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Ex-barrister reckons he has a privacy-preserving solution to Britain's smut ban plans

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Re: porn

One person's filth is another's erotic art.

Once government start banning or controlling this, they won't stop. Eventually, you would only end up with government filtered content because the governments would be under so much pressure for the next moral issue to hit society. Ban junk food sites, ban you tube because there's some scary stuff on there about sharpening pencils with a craft knife...

In essence, the proposal won't work. How do you know it's porn firstly ? The originator has to classify it. What if they don't ? Do you say only streams with a classification are allowed ? You will really throw the baby out with the bath water then.

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Re: population bust


Democratic Republic of the Congo ?

With intelligent life in scant supply on Earth, boffins search for technosignatures of civilizations in the galaxy

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Re: Other signs

Problem is, nuclear wars don't last long so you will be looking for very short duration flashes.

Every way I look at it, I keep coming back to the relative numbers - long time, long distance, short lived civilizations etc. Even if we have one civilization per star we are looking at a signature of a vary small number of years relative to the life of the stars.

I'd love to see proof of intellligent (well any) life outside of our own particular paradise but I think I will be dead before we find it. We haven't even found it in our own back yard yet.

I really do hope we are not alone - the universe would be a complete failure if we were all/the best it had to offer :-)

GitHub to replace master with main across its services

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(Miners vs. Tories was a grudge match, pure and simple.)

I wondered about Orgreave the other day when the police in Bristol said they didn't want to make a bad situation worse by trying to stop the toppling of Edward Coulson's statue.

Amazing how things change.

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Re: Master copy

What would Ian Dury Say ?


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Re: Let's go through this point by point

...You think this change is stupid? Suggest something better!

If it ain't broke - don't fix it.

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Re: "There's no slave in git though"

What's going to happen to all the schoolmasters ?

Someone got so fed up with GE fridge DRM – yes, fridge DRM – they made a whole website on how to bypass it

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Re: My Toaster Tale

> Cover off and the single controller chip has clearly cracked in

Can't you replace with a PIC ?

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Re: Next great idea

Apple are too close to CUPS for my liking :-(

I wouldn't trust Apple to do a good thing if they could do a bad thing.

Facebook boffins bake robo-code converter to take the pain out of shifting between C++, Java, Python

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Struggling to see why you would need something like this. If the code is good and performant, why would you want to convert it. If it's crap then what comes out will be crap as well and you may as well revisit the design and do it better (note I didn't say properly) in your language of choice.

ZFS co-creator boots 'slave' out of OpenZFS codebase, says 'casual use' of term is 'unnecessary reference to a painful experience'

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Re: Y'know, the funny thing about the word "slave" ...

Careful - 'bitch' may get you in trouble...

OOP there it is: You'd think JavaScript's used more by devs than Java... but it's not – JetBrains survey

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Re: Would be better with fewer gushing bits from the press release

...the standard of journalism on this site, how is it so high?

You are the new DG of the BBC and I claim my free TV licence.

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Re: I just can't get away with them...

I hated edlin - I'd cut my teeth on CP/M's ed and found edlin to be clunky too :-)

Wish I had enough hair for a shirt :-(

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Re: I just can't get away with them...

That looks as if you have something wrong with your expect script.

Bl**dy script kiddy :-)

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I just can't get away with them...

Does anybody else have problems with IDE's ?

I have tried several of them and find them useful for the automated build/project control stuff but just find they are too cluttered when it comes to hacking code. jetbrains is horrendous, there are pains (sic) all over the place, thin narrow vertical and horizontal areas down the edges, you daren't click on some places because it changes the whole screen layout and then you take half an hour trying to get back the view you had so you can continue on with coding.

I even find the code completion clunky.

I like vi/vim and keep falling back to that.

Lettuce Encrypt, Encrypt We Must: Hobby projects change name after Let's Encrypt fires off trademark complaints

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Re: Try the certifytheweb.com desktop app

Which is a front end to letsencrypt and buypassgo...

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes: UK man gets 3 years for torching 4G phone mast over 5G fears

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Re: @ Iglethat & "since hes proven that hes a gullible idiot"

You would imagine that we would have learned a little caution by now but there you go, caution and scientific detachment disappears when enough money changes hands.


Have a beer for this....

GnuTLS patches huge security hole that hung around for two years – worse than Heartbleed, says Google cryptoboffin

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One of the advantages of open source..

Allegedly is that any bugs etc. are visible and in the open so in theory lots of eyes will find them and report them or fix them. For this to be around for a few years means that this possibly has not been seen/noticed/exploited until now. Why have all these experts not noticed and called the developers out before now ? I'm pretty certain that GNU TLS is not developed by a lone individual in a shed somewhere, it's a fairly large collaborative operation so there will already have been a lot of eyes and project comms on the development of this feature so the herd must have thought it was OK, it wasn't just some rogue/lone developer's flawed thinking.

