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Bacon as deadly as cigarettes and asbestos


It's simple...

Daily Mail = Ignore.

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: I'm confused


Apps run on iOS, Applications run on OS X.

Windows runs Programs.

Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy


Common Sense

What an incredibly clear, precise verdict.

There are probably signs everywhere saying CCTV in use and it's a public lift.

If only more cases were dealt with as cleanly as this.

Apple Pay a haven for 'rampant' credit card fraud, say experts


As always the banks are the weakest link. You only need the last 4 digits of a widely available and insecure number to register a card.

Blame the banks, this is an absolutely outrageous flaw in their registration process.


Re: Bah!

Precisely! These banks take the piss. I worked for an investment bank a few years ago... 2 days after starting I recievied an email from my manager telling me to put all my passwords in the Macro enabled Excel spreadsheet that was attached and upload to an SMB Share for "backup purposes". No S/MIME, nothing.

I resigned the following week. Pathetic.

Microsoft: We bought Skype. We make mobiles.. Oh, HANG ON!


How many times can they get it wrong?

MSN Messenger, Skype, Lync, Nokia, Danger...

Just a few of the products M$ has peddled to the masses over the years.


Apple flops out 2FA for iCloud in bid to stop future nude selfie leaks


Same here...

Had 2FA enabled on my Apple ID and iCloud for as long as I can remember. Same with Dropbox, Google, Facebook etc.

IMO it should be mandatory. Simple password/security questions are inherently insecure, for all the reasons we now know from the celebrity hack.

EE fails to apologise for HUGE T-Mobile outage that hit Brits on Friday


Re: I left EE when my Loyalty had expired apparently...

Same here, I switched to Three 4 years ago and have been with them ever since.

Very fast network, never had the need to call customer services and I think their network is very stable.

So you reckon Nokia-wielding Microsoft can't beat off Apple?


They need to ditch the name

"Windows Phone" makes no sense. It implies that it's Windows on a phone, which it isn't.

Something completely different, OhEs or something... anything but Microsoft or Windows in the name.

Graphics pros left hanging as Adobe Creative Cloud outage nears 24 hours


No cloud for me.

I'm still using CS3 on a Snow Leopard partition. It works perfectly and I can still send my work to printers and get it produced.

Ex-Windows chief Sinofsky flogs brains to Valley startups


Ladies & Gentlemen, I preset exhibit A


I rest my case.

Notebook price war slams Dell's revenues, slashes profits


Shut Dell down

And give the money back to the shareholders.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS gets RIM spit 'n' polish


Re: Re: Re: Re: The main reason why I would not buy it is...

Absolute nonsense from AC.

If you need to have the benefits of an iPad explained to you, you're better off sticking to your crappy Playbook.

Sent from my iPad.

Apple's Messages beta will self-destruct on Mountain Lion launch


iMessages for me are synced - read, unread

I agree with Stephen 11, if someone sends me an iMessage and my iPhone, iPad and MacBook all receive it, as soon as I read it on any device, the other two know I've read it and remove it from Notification Center and mark it as read.

I thought that was the point of iMessage - "Begin a conversation on one iOS device and pick it up on another."

Barclays axes 422 UK IT staff

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Re: Odd that

Best post I've read in a long time.

Get these b**tard CEOs out of their thrones.

Apple to conquer connected TVs? Steady on, lad

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TV is a great device

I got an TV for Christmas and it's a fantastic device for my purposes.

I have got 705 films and 485 TV programmes so the ability to stream effortlessly to my 50" HDTV in my lounge is great. I don't think I'll be renting any films as they are quite expensive, but I can see it has got potential - the ability to add new channels/services as they become available (it'll be easy for Apple to add this, like Sony/M$ added it to their games consoles).

AirPlay mirroring from my iPad/iPhone is also a great feature - with the ESPN App I can watch the Premiership goals without a subscription.

Hands on with Toshiba's 'world's thinnest' Android 3.2 tablet


It's all in a name...

When are these manufacturers going to realise that giving a product a stupid name just isn't going to wash.

The AT200 sounds like a washing machine. There's absolutely no relation to the product.

iPad. Sounds great, rolls off the tongue and everyone knows what one is.


Dell Alienware M18x 18.4in gaming notebook


100% F-ugly

Congratulations Dell on building the ugliest most expensive laptop ever!

You'd have to tripping your t*ts off to even consider buying this POS.

Facebook's 'awesome' plan to hook up with Skype?


