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Microsoft slows Windows 10 release cadence to yearly. If they're all as dull as the November Update, this is fine


Re: Is it stable yet?

if you're still using windows 7 clearly you don't care about security, so why not go back to XP? Seriously, if you REALLY dislike the windows interface, just like someone suggested earlier, just switch to linux...

How to stop a content filter becoming a career-shortening network component


never heard of "security endpoint"? I'm a sysadmin in a medium company (500-ish people) and we have been WFH'ing for the past year... Filtering content on company laptopts whatever network they connect to? Piece of cake: new security endpoint with tamper protection and cloud management...

I've seen many things scrolling through the logs, from torrent traffic to people installing steam (i don't even know why - company laptops only have the iGPU)...

30 years of Linux: OS was successful because of how it was licensed, says Red Hat


Re: licensing technology

well i can say that "Linux is definitely more secure than windows" because i can prove linux's strength and weaknesses by looking at the code and without causing a world incident by disclosing a vulnerability that MS minions won't patch anyway (think about PrintNightmare).

The point here is that if you find a weakness in linux, and if you have sufficient skills, you can patch it yourself and push the fix to the rest of the world, whereas with proprietary kernels, even if you let the companies know that they have a problem, it is NOT guaranteeed that they will do anything to correct it, until it's maybe too late.

Fix five days of server failure with this one weird trick


The "inspector"

This reminds me of a time in my early days tinkering with electronics and pcs, i was literally a little more than a toddler, and my dad had a small pc selling and repairing business.

One customer brought his pc in for support, because it was "randomly freezing and had to be powered off". It was a big full tower with 5 5inch bays and 2 or 3 floppy bays in the front. My dad was trying to investigate a software issue, after all these were the days of the freshly shipped Windows 95, but it seemed nothing was out of place, all the drivers were looking fine and a fresh re-install of windows didn't solve the issue.

Meanwhile, being a curious creature, i crawled under the desk to look inside that chungus while the case was open (no shiny glass side panels in those, the two sides and the top came out as one piece)..... and EUREKA, the little cpu fan (think Pentium I 133MHz) was not spinning.

A quick replacement, et voilà, the machine got back to full performance.

I even had to make the call to the customer telling what had been wrong with his pc.

I miss those days, now i'm a sysadmin in a medium-to-large company and i have responsibilities... oh well, TGIF, cheers!

Breaking Bad or just a bad breakpoint? That feeling when your predecessor is BASIC


Re: The problem

yyyymmdd? this is why i'm confused by english-speaking countries, UK and US mainly (i'm italian)... why the hell use the year first? i want to know first which day, then which month and finally which year someone's talking about. the use of a different measuring system crashed some planes (like the Gimli glider) and made NASA overshoot Mars by a good margin a couple decades ago...

*rant over*

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far


Re: Power Users

the most irritating thing is that i quite liked the old control panel, i knew where everything was and how to edit any setting. Now since windows 8 things are split between control panel and the settings app, and obviously you have to use both.

Like a couple days ago, when i had to change language in a colleague's laptop, first download the language pack in settings, then go to control panel>region>administrative settings and change the UI, then go and change the date/time formatting, it's a mess! if it was all in the control panel like win7.

Rant over...

Imagine your data center backup generator kicks in during power outage ... and catches fire. Well, it happened


Re: Are we sure ....

well if we're gonna be pedantic, it was the H part that somehow didn't work, the CF sure did...

Forget GameStop: Keyboard warriors and electronic trading have never mixed well


Re: Ignisecond, n.:

this is why my car (2 years old) shouts at me like an angry whale if i leave the smartkey-thingy inside and lean on the door while just talking with someone (i suppose it's got a pressure sensor) without meaning for it to lock...

This Brit biz's seven-screen laptop is something to behold


Watch out for Linus

This reminds me of something similar (less over-the-top) made by Razer a few years ago, Project Valerie (can't be bothered to google which one is correct), that was jokingly "stolen" by Linus Sebastian (of LTT).

Pizza and beer night out the window, hours trying to sort issue, then a fresh pair of eyes says 'See, the problem is...'


Re: ~/.procmailrc

i do exactly the same, but my preferred font is Calibri...

Windows might have frozen – but at least my feet are toasty


Re: Even worse with heaters...

this reminds me of the secretary that worked at the last company i worked for... she was always cold, so the boss gave her a heater, an electric radiator one.

She always used it under her desk, to keep her legs warm, until the day the plastic coating of said desk started melting and the whole office had to be cleared for half an hour (in february!) to let the smell get out. Fortunately i had my new car whose climate control worked perfectly.

CentOS project changes focus, no more rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux – you'll have to flow with the Stream


Canonical thanks IBM

If i were Canonical i'd be popping champagne bottles now. I forsee a massive shift from centos to ubuntu server.

Personally i'll keep using the old and trusty debian in my homelab, but i know that companies that use centos today without any kind of support contract will move to ubuntu.

