of them offer any broadcasts of quality, and only a rare something which hasn't been on before.


Re: DAB Is dead in the water

Well, that's certainly been true for big donors - USA, China... Property developers...

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Re: The future is behind you ....

I listen to Radio 3 or classic FM in the workshop. I'd like DAB quality for both of those - but no DAB signal.

Who is going to pay for all my kit that will be instantly redundant?

Same scam as promoting cars, then stopping petrol.

Where does the money go? - are we propping up the makers - Bush, Roberts, Armstrong, Philips - unnamed Chinese Dab makers - and which MP's and party backroom string pullers are the ones making the money from all these unwanted changes.

Not that I'm paranoid or anything.

'Community Radio' - was there ever anything of value broadcast on 'community radio'?


Trump issues toothless exec order to show donors, fans he's doing something about those Twitter twerps


Re: Worst American president ever

He's made America numberOne the way he said he would.

Number One in the world for killing citizens by deliberate stupidity

Incredible how you can steal data via Thunderbolt once you've taken the PC apart, attached a flash programmer, rewritten the firmware...


Re: A reason for all the glue?


I thought they just pass them through a mincer and recover the bits they want. Ferrous to the magnet, gold from the bath of mercury...

Surprise surprise! Hostile states are hacking coronavirus vaccine research, warn UK and USA intelligence


Re: Bullshit article based on bullshit press releases.

if only I had the skill to extract the details of the research, I could sell it for a fortune to 'someone' who may be able to be first to market with a vaccine. Make no mistake - Donald Chump wants to be first in the US so he can sell it to the rest of the world and make billions. He'll already have his family buying up all the right stocks and shares for the companies he can promote.

Not sure if Boris Buffoon maybe doing the same - I'd like to think we're better organised, but maybe our corruption in high places is better hidden.

Doesn't alter the main idea that vaccine knowledge is the next 'big thing' though

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal


Lets keep the Track Record 100%

Boris Buffoon and his cronies can't afford to allow a better solution now - they have their consistent record of failure to ..

well - to do anything right - make clear decisions, plan, implement effectively, take care of the voters, the peasants, the people who make and do all the stuff we need to allow us to live.

Wait - I forgot the Bankers and Bosses. The decision to give out 'loans' and not 'money'. You need some money to pay the workforce - it's a loan - you have to pay back from all the money you haven't been getting while closed - plus pay an 'arrangement fee' to the bankers. So someone will be OK after all

I'm going to see if Sweden still accept immigrants.

Serial killer spotted on the night train from Newcastle


and that's not all - when they DO work...

Ah, how I don't miss platform 2 at Newcastle. The journey time from NCL to DUR (Durham) is 11 minutes, so if a Northbound train was, say, billed as being 6 minutes late you merely cursed a bit and waited, and waited. In the 11 minutes though, some form of dark matter took over, and just as 5 minutes had elapsed - so the train must be within a mile of Newcastle - almost in sight, it would mysteriously become 12 minutes late. More cursing. and again, and again.

The real pity is that if they just said 'It's going to be a half hour late' then there's time for a pints worth of delay at the handy bar behind platform 1 (through the barrier) - but 6 minutes - never enough to risk abandoning your spot next to the eventual carriage door.

...so many lost pints you could almost plot on the brewery sales figures...

Co-Op Insurance and IBM play blame game over collapse of £175m megaproject


Ah yes - you live in the US, so maybe suffer from Donald Chump syndrome. The article ends with

The trial will continue for the rest of this month. The Register will be covering key moments. The court will hear evidence from key people within the Co-Op, IBM and IG. ®

(apologies to you personally - if you're reading this, you're probably intelligent -but, you know, Donald says he's super intelligent - and he can't read to the end of a briefing)

You can get a mechanical keyboard for £45. But should you? We pulled an Aukey KM-G6 out of the bargain bin


And the reason IBM made great keyboards

Ask anyone who used typewriters. IBM keyboards date from the days when millions of professional typists (and no one else) used the mechanical typewriter keyboard. IBM spent millions on developing the 'touch' for keys, and this store of knowledge and ability came through when they made keyboards for these new boxes. Ah, the electric typewriter ! Then the breakthrough idea of those tiny golfball print mechanisms - no type keys. How can they make that work?

Ah, those were the days.

And now we have to suffer the 'cheap' keyboard. We're spoilt. this MacBook has a great keyboard, almost the right feel on the key travel. A suitable click, backlight when needed. Engraved symbols.

Unlike the cheapy Acer laptop, or not quite so cheap HP laptop in the household. No backlighting (You don't know how good it is until it isn't there. The key symbols wearing off already after less than a year.

But then. 'most' people don't care, don't even conceptualise that there can be 'better' than the stuff they complain about.

We're going on a vuln hunt. We're going catch a big one: Researchers find Windows bugs dominate – but fixes are fast


Bug counters - Sheesh

It's an easy way to get a Press release noticed I suppose.

When the history of computing comes to be written... It will say that Mt Gates held back computing by - what - 20 years. Bugs in applications are up to the builder and customer. Bugs in the Operating System should be actionable at law. Accepting that PC-Dos and Ms-Dos were rushed out on simplistic hardware as early prototypes, we all know enough now to know that a watertight Operating System is possible. There are standards set out for security, which lay down how system objects may be accessed by authorised functions, which are available to authorised persons. Hardware is now capable of coping with the overhead.

Time for another generation of 'secure' operating system.

That would leave us with the users as major risk. The only solution there is to cull the users when we cull the old Windows and appliance boxes.

ICANN suffers split-personality disorder as deadline for .org sale decision draws close


Re: You bet?

History - it repeats. America has a proud tradition of sleaze in high places.

Microsoft's Cortana turns its back on consumers as skills are stripped from Windows 10


I just spent 34 hours - yes - a full working week (for normal people) trying to get W10 to update on a tiny laptop who's only purpose is to be there, with W10, as a support box for a disabled user.

I have a catalog of the inconsistencies, illogicalities, and downright lies that Windows tells whilst not installing. Cortana leapt to life at the point where I threw up my hands and reinstalled the original OS from recovery media. She shut up, thankfully, when I came to finally, update to 'latest' .

My pal Siri, however, keeps on improving. It must have something to do with different ways to consider your customers.


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