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Senior MP tells UK Defence Committee on 5G security: Russia could become China's cyber-attack dog


Re: No it's Trump's fault

Well, he already outsourced Ukraine relationship to his priovate attorney. That went well, so why stop.

The GOP handles him like the M**** Don he proves to be. Some claim that they are committing massive perjury, but it is kind of visible that they, as a ghroup, believe him when he says "I am the State" - Louis XIV being his model.

And all of that will be confirmed by computer-based popular vote. The Alpha release was by Diebold in 2000. It takes time to organize and reorganize, as voting machines are not under that brand anymore. And who cares about DEFCON ?

So starting 1/1/2021 it will all be legal.

Any second thoughts will be, er, distracted by an appropriate declaration of war. The target is irrelevant.

I recently watched "1984" (the early BBC version) again. Chilling, especially iof you add to the above the convergence between Political Correctness and Newspeak.


For-profit Press and for-profit Healthcare. These are useful concepts.

The peer-to-peer Internet could have derailed that. Thankfully, Intellectual Property was handy to turn Internet into an instrument to broadcast propaganda instead.

United Nations reportedly tears up Tencent's invite to its big 75th birthday bash


Swiss? "Phones by Crypto AG are the safest; Our app repository is managed by the CIA" ?

Kaspersky cleans up poisoned watering hole, Google presses pause on cookie crackdown


How last century... Don't you know that hardware costs money (except if you just need 8 more Gigabytes of RAM for software to run)?


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