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EU mandated messaging platform love-in is easier said than done: Cambridge boffins


And at times had different character limits so messages between networks could get truncated.

Twitter tweaks third-party app rules to ban third-party apps


Re: No surprise there then

Total lifecycle costs have changed a bit recently with plummeting second hand values.

US warns Chinese chipmakers: Sell to Russia, suffer Huawei's fate


It is them playing global bully not global cop (they aren't going to arrest or bomb Indian banks that deal with Russia), the question is are they a bully on the right side? This time they probably are....

IBM investors staged 2021 revolt over exec pay


Re: It's all about the yachts

At least greater corporate profits help most people in two ways: Through various methods we all own tiny bits of the big companies, and they might pay some tax on the profit.

Google blocks FOSS Android tool – for asking for donations


Re: App Store Pricing

I mostly don't from fear of paying for a bad app. If I knew it was good I wouldn't mind.

Three major browsers are about to hit version 100. Will websites cope?


Re: Ubuntu was right... sort of.

With a date based 'version' number, calling it a major version is a misnomer. It's just the version number.

Why your external monitor looks awful on Arm-based Macs, the open source fix – and the guy who wrote it


Re: Apple has already fixed the problem

Did you miss the bit where people with that monitor are also using it because they don't like the default scaling?

Ransomware crim: Yeah, what I do is bad. No, I don't care. Yes, infosec bods are all mouth and no trousers


Re: And this...

I think you oversimplify the dangers in construction. One dodgy supplier 5 links up the supply chain and a building collapses.

Alibaba fires manager accused of sexually assaulting colleague


Re: "web giant lacks formal sexual harassment policy"

Because if your bar for keeping people employed is that the police don't charge them then you'll be employing a lot of terrible people. The police only enforce the laws, and they have a high burden of proof as the consequence for breaking laws is very serious. Thus a lot of things you should be fired for aren't going to get you legally charged.

Malaysian Police crush crypto-mining kit to punish electricity thieves


The expensive parts are the bits that mine bitcoin.


Re: Ecological vandalism

Allowing police forces to sell confiscated goods can easily lead to corruption, destruction removes some of that incendive.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Sub-$600 midranger makes premium phones feel frivolous


Lack of wireless charging is the only thing missing from most mid-range phones. It's not that wireless charging is all that great, it's that plugging in USB C for years has a high chance of damaging the port.

Can't we get wireless charging at this price point please!

Paper Tiger Lake? El Reg gets its talons on the first Intel Core i7 Honor MagicBook 14


Re: Soldered RAM

The only strong reason to want Intel right now is thunderbolt. Without it why not be a fast CPU.

Microsoft tells US lawmakers cloud has changed the game on data privacy, gets 10 info demands a day from cops


Re: In many ways the metadata is more telling than the actual data

The smart criminal lets the phone battery run out at home or just leaves the phone at home.

It gets complicated if you try to figure out the right frequency for exactly one of the conspirators to bring their phone, just so the times the phones are 'left' at home isn't a pattern.

Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider Preview, attempts to defend labyrinth of hardware requirements


Re: Why I don't look forward to version updates anymore....

Getting past 2G partitions was also good....

What you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11: It will run Android apps


Re: Almost Yawned

I can only use PayID (Aus standard way to send money to phone/email) in the phone app, not a browser.



I believe I'm going to be forced to migrate from Ubuntu to Windows at work in the not too distant future (so probably 2 years time), the new snapping features look like they'll soften the blow from losing access to awesomeWM a little bit.

Pyjama bottoms crew, listen up: In 2022 we'll still be at home


I think people's perspective is determined largely around do they feel like work is fitting around life or is it the other way around.

I don't mind doing a few minutes work at 10pm, if I'm not busy. It's when I have to cancel personal plans to do it that there is an issue.

Petition instructs Jeff Bezos to buy, eat world's most famous painting


Re: Inappropriate

I have enough breath to do both.

China's Digital Yuan not aimed at challenging US dollar, says former People’s Bank governor


Re: "Replacing the US dollar’s role in international trade is not China’s plan"

All digital doesn't mean you can't give the neighbour a few dollars for mowing the lawn, it just means their is record of the transaction.

China announces ‘crackdown’ on Bitcoin mining and trading


Re: Ponzi

What makes you think people have woken? This crash isn't even notable compared to previous ones (at least not yet)

Holy margins, Batman: Pandemic tech prices balloon as demand outweighs stocks and suppliers get greedy


Re: "a bit like life in general"

Rather you'd want to live somewhere that has done real lock downs, preferably with a sea border.

Intel throws sand in the face of 'musclebooks' with 10nm Tiger Lake tech


Re: "a new PC will be faster and smaller and lighter"

I haven't seen a CD/DVD in years. And even then it was for a legacy reason. I'm very happy drives for them aren't on new computers.

More USB ports would be nice though.

Just one in 5 Googlers plan to swerve the office permanently after COVID-19


Re: Flexibility?

Forced long term WFH proved to me that I *could* do it, so now the perks of getting to do it when it suits is going to be awesome.

It's also demonstrated to employers that were reluctant that it does work. So I'm going to be very wary of anyone who has irrational rules prohibiting it in the future.

