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Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz


Interesting, but wrong.

The problem is not windows. It's silicon. Up until 8 years ago, you could pretty much count on a PC lasting maybe 3 years. Not because it stopped working, but because it was totally outclassed by newer hardware. About 8 years ago this more or less stopped.

Any of the intel i series chips are more or less the same speed clock for clock. There have been some improvements, but they are incremental. Computers are no longer getting faster. The clock rates have continued to go up, yes, but much of that is artificial.

There is a hard physics limit on silicon on insulator speeds of around 5 ghz or so. The early i series chips could often be overclocked above 4ghz, i.e same speeds as newer chips. They're not changing because they don't like the OS, they're not changing because their hardware still works as well as the new stuff, and there is no reason to upgrade.

The same thing happened to tall ships. There was tremendous advancement in ship building up till about the 17th century. After the design was perfected though, a ship a hundred years old, was as fast and capable as one just out of the yard, and more of a known quantity to boot. Until the invention of steam, shipbuilding was almost entirely static.

Our next quantum jump is likely more like 10 years away than a hundred, but until it happens this is the way it is going to be.

Microsoft knows this, and it's policy is mostly to attempt to remain relevant while it waits out the storm.

it also explains why microsoft is going platform independent. We don't KNOW what new form that leap will take. Microsoft has to survive the drought,k and be ready to capitalize on whatever appears.

'My house is on fire m8 lol' ... 911 texting tested in the US


There are some abuse scenarios too

Two things come together to make this a potential problem.

1) emergency calls are the only calls can be made on a stolen phone

2) you can set a cell to send a text without you actually being present.

Put these two together you get a potent weapon for criminals. Steal a few phones, and dump them around town. Program to send texts at specific times to draw police away from your actual crime

Frenchman eyes ocean domination with floating, mobile Bond villain lair


Re: It's quite nice actually

but it won't work. It's not about ugly, it;s about non functional.


Re: Boys own adventure

yeah. This thing is pretty reality free. For one thing the subsurface hull is shaped as a reverse lifting body airfoil. The thing would sink just by moving. Even a strong current might pull it under.

Architects are not engineers, they're artists. This has idiot art school fantasy written all over it. I personally am expecting an upcoming indefinite vacation to the Bahamas for the creator, along with all the money.

Buildings have pretty well known engineering so for them it works, but a boat is a vehicle. This guy is likely totally unqualified to build something like this. Always a bad sign for investment.

Steve Jobs statue: Ones and ohs and OH NOES – it's POINTING at us


Re: Truly awful ...

coissioned art looks like what the people who pay for it want it to look. Aparently he was not popular in the board room, and possibly slept with one of their wives or something.


I get the impression the people who commissioned it and oked the model intensely disliked the guy.

none the less I would like to see it built just so passers by can put spare condoms on that "one".

Murdoch EYEBALLS Twitter with $25m buyout of news aggregator Storyful


Re: I'm confused

I don;t think there's ANY behavior murdoch loathes that makes him money. His M.O. has always been find something so awful that no one in the industry is willing to do because they have something approaching morals and/or a desire to actually live in the society it will produce and then does it.

Ubuntu man extends olive branch to irate Debian devs


maybe some video config fixes?

maybe one of them will finally fix that idiotic and fatal video configuration problem. How the hell did that get into stable anyway? If this were a real company a screw up that big would have gotten someone fired.

Mole talks up Palm Pré... 2

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Smells like teen spirit

Sounds like someone is trying to Osbourne 2 palm. It could be enough to kille em if it works. Is palm working on a new model? Of course. Everyone is always working on a new model. Microsoft is already working on the successor of windows 7. Anything scheduled for 2009 though is undoubtedly software.

Science-boosting thickie questionnaire backfires


there is a lack of due dillegence here

This article is unfinished.

The California academy of sciences is a big organization, and primarily actually a museum. Which part of the organization oked originated or funded the study? For all we know this could have been a 7th grade science class project using the museum website. Museums, especially teaching museums have been known to do that kind of thing for schools.

Finish your research and complete the article please.

'Rowdy' rectal extraction op vid hits YouTube


link? anyone got a link?

I haven't been able to find a link to the video. Does anyone know if it's still around anywhere?

Google fitted with (temporary) Digg implant

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just another data mining system

While the changes only appear on your machine I would suspect that google will be taking notes too. T

hey'll be able to do much more accurate target marketing if they get 10 votes per search instead of one.

DHS building handheld lobster spy-beam scanners


it makles sense but it doesn't sound very safe

te device appears to use a x-ray lamp and then read it like a sort of compound fluoroscope. i suspect resolution gets better as the cells get smaller and the size of the array increases. What I don't get though is how they are going to keep the operator from getting cancer. If you remember old style radar guns were giving cops cancer, and they didn't use anything near as ionizing as x-rays.

Boeing trumpets 'relevant battlefield laser' raygun


.50cal apparently not rated for IED

It says in the .50 cal article that the weapon is designed for destroying air drop bombs only. This implies it's use against IEDs may be limited. The U.S. army recently mounted a small machine gun on a bomb disposal robot, but they then claimed it's value as a security system rather than for bomb disposal, which implies it's not very good at it.

U.S. forces have a lot of Barnett .50s floating about, how are they at blowing the things up?

Feds tell (other) feds to kill net neutrality


this all depends on which definition of innovate you have

One of the great confusions perpetrated by corporate IT is use of the two almost completely opposite definitions of the word "innovate".

The one used by almost everyone is to invent something unusually new. In the language of economics, however, it is used to mean making money off a new idea whether you invented it or not. (This is Microsoft's favorite game)

If the Fed's statement is viewed in that light it means "net neutrality will stop some companies from making indecent amount of money" Also the term effect on the consumer" can be taken both ways.

It's all in how you spin it.