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Religious hatred a crime from October, but exemptions are wide


Oh England, there you go again

Ya know, the British government hasn't historically done a fantastic job of managing religion. Heck, they even invented a new one once having made the theological discovery of royal infallibility. :)

Actually, this law sounds like it'd be handy for justifying an inquisition. :D

German Government works itself up into Wi-Fi panic


Radiation is our friend! :D

>Common sense says, Radiation cannot be good for you.

Radiation is the reason you exist to complain about it. :) At this very moment in time, you are absorbing and producing thermal radiation to regulate your body temperature, and visible light radiation from your monitor is streaming through your eyeballs allowing you to read this sentence.

Granted, visible light radiation and wireless network radiation aren't of anywhere near the same energy levels. Wireless network radiation is several orders of magnitude less powerful. There's no known scientific mechanism by which it could be bad for us, nor any evidence to suggest that's the case. Granted, common sense also says to investigate what could potentially cause health effects, but it makes no sense to be frightened of something simply because it's unfamiliar.