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BOFH: So you want more boardroom tech that no one knows how to use


Don't give Microsoft ideas...

I'll wager a "Future K" compliant monitor will be required for WIndows 13.

Musk joins OpenAI lawsuit queue, says there's nothing 'open' about it


"develop AI for the benefit of humanity"

Title (and icon) says it all...

WINE 9.0 improves ability to run 32-bit Windows apps on 64-bit-only xNix


Re: A question for the knowlegable for the ignorant

"In other words would Linuxisation of the NHS be feasable?"

Unlikely - given we just rolled out N365 (*not* a typo) to replace Outlook.

The 'nothing-happened' Y2K bug – how the IT industry worked overtime to save world's computers


It could have been worse...

...if the powers-that-be had decided to roll out the Euro on 1/1/2000 instead of a year later.

Given I was working for a fund manager at the time, that meant two New Year's Eves in a row being on call... just in case...

Adios, dead zones: Starlink relays SMS in space for unmodified phones on Earth


Re: It's not "Direct to Cell"

I assumed that "cell" refers to "cellphone" (in this case, given it's a US company)

Private lunar lander Peregrine mission's now measured in hours, not days


re: "the first UK and European science component to touch down"

They never stated the velocity at which it was going to happen...

Windows 11 unable to escape the shadow of Windows 10


Re: @Tubz - Really ?

I presume "standardise" refers to the crapstorm that is the control panel.


Re: would bring its AI-infused assistance, Copilot, to Windows 10.

"specifically uninstalling"

Assuming you get the option to do so...

NHS England published heavily redacted Palantir contract as festivities began


Re: Maybe

I'll just add: "This is obviously some strange use of the word 'transparent' that I wasn't previously aware of."

(With my usual apologies for paraphrasing)

NASA engineers scratch heads as Voyager 1 starts spouting cosmic gibberish


Re: Have they tried

I call it "Solution #1"

India gives social media platforms 36 hours to remove deepfakes


Re: A plague on all their houses

"But if the image is a 'deepfake', it's not a private photograph that ever previously existed."

If it's built from individual other images, technically speaking it could be categorised as multiple counts of the offence?

The UK government? On the right track with its semiconductor strategy?


I never said it did - just that the statement "and above" does not exclude its existence


Which part of "180nm and above" excludes the existence of 200nm?

Intel's PC chip ship is sinking with Arm-ada on the horizon


Re: No thanks

1. Um... no.

2. You won't have to as someone else will create one ready made for you to install.

5G satellite briefly becomes brightest object in night sky


Re: Sic transit gloria astra...

All in the Earth's shadow? Seriously???

Whelk's chance in a supernova comes to mind...


Unfortunately - I'd say you're right regarding observatory locations.

Problem is, that'll involve a cost increase of several orders of magnitude for even the most basic of observations, meaning:

a) fewer observatories being commissioned, so less potentially useful science being done

b) an equally large increase in volume from the "Why are they spending money on this, when they could..." crowd, who usually conveniently ignore that this expenditure is a tiny fraction of that used for (shall we say) less "peaceful" pursuits...

UK splashes £4B to dive into next-gen nuclear submarines


Re: UK thinking ahead

All very well, but I'll wager that most of the expenditure will end up lining the coffers of companies anywhere but "AUK".

(That also presumes the end-product even works as specified...)

Apple blames iOS 17 bug for overheating iPhone 15 woes


"'issue-causing' apps"

I gather Apple are blaming Instagram... so the answer to the "How many years...?" question is about a dozen.

Musk's first year as Twitter's Dear Leader is nigh


Re: Bluesky

"Bluesky has no algorithm" is very much a plus point - it might just be worth the effort to having to start following accounts from scratch (once the waitlist does its thing...)

Raspberry Pi 5 revealed, and it should satisfy your need for speed


Re: Lost the plot

I've made much the same point elsewhere...

Almost 15x the performance (based purely on CPU speeds, before architecture improvements) for around twice the (dozen-year inflation-adjusted) price, and given that lower cost variants are presumably on their way? I'll take that punt (in time, let's see if they have really solved the supply issues first...)