Re: real facts

"Sometime back i was working for FB and moved out when i found the FB was doing business in an unethical way."

I stopped reading after this sentence. Sanctimonious b@stard.

Ballmer goes to LSE as internal doc calls for radical overhaul of MS


I think this speak volumes of M$

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you, Songsmith...




What an idiot Steve Ballmer is...

I just cannot believe that this man is still in charge at Microsoft. I mean, even the most ardent M$ supporter has to cringe every time this buffoon opens his mouth and talks.

His speeches are usually chaotic, chanting things like "form factor" and "synergy", with no actual end result. Kin? Dead. Win7? It's XP with a new skin. Zune? Dead. Most new products produced by M$ now are dead before they've even hada chance to grow.

He's a second hand car salesman at best. And even that is insulting to second hand car salesmen.

eBay photocopier data risk ignored

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Xerox have a great system

Look at ANY printout from a Xerox machine and you will see (with the use of a Loupe) tiny yellow spots all over the printout. These are unique to your printer, and mean any printouts (for example, fake banknotes) can be traced back to your machine.

This has been in place since Xerox started selling copying machines.

Steve Ballmer's Windows 7 dance party

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One word;


Finger crossing won't lure iPhone coders to Windows Mobile


Just in case anyone missed it...


I just love this clip. A perfect example of denial... it ain't just a river in Egypt ya know.

Why no dancing monkey boy icon? I suppose the fail one is basically the same thing.

Steve Jobs dismisses death rumours

Jobs Halo

Mr. S Jobs

Get well soon Steve.

Apple, O2 to release PAYG iPhones this month

IT Angle

@ Dave S

erm, they're not. Try speccing SIMILAR hardware and you will see what I mean.

Plus, you get OS X - you can't put a price on reliability.


Battery's cost how much?

@Stephane Mabille,

Come on Stephanie, at least do a bit of research... A replacement battery for an iPhone is £55, plus £7.29 Postage, but if you take it to an Apple Store, it's £55.


A good deal less than "about £100" isn't it. I bet you think Macs are more expensive than PCs too hey.

Apple iPhone 3G

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Re: My god *slaps face*

Tom, if you get an iPhone on a contract, you get unlimited data. So emails are 'free' in the sense your contract covers all data useage with no extra charge.

Just bought my iPhone 3G 16GB, it's still in the box till I get home from work. Looks pretty cool though!

Trojan heralds OS X's 'new phase of exposure to malware'

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@ Mike Groombridge

Mike, insert grammar your comments and people might take you seriously. Your post looks like it fell out of a 3 year old children's crayon.

There is simply no excuse for poor grammar.

"secondly i know 3 mac people have have had mac's destroyed be virus's erasing important parts of the os so it wouldn't boot"

What virus was this? Any evidence? Any proof? Or is it just another "I know loads of Mac viruses, but I can't name any of them" comments?

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@ AC

"I, and I think I'll be speaking for many here, respectfully suggest that you smug f*ckers get stuffed instead. (AFTER you've finished your massive circle jerk, obviously)."

Don't think dude, it only confirms how stupid you are.

Nothing wrong with being smug, when the thing you are being smug about is superior to every other offering.

Get a Mac. Get a clue. Get a life.

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@ Martin Kelly

Well said sir, I agree 100%.

I use my iMac, MacBook and iPhone every day, efficiently and easily. Managing my business wherever I am, whatever machine I decide to use (I do enjoy my iMac the most, very very cool tech).

Makes me laugh when I go to my girlfriends workplace (largest building insurance firm in UK) and see Brian the IT guy sweating in front of his Dull, checking for viruses on machines, fixing his registry, clunking around on his clunky Windoze box, trying to solve problems that are an inherent problem on DOS since Windows 3.1 and still there in XP and Vista, scoffing at my iPhone when I'm checking my Mail on it. I just smile at him, read my Mail, and take my lady out to lunch, leaving him in his confused state.

Some people just don't get it. Life is all about QUALITY of existence. If someone releases an all in one solution that is better than Apple's offering, I'll take it. I just know that won't happen anytime soon (Zune, anyone?)

Get a life. Get a Mac. Enjoy life again.

Jobs Halo

Viruses on OS X?

I thought this article was about a couple of Trojans that have been made in a lab... and require the user to

Where's the story about the viruses? Oh right, there isn't one, because there aren't any.

I'm a Mac user, and I'm proud of it. Penis envy isn't something to be proud of, you bunch of Ballmer kissing Windows whores. Get back to defragging, virus scanning and all that other crap you call work before your bosses see you posting on El Reg and fire your inefficient asses. Me? I'm getting back to using my Mac to run my business.

