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AT&T jettisons the last of its Usenet

Steve Mueller
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prodigy killed Usenet in 2001

The Irony!!

I went to work for SBC, back in 1998, and my first assignment, was Usenet. I went to California, built a new news.pacbell.net... for a while... it was really fun!

saturating the first gigabit ethernet interfaces, with "usenet" traffic.

When they finally put an OC-12 between NorCal and SoCal... it got flooded with "usenet" traffic too.

I still have some e-mails and posts (flames)... from when I put the bandwidth limits on the server.

I think it's kinda ironic... in May 1998, I build news.pacbell.net... ran it for a while.

a decade later, as I resign from at&t, they kill Usenet.

The fellas in White Plains, killed it. Prodigy... ick!

It's a cost as far as at&t sees it... the don't/can't make money off it...

Sadly, in 2000, before I split out of the Usenet team... we were exploring a subscription (fee) based service offering, that didn't suck.

Just be happy, AT&T got rid of NCR, back in 1990... Otherwise, the 'new' at&t... would be CRa.P

Cash Registers and Phones

R.I.P. news.pacbell.net!

may your 1200 day uptime, be remembered, fondly.

Illinois gal gives Street View an eyeful

Steve Mueller

Seems to me, some fun could be had

Seems to me, some fun could be had at Google's expense.

Put a big wooden ephogy of so and so in the lawn... on the day they drive past.

Perhaps a big Yahoo logo/embelm in google street view would do the trick?

Sun does Google's dirty work on MySQL

Steve Mueller

This could be big... maybe.

You know.. years and years ago, Sun could have purchased the likes or Oracle outright...

Sun is one of the largest server vendors that have oracle put on 'em...

If they pull this off, and scale MySQL out the wahzoo... it could take a nice byte outta Larry's wallet.

Perhaps not some die hard Oracle shoppes... but certianly make for a heck of a middle ground to fairly high-end database. Just off the top of my head... I can think of a handful of ways this would make my work a whole, whole lot easier.

Microsoft opens APIs and protocols to all

Steve Mueller

Hey.. Give ol' Billy Goats et al a chance.

I have no love for M$... that's fer sure. You couldn't pay me enough to work with thier shi'ite!

If Microsoft is being genuine here... great! More power to ya!

I'd like nothing more than to see M$ open up some of the sucker products they have. Folks may not be able to contribute code/fixes yet... but at least being able to track down the issue... will be dog gone nice.

Go Billy Goats! Go!

NetApp losing 'spew dot oh' blog war to Sun

Steve Mueller

R.I.P. Netapp. How sad

Expensive yes, but it's not my paycheck that pays for it.

ZFS is sweet, but awfully new. Netapp is tried and true. It works

and it's fast as all get out. I'm not scared to say I'm a die hard Netapp fan. But I'm a Sun junkie too. Sun's NAS try years ago was sad. Maybe with ZFS and Solaris 10 it could be better, but it sucked wind.

I think it would be a sad day on the Internet for a staple like Netapp to go th e way of the doo-doo bird. Perhaps Sun and Netapp can mend ways and pair up like Sun did with StorageTek.

Talk about a scary merger. I think in the end for Sun's customers, it payed off bigtime. Go Sun, Go!

Feds tell (other) feds to kill net neutrality

Steve Mueller

Nothing new to US consumers

The binary content is more expensive to transport, period. Hence the start (and failure) of companies like Cidera that tried routing big files over other than terrestrial links.

Years and years ago, a computer company made mainframe type systems for big corporate users. The dang thing had a 'turbo' switch like so many computers of the day. Thing is the vendor would charge you extra depending on how much 'turbo'time you did. What's more the damn turbo button just bypassed a bunch of electrical paths designed to slow the system down. Hmm. Intentionally forcing users to pay extra for premium services. This isn't new and I don't understand why we're still up in arms about it. Do you get HBO for free? Heck no! You pay extra for premium content. Does the internet service provider you use give you a special 'key' for all the porno websites? Heck no! You pay extra for premium content. Does Apple let just anyone have mp3z from iturnes? Heck No! We pay more for premium services. Always. It's American ideals 101 here folks.

Plus, coming up with new revenue streams isn't easy for Ma, Pa, or Uncle twice removed Bell.

If the phone companies ask me to pay a bit more for an (excuse the term... but) unadulterated internet, I will because I want it all when I want it. Now Dammit! NOW!