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The wild world of non-C operating systems



Surprised nobody has mentioned ICL's VME operating system for the 2900 and Series 39 mainframes. This was written from the ground up in S3, a high-level language designed by ICL based very closely on Algol 68.

Launched the year Netscape Navigator was born, the UK's CHIEF customs system finally has a retirement date


VME = Virtual Machine Environment, the native operating system for 2900 / Series 39. DME = Direct Machine Environment, this turns your 2900 into a 1900 (or System 4). CME = Concurrent Machine Environment, allows running both 2900 and 1900/System 4 environments at the same time. CME* is similar to CME but the DME environment runs inside a virtual machine on VME instead of being side by side.

ALGOL 60 at 60: The greatest computer language you've never used and grandaddy of the programming family tree


Not just Elliotts...

The National Museum of Computing's ICL 2966, running George 3 and Maximop, also has Algol 60 and Algol 68-R compilers. The Noughts and Crosses and Game of Life demonstration programs are both written in Algol 60.

ICL's VME operating system is written in S3, an in house language designed specifically for systems programming, and very closely based on Algol 68.

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Not enough info

Whatever the real problem was has already scrolled off the top. All that can be seen here is each CPU has been told to stop via interprocessor interrupt, and if that happens during boot then a stack dump is emitted.