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HP Inc to Xerox: If you complete a hostile takeover, and try firing our chief exec, you will pay...

Huge mistake

Hey HP shareholders. Remember who you are dealing with Carl Icahn. Remember he bought the Fontaine blue in Las Vegas for about 30 cents on the dollar and then sold everything in that hotel made a profit and didn’t care about the purchase and never did as he knew what he had planned. You can rest assure he has plans and it will be to sell off pieces of the HP Corporation make his money back and then dissolve HP and the only one still standing will be Xerox and he will make sure it survives and does well. What is Xerox a photocopier/printer company not worth 9 billion but yet wants to buy a 30 billion dollar corporation that makes an abundance of products from copiers/printers/computers as well as all the peripherals that go with computing. It will be gone the name HP will be gone as well as the jobs as half of the Xerox world is now out of India not USA.

Hp should be putting an offer in for Xerox at about 9.5 billion as he will have made his money and laugh all the way to the bank as they don’t care at all about xerox either.