Up yours, Windoze w@nkers!

Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'

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No they DON'T use BIOS, they use EFI.

Read a little, it really helps you know.

Here, I'll start you off:


"EFI is intended as a significantly improved replacement of the old legacy BIOS firmware interface historically used by all IBM PC compatible personal computers."

So you see, it a REPLACEMENT.

'Tard right back at ya.

Jobs Halo


"Apple started selling fairly average PCs with some modded BIOS code and an Apple badge"

I hate to break it to you my uninformed chum, but Macs have never used BIOS - man, that is so 1980s.

Macs use EFI, a much better implementation of BIOS. Vista was supposed to have it, in fact I think one of the many flavours of Vista (64bit I think) has some kind of support for it as of SP1, but like most things in the Micro$oft world, the older (and crapper) the better!

Better luck next time AC!

Unlocked iPhones help drive Apple Q2

Gates Horns


I forgot to say, well done Apple and all the employees.

Jobs Halo


@ Dangerous Dave,

What's the problem with opening up IMAP and POP3? My God man, if everyone had that attitude, we'd all still be on standalone machines and the internet would still be a dream.

Maybe it's your Exchange server that's the problem, if opening up legitimate ports for legitimate users to access their legitimate accounts is a cause for concern.


Microsoft releases latest XP SP3 build


Confused right back @ Dave

"Overpriced shit"

"Blinkered iTards"

Forget the sysadmin course Dave, get yourself off the meds, and maybe we can talk.

Until then I will let your expletives speak on your behalf.

IT Angle

@ Dave

Well I definitely think you should book yourself on that course... I'm running InDesign CS3 on my MacBook and it is Universal - Intel or PPC.

I'm also running InDesign CS2 on an iMac Core2Duo under Leopard, and it too runs flawlessly.

Seems you really need to go on that course dude...

Paris Hilton

@ Dave

Thanks for confirming you need to take a course on how to administer a system!

I also love what you said about being different - you're right. Being different is a lot better than being a blind sheep following the masses.

Why would I want to play Crysis? I've got a Nintendo wii if I want to play games. I use my MacBook to work on.

One more thing - dump Quark and use InDesign, it's light years ahead of anything Quark pull out of their ar5e.

Paris, cause she'd be dumb enough to believe the positive comments about XP on this board.

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@ Stu Reeves

Not fanboys? Even the slightest criticism of XP brings them all out for a war of words!

My choice is OS X. My reasons are because it is inherently more secure, fast, and incredibly reliable. That is a fact. What's your choice for XP? Because it's cheap, and most of the world uses it (not through choice though). By your rationale, McDonalds must be the best food in the world, because it's cheap, and most of the world eats it.

Also I don't believe the 'shit' spouted by the Apple boys - I speak from experience, I use most modern OS's, XP and OS X daily. Most idiots who post diatribe about OS X have either never used it, or used it once 3 years ago. Hardly experience.



Loving all these 'fanboy' and 'superior attitude' comments, usually from anonymous cowards...

Mind you, I should've know better than getting into an argument with XP fanboys who desperately cling onto the sinking ship of XP.

Opinions are like ar$eholes - everyone's got one, and it usually stinks. Happy computing on your 1980s machines :-) DOS, what a joke.


@ Ken Hagan

Ken, I said I switched. At home and work I personally choose a Mac. But like I also said I administer and maintain the PCs and Macs in our network, so I use XP, Vista and Win Server 2003 daily.

I have experience of a lot of Operating Systems, and I know XP very well. That is why I use OS X.


@ Mat and Stu Reeves

Mat, I'm a Senior Artworker in the oil platform industry, designing safety and process manuals for platforms such as Thunder Horse and FPSO Vincent. Platforms that require 2,000 page operating and safety manuals, that are updated monthly according to international standards. I travel a lot, and need a tool that won't hinder my productivity. You cannot just arrange another visit to a plaform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why just this morning I have had to reinstall InDesign on XP, because of DLL errors that spew out random, daft messages such as 'could not load Help because Sys32ID.dll could not be found'.

We have an external HD with OS X and CS3 on it, if the absolute worst happens and I have to reinstall OS X, it takes me 15 minutes and I KNOW it will work. With XP, it's hit and miss, and you have to reinstall, re-register, etc etc etc.