CERN experiment proves gravity pulls antimatter the way Einstein predicted


The problem is (if I remember the Simon Singh Radio 4 series "Five Particles" correctly) - we've only made enough antimatter to keep a lightbulb going for a matter of minutes...

BT confirms it's switching off 3G in UK from Jan next year


Re: Remember the auctions?

I wonder if the mobile companies ever managed to recoup the £23 billion they paid for 3G?


Re: Elderly and Vulnerable?


I always apologise to Douglas for paraphrasing when I use that line...

Microsoft still prohibits Google or Alibaba from running O365 Windows Apps


Re: re: How this is not monopolist behaviour?

"That's how competition works."

By your logic therefore, the EU had no right to fine Google for monopolistic behaviour in search, given that you can use other search engines (etc)

USENET, the OG social network, rises again like a text-only phoenix


Re: 32 years ago!

I just passed the 30 year mark here - can even locate that very first post (on alt.test, naturally)


Musk's X caught throttling outbound links to websites he doesn't like


Re: Coming soon...

"How long until adding links to tweets is restricted to paying users?"

Given that TweetDeck is now pay-to-play ... I imagine it won't be long.

There's a good chance your VPN is vulnerable to privacy-menacing TunnelCrack attack


Re: So this is basically an iOS issue ?

Could it be that the reason for '"all VPN apps" on iOS' is that they (like other apps) are all just wrappers around some Apple-supplied code or other, so the target size is (effectively) one?

Pure speculation, admittedly...

Deutsche Bahn stands to lose €400M if it has to do Huawei with Chinese kit


Re: Germany's state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn...

That's OK, no doubt price rises on Arriva Trains will cover (some of) the shortfall...


Re: What rock have you been living under?

"Which is why you snipe as 'anonymous'?"

...says the account using a pseudonym? #JustSaying

What does Twitter's new logo really represent?


Re: Let's hope it stops the hate comments

"Where would Tesla be now?"

Given all he really did was throw money at it... which any other multi (m/b)illionaire could have done, then hired the same set of engineers, and got the same end result.

(Mine's the one with the Nobel Prize speech in the pocket, for discovering parallel universes)

On the record: Apple bags patent for iDevice to play LPs


"You mother sells whelks in Hull"

Ozzy says "Hi"...

Tokkers can Tok like Tweeters can Tweet – for now


Re: "While Threads was launched as a completely new platform"

There is a lot of mirroring going on, that is true, but I'll wager that they'll also have also been doing the same on other sites too, for the exact same reason.


"While Threads was launched as a completely new platform"

Not necessarily true, given the mandatory Instagram account requirement (at present) it might as well just be a text-based expansion.

Twitter name and blue bird logo to be 'blowtorched' off company branding


Re: Can you actually protect a letter of the alphabet?

"If anybody files suit"

True... given they're also treading on some very big toes it seems...



Re: Moron alert. Again

There may be some who rely on Twitter (as was), but common sense dictates that mirroring content on as many platforms as possible maximises the exposure an artist will get.

The obvious platforms being the likes of Instagram or Flickr, but other more niche platforms do exist which, presumably, deal only with the art itself, rather than be encumbered by the baggage associated with traditional social media sites.

For examples - see https://expertphotography.com/social-media-sites-for-photographers (some of the sites listed I hadn't heard of - but then I'm not a photographer) - note that they *don't* list Twitter at all!

UK's proposed alt.GDPR will turn Britain into a 'test lab' for data harvesting


Re: @Doctor Syntax


The nomination to the post comes from the European Council - consisting of the heads of state of the member countries.

So 46 voters decide who is put forward, and 600 voters approve that choice.

In our system ~350 Tory MPs (in the last few cases) select two candidates , and ~140,000 party members select from the two.

Whether it is a "presidential" contest or otherwise is irrelevant - we still have a tiny minority of people choosing the leader. That is my issue - with both.


