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IBM Watson dishes out 'dodgy cancer advice', Google Translate isn't better than humans yet, and other AI tidbits

Mark Hamilton

Re: "Google Translate isn't better than humans yet"

A few more attempts on the translate produces

"gaga ga ga ga ga ga ga ga"


(Maori to English) -->"How great it is!"

(Amharic to English) --> "Gas Station Shuttle service"

(Scots Gaelic to English) --> "Gaga is enjoying her and enjoys her"

(Armenian to English) --> "Goto Top Level"

(Georgian to English") --> "You cannot use the gag"

(Japanese to English") --> "I'm sorry but"

The translator must surely just be a word database and a random number generator

Mark Hamilton

Re: "Google Translate isn't better than humans yet"

Well I've had a 3 minuate play with google translate (Maori to English translation):

"gaga ga ga ga ga ga ga ga"


"How great it is!"

You couldn't not make this up......

Developers tell Eclipse why it sucks

Mark Hamilton

Aye right!

In response to the previous comment, have you tried to install it? Compared to something like NetBeans (I do use eclipse at work...not my choice) it is overly complicated, not direct enough (my biggest annoyance), cumbersome....the list is endless.

You talk about complexity..but the complexity should only be in the software you are writing, not the Interface of, and interaction with, the tools that you develop it with.

British forces auction old kit online

Mark Hamilton


Followed the link for the jet trainer to

www.witham-sv.com and saw the following few gems:

"90 LHD Special OPS Vehicle

Fitted fold down rear Weapons platform complete with Gun mount and Ammunition racks, HD Front Bumper and Light Guards"


Great for the polis in Paisley.....might be safer with the weapons though....:-)


MK IV Blackboard


Whit the hell was this for...??? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.


On the DSA site there was also a

"Non-effective Tucano ZF141

"Heavily spares recovered"...is this not a dubious description considering the kerfuffle with spares and cannabalising of aircraft spares in the last few months???? Are they just selling them cos they've taken all the spares?