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Cyborg MIT prof touts iPhone-controlled power-jumping legs

Dave Alderson

Dave Think4

Bluejack the bloke sat next to you…. Oh what fun you could have!

NASA bites nails over Phoenix landing

Dave Alderson

Beagle here... Beagle here... Beagle here

Shouldn't it have been a few more lables.... Bit of Beagle here... Bit of Beagle here... Bit of Beagle here...

Japanese to launch paper plane from ISS

Dave Alderson

My Ear

Now as anyone in my office will tell you paper plane's always home in on my ear. So I'm not looking forward to a flaming paper plane traveling at Mk7 appearing in the sky's over Manchester!

Florida cops issue shock 'Butthash' warning

Dave Alderson

It's a TRICK!!!

I tried this LOAD's of times and didn't get any effect's. I think it might be a trick!

Jordan mulls mamtastic epitaph

Dave Alderson

Jordan has her good points

I like Jordan... She has her good points ;-)

DARPA code teams compete on same K9 robot

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If you want somthing to move like a horse, and think like a horse.... Even smell like a horse... Why not just use a horse.

Whats the point!

Be kind to your stomach: eat chilies

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Flag of Japan

Might be good for your tummy, but as with most things it will put more strain on other parts of the body ;-)

Mars rovers dust-free and on the move

Dave Alderson

Driving into a hole? Good Idea?

MMmmm... As this thing runs on Sun Power, is Driving into a hole the best idea in the world? (Or out of this world?)