Stu, what exactly is wrong with buying a Mac that has been tested by Apple to run their OS? So you've got a kit car, well you must be in the 1% of the population that have one. Me (and 99% of the population), I went to a showroom and bought my car, then drove it away. Apart from a yearly service, checking tyres, oil and filling it with petrol, that's all I need to do to use my car every day. Imagine if it behaved like XP, with an engine from Ford, a chassis from Honda and an interior from Lada - who do I go to if it breaks?

You get what you pay for in this life, and if you want to carry on buying £300 laptops then by all means do, but when it breaks after 18 months don't go crying to Cheng Shin (or whoever you bought it off), because they will just tell you to buy another one.


More lipstick on a tired old pig

I must say it makes me laugh reading about people who are going to rush out to PC World before June 08 and pay for multiple copies of Windows XP, an OS that is old, clunky and decrepit, for use on their PCs for years to come.

I switched in 1998 from Windows 98 to Mac OS 8.5 and haven't looked back.

Now I'm running Leopard on a MacBook with 4GB RAM and it is a screamer. Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Aperture, Safari and iTunes are all running on it right now (the tools I use for my job) and it is fast. I think Apple deserve credit for creating a mature, stable foundation for software developers to create amazing apps. Go to osx.iusethis.com or coolosxapps.net and you will see the community is alive with so many amazing apps. The arguments about price and software availability have been debunked long ago. Apple doesn't make cheap computers and the reason is because they are crap. Simple as that.

Vista is a joke and XP is showing its age - I look after the IT for a fairly small business, and we are getting more Macs because they work, and last much longer. We buy Refurbished ones from the Online Apple store so you save a bit of money, and they come with the same 1 year warranty (extendible to 3 years with AppleCare) as buying a brand new device, so peace of mind there.

Microsoft really need to raise their game if they want to remain the overwhelming dominant force in the OS business. Right now, I think they're floundering, and in danger of collapsing in the chaos of DLL Hell and Registry madness, not to mention viruses, malware etc. They really need to scrap their current OS - and scrap it sooner rather than later. Do what Apple did, and make a sand-boxed environment for XP & Vista, and create a new OS. One that gets faster with each build, not bogged down with crap.

My $0.02

Please don't leave me... bitch

Jobs Halo

Facebook is not bad

I use facebook to keep in touch with people.

I don't use it to spank vampires or anything like that.

If you use it as a communication tool, it is quite good, the photo plugin for iPhoto makes it easy to upload photos so your friends can see.

Shell IT staff disgusted at mega profits



Once again, fat pig b@stard shareholders get richer, while the people who actually make the company money are shafted.


O2 may put iPhone on business rates

Gates Horns

@ Orochimaru_Sannin

"When Mobile 7 comes out that may or may not solve most of the User Interface issues with W Mobile."

Well sir, with that much certainty and confidence in your statement, I might just wait till 2010 for 'Mobile 7' to be released.

I mean come on, since 1995 Microsoft have been over promising and under-delivering. What makes you think 'Mobile 7' will suddenly fix all the faults that are in Mobile 6?

And here's a little piece of news for you - today is February 1st, and Apple have promised that an SDK for the iPhone & iPod touch will be available this month. I'd rather have an iPhone that works today, than a vapourware product that may or may not be released in the next 3-5 years from a company that may or may not get it right next time.

How to speed up Windows Vista: official and unofficial tips

Gates Horns

You have got to be kidding

So, 5 years of development and one of the 'top tips' to keep your PC fast is to restart at least once a week? Quite frankly, that is pathetic.

OK here I go, launch Terminal on my Mac

uptime: 19 days 23 hours 17 minutes

And it is still as fast as it was when it was turned on.

Vista is a turd.

paris, cause she'd be dumb enough to believe Vista was better than 95, 98, XP & ME.

Latest iPhone firmware unlocked

Paris Hilton


It just amazes me that The Register gives so much coverage to jailbreaking the iPhone.

If humans made it, humans will break it.

The iPhone NOT being jailbroken would be news, but as I see it, this is nothing more than coverage about an already boring subject.

I own an iPhone, and would be more interested in reading about anything other than this on 'The Register'

Microsoft throws unified communications party

Gates Horns

Communication my eye!

I just tried to watch the 'launch' on my Mac, and guess what: it didn't work.

Classic M$ - you can communicate, as long as you use Micro$oft.

Thanks Bill, but no thanks. Every time this guy is wheeled out he looks more and more like the Emperor who has a new set of clothes.

Can't wait for iChat in Leopard.