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Ancient telly borked broadband for entire Welsh village


Re: 18 months?

I was thinking along the same lines.... They could have asked some of the local amateur radio operators and I'm sure they would have loved the challenge.

There was a story not too long ago about someone's home brew wireless doorbell system knocking out vehicle key fobs. The community sicced the local amateur radio operators on the culprit.

AT&T tracked its own sales bods using GPS, secretly charged them $135 a month to do so, lawsuit claims


Par for the Course

This sounds like typical behavior of a large company that provides any sort of in the field service. I worked for a different company* that also did stuff like that. I was hourly there, so at least I got overtime, but that didn't stop my manager from calling me at all hours of the day including on my days off and vacation about work related stuff, and the constant calls to the dispatch center before I started my shift so I could get service calls in my queue to dispatch on.

*Unfortunately, I won't name this very large company because they actively search the Internet for negative publicity and have a history terminating or suing people over it.

Come to Five Guys, where the software is as fresh as the burgers... or maybe not


Re: It could be embedded

Knowing NCR, it definitely is the embedded version of Windows 7, POSReady7.