Bitcoin is ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ says famed investor Charlie Munger


Re: Insert meme here

Supply of bitcoin is fixed, your compute power just changes the distribution of bitcoins and the difficulty.

Australia proposes teaching cyber-security to five-year-old kids


Are teachers going to stop sharing this *private* information with the whole class?

When are people going to stop pretending date of birth is a secret?

FSF doubles down on Richard Stallman's return: Sure, he is 'troubling for some' but we need him, says org


Re: Bye Bye FSF

FSF2.0 - the one without RMS


Re: It's so annoying when people you admire turn out to be a, uh, you-know, uh, Dick ...

There is a big difference between erasing what someone has done and thinking they are unsuited to continue to hold a seat of influence.

Housekeeping and kernel upgrades do not always make for happy bedfellows


Active Directory - not TM

Due to a bad IDE we had a script that recursively deleted all common executable files. It lived in the project dir, a quick double click and the next build might work.

Unless you were working on a network share and windows treats c:\Windows as the active directory to run the script in.

That was a late night repairing the bosses desktop.

Screw you, gadget-menders! No really, you'll need loads of screwdrivers to fix Apple's AirPods Max headphones


Re: Applecare

only when everyone is forced to.

Think car safety laws.

To plug gap left by CentOS, Red Hat amends RHEL dev subscription to allow up to 16 systems in production


Re: If they really thought this would help ...

Also implies the entirely predictable response was a surprise......

Top engineer who stole trade secrets from Google's self-driving division pardoned on Trump's last day as president


Re: So..

The better question was 'should' and maybe 'how'


Re: Good idea in theory

Caretaker laws/conventions can cover the period of the election too.

GitHub will no longer present a cookie notification banner – because it's scrapping non-essential cookies


They have plenty of private repositories from many companies. I'd be surprised if they didn't count for a good percentage of web visits.

Passwords begone: GitHub will ban them next year for authenticating Git operations


Cause you can test their code.


The logic goes that if you can't store the token on the device you shouldn't be accessing the repository from that device.


Re: So, why don't use client certificates for the connection?

I'm wondering if Richard was confusing certificates with ssh id keys. Which are super easy in Linux and a huge pain in Windows, with essentially the same issue as you detail, just reversed in the systems.

FOSS developer survey: Mostly male, employed... and many don't care about 'soul-withering chore' of security


Re: Other big 'not do' is good documentation

I think the documentation that is most lacking for many projects is the end user guide.

Senators, net neutrality advocates rail against looming lame-duck confirmation of new FCC commissioner


Re: I know I'll get in trouble with the admins for this...

I too haven't had a mail client installed for a long time, but getting browsers to open mailto links in gmail is pretty easy.

When is a remote-code-execution bug in Teams not an RCE? When Microsoft says it isn't, flaw finder discovers


Good Strategy

Run a bug bounty program so people think you take security seriously.

Reduce payouts so people aren't incentivised to participate, then bug report counts will be low an people think your software is secure. And the bug program is cheaper to run!

What isn't to like?

China bans encryption exports – including quantum and key management tech


Re: People still use fax machines?

And in practice the faxes are being sent from PC's with a network connection to the printers/fax/copier. There really isn't any security.

COVID-19 coronavirus captive coders create copious code, claims GitHub: Open-source projects mushroom amid pandemic


Decrease in time to merge can come from workers not working until the merge request comes in. Some of the gains can be workers working when there is productive work to be done instead of waiting for work.

China unleashes fearsome new cyber-weapon: A very provocative meme


It would have been a waste to advertise services for Afgan's, the program is not broadcast in Afghanistan.

And it is reasonable for honourable defence force members and ex-members to have PSTD or other mental health issues triggered by the content of the revelations.


So your saying that awarding it to both of them will make them both unhappy on multiple levels?

I don't see the problem.


Except the act depicted is one that there is a single unreliable report of. They didn't choose to depict one of the numerous and quite heinous acts that has been confirmed to actually occur.

China's clouds boom but they're collectively earning less than Azure alone


Re: But what about tomorrow?

I'm marginally more inclined to believe that AWS hosted in Australia wont let the US government see my data than I am to believe that a Chinese cloud hosted in Australia wont let the Chinese government see my data.

Emphasis on marginally.

Linux Foundation, IBM, Cisco and others back ‘Inclusive Naming Initiative’ to change nasty tech terms


Re: So basically we're going to have to re-name everything.

The important difference is that 'master', 'slave', etc aren't euphemisms, they are the right terms. And switching to 'production', 'branch', etc isn't going to cause people to start using 'production' and 'branch' as euphemisms for slave owners and slaves.

I don't see a treadmill developing here.

Google rolls out pro-privacy DNS-over-HTTPS support in Chrome 83... with a handy kill switch for corporate IT


Re: Can no longer Easily see what extensions are installed

Was the requirement to unpin an extension really the thing stopping people from installing malicious plugins on other people's computers?

Getting a pizza the action, AS/400 style


Re: A real pizza

Yes, that is one of the great pizzas.

It is not the only.


Re: Savagery?

And an egg.

And bacon.