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SAS backs Python as alternative to its own language


Re: Special Air Service?

SAS originally stood for Statistical Analysis Software - a mouthful which got abbreviated to SAS, which Scandinavian Airlines Systems got irate about after which SAS just got called SAS.

It is still, I believe, the largest privately held software company in the world. It is one of only three companies whose products are required to be used to obtain licences from the Federal Drug Administration to sell pharmaceutical products within the USA (the others being Oracle and Adobe). It is also the largest software company most people have never heard of, yet operates worldwide.

Sky Broadband is not the UK's cheapest, growls ad watchdog


I only get about 10cc (9Mbps x 1Mbps), but I am not blaming Zen who have never told me a lie. I am working to get B4RN to my area, and that will be not only cheaper than anything that Sky (or BT) can offer, but it will be very significantly faster.

Don't use natwest.co.uk for online banking, Natwest bank tells baffled customer


I just entered natwest.co.uk and was automatically re-directed to personal.natwest.com. So that appears to work correctly.