Re: @Doctor Syntax


We also voted for parties at a European level (back in the day) - and it is those very MEPs who approved von der Leyen's nomination (by 383 votes to 327) so no different, therefore, from the process for electing Sunak, or Truss, or Johnson (as opposed to later going to the country) or May (likewise). If anything, it could be argued that her election was more democratic (at that stage) as it involved input from all parts of the political spectrum, but it is still a matter of a few hundred people making the decision.

Did I say I was happy with the process? No.

Did I draw parallels? Yes

Are you calling one "good", and one "bad", when the process is essentially the same? Yes


Re: @Doctor Syntax

Had anyone else stood against Ursula - there WOULD have been an election... just because nobody did, doesn't mean the processes aren't there.

Again... what's the difference?

(Edit: Truss? Stay??? Really?????)


Re: @Doctor Syntax


We didn't vote for Rishi in EXACTLY the same way as we didn't vote for Ursula... he was the only candidate left standing after the 1922 Committee shenanighans.

What's the difference?


Re: @Doctor Syntax


re: "Vote for the people running the country."

Are you talking about Prime Ministers?

How much of the population directly voted for this PM to assume power? (Arguably none at all, given MPs only indicated support rather than actually voting, but even then it was only a few hundred)

The one before that? (Around 142,000 as it went to the party membership)

Before that? (Around 139,000)

Or are you talking about elections? We've had plenty of those... and in both national and continental versions the people we directly vote for go on to decide (or have a major influence on) who runs things (see above), so our system is just as bad as the one you seem to be decrying...

Virgin Galactic finally gets its first paying customers to edge of space


YouTube feeds...

Did Virgin Galactic ever explain why their official YouTube feed was almost 2 minutes behind real time, as opposed to (for example) the guys from NSF who happened to be onsite also, and were showing much the same footage without a delay?

(Cue Virgin Broadband gags in 3... 2... 1...)

Now Apple takes a bite out of encryption-bypassing 'spy clause' in UK internet law


Re: "Strong" encryption?

"I was also wondering where use of the https protocol stands in all this?"

I'd say it could be interpreted as being E2EE, given that it's a set of encrypted messages between one end of a connection (your browser) and the other (the web server) - and back again.

Just as "illegal" as any chat via WhatsApp, Signal, et al, therefore...


Re: Proof of the UKs diminishing political structure ...

I was hoping someone would bring that up!

Mega-data platform worth half a billion will suck in info from family doctors


Re: Seems Legit

"This party aren't going to give American health care companies all this data so they can bid for the privatised NHS" - is that a "pledge" is it?

Try not ignoring "Moral... Never trust any political party. They ALL lie through their teeth." next time, eh?

Will Flatpak and Snap replace desktop Linux native apps?


Re: Lucky you.

re: "Waahwaaah..."

I'll bet you also whine (anonymously, of course) that people use adblockers because you're too lazy to host the advertising yourself?

After all, if you're happy using CPU and storage resources when you don't necessarily need to... you *should* be hosting advertising, email servers, etc... in fact, nothing at all that isn't locally hosted.

Microsoft Windows latest: Cortana app out, adverts in


Re: re: saturated with advertisements

Given the "it's the only way to be sure" tone - you missed the sensible icon...

Keir Starmer's techno-fix for the NHS: Déjà vu disaster or brave new blunder?


Re: NHS Linux

It doesn't need to be centralised to be honest - the HL7 specifications are perfectly capable of dealing with any data that may need to be transferred from one location to another ... any healthcare application worth the name should understand it already.

Some Trusts do use their own applications (and - more importantly - maintain themselves) ... that's my day job.


Re: Stammering his way to another disaster

It goes back further than that ... try the 80s/90s and the "Internal Market" - basically departments charging each other for their services, and thus requiring a layer of bureaucracy to handle the paperwork.


Re: It's not THAT hard!

"Hire more Doctors, Hire more nurses, pay them more!"

Ultimately saving money as they won't need to work shifts for agencies (at two, three, or more times the cost) doing the exact same jobs, in the exact same locations...

CERN celebrates 30 years since releasing the web to the public domain


"No, the WWW is just an add-on to the foundation provided by Internet. The Internet would carry on without notice if the WWW were to disappear overnight. The WWW would collapse instantly if the Internet went away overnight."

That was exactly my point.