There is no mention of exploitations in the wild and the patches have been applied and released (I got Debian Security Notices on Saturday) so it's already been mitigated against.

At least it has been found, we have no ideas and no chances of finding out what nasties thare are in [BIGMONOLITHIC] INC.s libraries which we of course trust implicitly.

An Internet of Trouble lies ahead as root certificates begin to expire en masse, warns security researcher

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Of course if they weren't so greedy ....

Why do we need encrypted/ssl connections to stream media ? I can turn a TV on and get it down an aerial and it is not encrypted, indeed everybody can snoop and see the traffic if they want.

What's the difference with streaming media, none. They could stream it over port 80 and it would still be more secure than the airwaves.

It's all down to DRM and them wanting to monetise the pap they produce.

Conveniently disguised planned obsolesence.

Developers renew push to get rid of objectionable code terms to make 'the world a tiny bit more welcoming'

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Re: Shut it

Suitably enlightened :-)

Being English and not being interested in football probably explains my ignorance/lack of privilege ;-)

Have a beer.

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Re: Shut it

Is that why the black kids are knifing each other and shooting innocent young women on the way to the shops.

The white kids are privilieged to avoid that ?

When I grew up black and white were names for colours, we were colour blind - we didn't care what colour the kids were, we just played together.

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Re: Shut it

OK - I'll admit to being an ignoramus and it went over my head.

Why was it hilarious ?

Mortal wombat: 4 generations of women fight for their lives against murderous marsupial

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Re: They're starting to wear clothing now?

And also :-

"Kim said: "All of a sudden I understood I had to grab him by the ear and head and lie on his back.."

Bit too much information there ...

25 years of PHP: The personal web tools that ended up everywhere

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> PHP really is an awful language.

I like it :-)

I like Perl too so maybe I'm just weird.

I've tried Java and tomcat and TBH, PHP kicks its butt.

I keep trying to use other stuff but find myself falling back to PHP.

Same with Go and Rust and all those other new languages, I keep falling back to C or C++.


Namesco email 'scripting error' has last bastion of Demon Internet holdouts scratching their heads

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Re: Last of the holdouts

> Still debating running my own mail server or just keeping the exchange one as to be fair, it works,

I'd avoid anything M$ and mail - unless you want to spend your spare time digging through your classified as junk folder.

If it all works for you - fine - but if there is a problem there is absolutely 0 worthwhile support from M$ and this includes the paid for o365 service.

Possibly need to remove 'and mail' from the above as well FTFM :-)

Devuan Beowulf 3.0 release continues to resist the Debian fork's Grendel – systemd

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Re: "It solves a problem that people have."

> The problem is the previous init solution rc.1, rc.2 etc. required several messy scripts, and,

So they replaced those scripts with a bunch of configuration files that aren't gemerally on the root file system, filled with arcane verbs and sections that TBH look like they were invented to cover special cases as Pottybrain discovered them. And then, just to make it interesting they decided that logging to the console was a bad idea (though TBH all the distros now default to clearing the console, --no-clear is your friend...) When it couldn't get any worse, they then decided that we needed a whole new set of command line utilities to manage the complete POS that they had created.

Nope, I'm not a fan :-)

Could it be? Really? The Year of Linux on the Desktop is almost here, and it's... Windows-shaped?

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Re: If only!

What flavour did you try ?

I've found Mint to pretty good with drivers and usability etc.

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Re: If only!

Have beer for Devuan :-)

Latest NHS IT revolution is failing to learn lessons from the last £10bn car crash

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Re: ANybody can do IT

I do suspect that most staff would reply "Bin it" to the question "How can IT best help you in your job ?"

It shouldn't be like that because there are probably fantastic ways that IT could help but it's been so badly provisioned that nobody now trusts or believes in it.

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Re: "lead digital transformation in the NHS"

I think there are other connotations for the word Digital in the NHS and I just wish they'd take out ...

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Re: No one seems to understand who is responsible for what ...

> You don't start to sort that out with IT.

Beautifully put :-)

But why don't the upper echelons get it :-(

Why do they think it's an IT problem ? Is IT just a convenient scapegoat ?

We seem to accept big projects and big fails as "It's big IT what do youi expect", I wish I knew what the answer was.

Have a beer :-)

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ANybody can do IT

It all goes back to the fact that anybody can do IT. When I was studying, great pains were made about systems design and implementation but the golden rule was that you give the user what the user wants, not what you think they want.