I work therefore I ache: Logitech aims to ease WFH pains with Ergo M575 trackball mouse


Re: Never found a replacement for the Trackman Marble FX T-CJ12

Still have one of those, as you said, never found a replacement, and unfortunately i can't use it anymore because of the lack of driver support and because my ps2->usb converter doesn't even recognize it properly... and without the usage of the red scroll button i can't use it.

Still using my microsoft elite keyboard from the same period (late 90s) though, thankfully it came with a usb adapter in the box.

You only live twice: Once to start the installation, and the other time to finish it off


Re: Sadly, no international jet-settng for me

yeah, i know that feeling.

Until a couple years ago, also here in Italy you could fly with your (valid) driving licence as ID.

It was fine for all airlines, except a not-so-cheap-as-they-would-imply irish one. They didn't let me board the bloody plane even if all the airport staff told them it was ok, given that the flight was domestic...

I stopped flying with them, even if this meant paying double for the same route.

And i am thankful for my job that some years later made me able to afford a car... especially in those times, when being alone in your car is more healthy than flying with some idiots who think that face-masks are for clowns...

Anyone else noticed that the top countries for broadband speeds are well-known tax havens? No? Just us then?


this isn't credible

This report isn't credible... of course Luxembourg has fast internet, it's a tiny state in the middle of the continent.

Take Italy for example: in my house in Bologna i have FTTH with 1gbps, and that's stable, whereas at my parents' house in Sardinia we have a pokey ADSL which is sold to be 20mbps but in a good day reaches 12 (measured wit ookla speedtest).

How do you feel about single-use plastics? OK, interesting. Now tell us your views on surprise Windows updates


Re: Fear

the solution is pretty simple: edit the hosts file so that the *critical* machines think that windows updates are downloaded from

i was thinking about doing that to a print server a cuople years ago, before i got the greenlight to just use CUPS (we lost the scanner - i was too young and naive to know about SANE - but hey, at least it wasn't rebooting every couple hours).

Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced techie is indistinguishable from magic


even before PFY

when i was a child, (early 90s) my dad used to sell computers, and give support to his customers.

One day a tower came in that had "random freezes". We're talking a full tower case (about 1m tall) fully loaded with a P1 166MHz.

My dad startet running the usual series of troubleshooting tests, and the bloody machine seemed to work flawlessly.

Being the before-pf-youngster that i was, i crawled under the table and peeked inside the beast - we had removed the side panel.

EUREKA: the tiny cpu fan was not spinning!

So when the customer hit the machine with a serious load, the cpu would just thermal throttle and halt everything, and then when we tried to troubleshoot, we didn't do much more than open a couple of programs and look at settings.

Now, 25 years after that, i work at the IT helpdesk of a medium-large company........ Coincidence?

Well, what are we waiting for? Three weeks later, Windows Embedded Standard 7 still didn't have the answer


Looks like...

...a DELL wallpaper, maybe behind that lg monitor there's a dell mini-pc or some sort of thin client.

America's largest radio telescope blind after falling cable slashes 100-foot gash in reflector dish


Re: Don't forget...

Yes! I am invincible!

To test its security mid-pandemic, GitLab tried phishing its own work-from-home staff. 1 in 5 fell for it


Re: Not helped by companies themselves

As many people said in other comments: this is what IT folks would do and preach, but unfortunately the decision to use other methods for spamming all the staff about the next company event, like fbworkplace or other mailing list services, are made by the marketing/HR departments, who don't give a single "f" about security or best practices, but just want the least amount of clicks to get the job done.

Das reboot: That's the only thing to do when the screenshot, er, freezes


Re: Funny that

the new ones are:

- fakeupdate

- fakebsod

- fake lcd crack

now every colleague of mine knows better than to leave the pc unlocked when he/she takes a break...

Real-time tragedy: Dumb deletion leaves librarian red-faced and fails to nix teenage kicks on the school network


remote control

you reminded me of my middle-school, they had a w95 lab with a "server" (it was just a 486 machine running some custom sw) could take control of one or multiple "students" (p1 75hz workstations)... in that building I was one of the handful of people who knew how to use the whole shabang... god how much i laughed when my classmates screamed "my pc is haunted, it's telling me that i'm a moron!" when said words "magically" appeared on a word document.

Absolutely everyone loves video conferencing these days. Some perhaps a bit too much


webcam shows...

This reminds me of that time (not that long ago) that a colleague had to show another chap something on his pc, and he didn't know about a space-age thing called "desktop sharing". He instead put his laptop in front of his secondary monitor, so the webcam was seeing the screen. All great until i passed by and noticed 1. that there were the usual post-its with passwords on the monitor (if you haven't done it or seen anybody do it you're a liar!) and 2. that the chap on the other end was connected to the projector in the meeting room, thus showing everything to everyone in that office.

Broken lab equipment led boffins to solve a 58-year-old physics problem by mistake


That picture tho...

Is it just me or that "artist's impression" looks awfully similar to an xbox 360 slim?


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