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Is Europe's war on Islamist terror running out of terrorists?

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Up yours, Boyo

As Spleen said, I don't think anyone has any real evidence for the origin of the V sign being Agincourt (or any other longbow-based evidence). It's just another good old story that everyone is convinced is true due to it sounding fairly reasonable and then being trotted out on regular occasions - not unlike the myth about being able to see the Great Wall of China from the moon for instance.

I read somewhere that many or even most of the archers on the English side at Agincourt were probably Welsh not English due to the way army 'recruitment' used to work in those days.

Mine's the flameproof coat.

Ofcom hits green on in-flight calling

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Paris Hilton

Ringtones, esp. overnight

People speak louder on mobiles than in normal conversation, as Fraser says, but I guess we'd get used to that. Most people have learned to live with this problem in other situations, however annoying it may be.

What would cause the air rage though is the RINGING of mobile phones, not the conversations. In the confined space of a 747, you have 300+ people in Economy ALL within earshot of each others' mobile phones. It could be a nightmare, especially with some people attempting to get some sleep even during the day (to pre-empt jet lag I assume).

Unless they switched off the on board station overnight, then that's what would really cause the problems, and you could have some genuinely serious incidents.

Paris, because she also doesn't appear to switch off overnight.

Left-handeders finally unlock the closet, researchers find

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Unscrewing Lids


You're absolutely right (er, I mean, you're absolutely correct).

As a Rightie, I nevertheless always unscrew difficult lids and bottle tops etc using my left hand as there is naturally more grip that way. When you see people getting stuck with this sort of thing, it's amazing to see the look on their face when you tell them to use their left hand and they suddenly find they can do it!

Fossett 'may never be found'

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OT: US miles and UK miles

"...even if you compare US miles to UK miles"

I thought they were the same!

Drunk-astronauts doc says NASA is in denial

Dave Sparrow


I started falling off my chair (through laughter, not alcohol) before the page had even loaded. Just reading the URL in the address bar did it for me :)


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