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BT jittery about Cellnex snapping up UK mobile tower assets


So - the company (BT) who has been hampering the upgrade of the UK internet infrastructure by sweating the copper assets that were handed to it many years ago is complaining that another provider owning these assets would become a monopoly provider? I call pot meets kettle.

Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover protocol found leaking hundreds of thousands of credentials


I would assume it would if the domain has not been setup with Autodiscover records correctly. Think of any office 365 tenant that has been setup by web design or marketing agencies - these guys rarely understand the importance of correct MX records never mind anything else.

Internet Explorer downgraded to 'Walking Dead' status as Microsoft sets date for demise


Still a requirement for migrating to office 365

Well. The last couple of migrations from on-prem ad/exchange to an office 365 domain required me to use Internet explorer as part of that process. Otherwise it would not have been possible no matter what I tried via Edge or Chrome. This is on 2012R2 and Server 2008R2 too. So even Microsoft themselves are still getting it wrong never mind third party systems!

Vodafone: Yes, we slurp data on customers' network setups, but we do it for their own good


Re: "Our service helps overcome these issues"

The first thing that comes to my mind is where you print something on a colour printer and possibly the make, model, serial and MAC is watermarked into the printed document as described here...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_Identification_Code

Finding that hidden info is generally not enough to identify the person printing but once a database exists of the locations of a particular MAC address that suddenly changes. Also consider the many possibilities this opens up - there are quite a few things i can think of - good and bad, What about stolen devices that have a MAC address??


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