All these projects are imposed on the NHS, nobody asks the staff what they want or how their lives can be made easier, some empire building manager / politician who is proud of the fact that they can't do much more than turn the telly on let alone program the VCR (I know it's an old cliche) just decides that it's what we need and signs it off.

Generally, the people making the decisions and driving it all forward are not IT people, they'e Oxbridge Arts/Classics/Law graduates. It's rife across all levels of the industry, if you can turn a PC on you're an expert and that seems to be the entry requirement level. Maybe I'm getting too old :-(

I always remember a Giles cartoon from c 1978, it showed a kaftan clad student with long hair and cigarette and a couple of old engineering blokes in the foreman's office, the caption was "Six 'O' Levels and a Diploma in the History of Ethiopean Potery in 3000BC should stand you in good stead as a riveter's mate lad"....

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Not Surprised Really

It will be managed by the same Civil Servants employing the same core group of big gravy train consultancies/accountancies/service providers that have fuktup in the past.

NHS IT is a cash cow to be milked and the IT management are not fit for purpose. If they were any good, they'd be building their own high quality teams and developing systems the NHS needs, not the latest fashion that Big Monolithic Inc. tells them they want.

You just know they're going to shove it all in the cloud.

Fancy watching 'Bake Off' together with mates and alone at the same time? The BBC's built a tool to do that

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Re: I might just as well watch the same youtube video with millions of other mates

Mate, we're IT nerds, WE HAVE NO MATES :-)

Easyjet hacked: 9 million people's data accessed plus 2,200 folks' credit card details grabbed

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Re: Never store CC details

Or the even stupider ones who use a different set of rules for registration than they do for logging in.

Openreach tells El Reg it'll kill off copper sales in 118 UK locations next year

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Re: Quick Question regaring Fibre

It's greed pure and simple. If I wanted to do it on a switch, I'd have to go in and configure the port to be asymmetric - by default they will be full duplex symmetric.

OFCOM are a waste of space IMHO.

I'm in an area that has no plans for fiber - I think because NTBloodyHell rolled out coax to the estate many years ago, we're deemed as being already served with a fast connection which is OK if you want to use them (Virgin Nowadays).

I'd like to have fibre but there weren't many NE England exchanges mentioned on that list so it looks like it will be a few more years yet.

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Quick Question regaring Fibre

Is is still asymmetric - do you get a full xxxMPBS up and down ?

Asking for a friend after looking stupid by typing asynchronous instead of asymmetric...

Wanna be a developer? Your coworkers want to learn Go and like to watch, er, Friends and Big Bang Theory

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Re: Hmm

And SQL ?

Brit magistrates' courts turn to video conferencing to keep wheels of justice turning

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Re: The elephant in the crown court

A field, a tree and some rope.

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

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The Assimilators

Assimilation Central

Cuddly Shark

Bill's Old Bunch (fits nicely with Bob) :-)

OK, so you've air-gapped that PC. Cut the speakers. Covered the LEDs. Disconnected the monitor. Now, about the data-leaking power supply unit...

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Re: It is theoretically possible

> Except... GCHQ's Amazon AWS has blacklisted 1and1's email server.

And so they should. Definitely a provider that doesn't give a flying fig about their email reputation. They let anybody on and send all sorts of shiz then have they have the cheek to complain when they appear at Spamhaus et. al. Monkeys & Tripewriters spring to mind.

AWS are marginally better.

As Brit cyber-spies drop 'whitelist' and 'blacklist', tech boss says: If you’re thinking about getting in touch saying this is political correctness gone mad, don’t bother

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Re: Just like the Andorians...

Pink may offend the homosexual community :-(

Florida man might just stick it to HP for injecting sneaky DRM update into his printers that rejected non-HP ink

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Did the same several years ago. I'm fortunate in that I don't need to shave daily, I can get by with 1 or two shaves/week but paying 20quid for four blades really was taking the p155.

They were a favourite of the drug crazed shop lifters because they were small, easily concealed and had quite a good resale value and a ready market....

Before going back to the safety razor I tried the disposable BICs and also imported some blades from China to fit my Gillette handle. I'd thrown better blades out - had a face like chopped ham :-(

Icon is the nearest to skin colour.

Got to use Erasmic shaving sticks though, the stuff in cans is for wimps :-)

ZX Spectrum prototype ROM is now available for download courtesy of boffins at the UK's Centre for Computing History

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Aaah wire-wrappping. I used to really enjoy wire-wrapping, very therapeutic. Annoyingly, you always got one wire wrong and it was always early in the build and first on the terminal so meant you had to undo and replace several wires....

Firefox to burn FTP out of its browser, starting slowly in version 77 due in April

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Re: Real Beardies

Yeah, but us smart clean shaven dudes use rsync.


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