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HD-DVD or Blu-ray?

Ko Hsiang Yu

My opinion

I recommend you to buy the player later as there has been product(LG blue-ray burner) for computer shown out on supporting both the HD and Blue Ray. May be it will be like the DVD every manufacturer started to make products on supporting both the models and I think it will going to be the same for the player also. If you are urge to buy I will prefer the blue-ray lots more than the HD because I think the blue-ray will be more useful as the blue-ray has the more capacity for date and for the movies. People now who will buy the HD or Blue-ray is mostly to be like to need more capacity than using the DVDs as the machine is still so expensive now. So I think one who will buy them will choose the blue-ray more than the HD. If you buy the the HD you will be mostly to be not supporting the videos burn out from your friends who had the blue-ray burner.


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