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Apple grabs number-three US PC market slot

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I... AM... SO... ANGRY... RIGHT... NOW!!!!1!!!

Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?

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Blu-Ray will LOOSE

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm laughing at all of you iSonyApple loving idiots, Blu-Ray will LOOSE because it may be superior technologilically but remember BETAMAX (I don't), it was possibly better and it lost out in the end, hence Blu-Ray will go the way of the DODO!!!!1! And I'm with the WINNER!!

I'm with you nt300 and Martin Usher, only an idiot wants to back a FAILING SonyApple format that will fail because only an idiot wants to back it because... well because it may be better technologicularly and backed by a larger consortium but still it will FAIL because BETAMAXX failed and everyone knows what happened to it. Because it may have been better but better is the new worse.

Dutch gov blows open standards raspberry at Microsoft

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The sound of a whining herd of iLemmings and Loonix hippies again

... Man it drives me CRAZY!!! MS should just stop selling to you period since you don't seem to understand the concept of a STANDARD and the difficulty and amount of work that goes into developing e.g. an advanced word processor. And while we're at it I think Intel should do the same. That would teach you COMMIES some RESPECT.

We do just fine without doing business with Cuba, and you're no different.

What's 77.1 x 850? Don't ask Excel 2007

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FFS, why can't you APPL WHORES get it through your thick skulls that there are like infinitely many numbers and it's not meaningful to expect any non-communist, non-tree-hugging profit-making company to support them ALL. Get over it. Excel supports enough of them anyway for most uses and they will add support for even bigger numbers like 65537 (and maybe 65538) in a couple of years once the market matures. So stop WHINING!!!1! The truth is OS X probably doesn't support them either but nobody has noticed because it's not as popular as Windows, why, well maybe because the iPHONEY is overpriced APPLE PIECE OF SH*T!!1!

Apple ponders $9bn bid for wall-busting wireless iNetwork

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"doesn't exactly play to its strengths - hardware and software innovation"

HA HA! The ONLY innovation crApple have EVER made is to sell the iPhoney to iLEMMINGS for $600 when it costs LESS THAN $200 to make. Man, your so STUPID!!1! And I'M SO ANGRY!!1!

And don't start lecturing me about who invented the Windows (I know quite a bit about computers, like how passwords are reset etc - Admin for a School)

Discovery of musician on YouTube triggers loss of faith in American Dream and interests

Webster Phreaky

Its NOTHING compared to...

...APPLE USERS lying about OS X having no viruses when EVERYONE knows it would have MORE VIRUSES than WINDOWS if it were HALF as POPULAR!!1! And STEVE is the WORST LIAR for selling the iPHONEY for $600 when it's ONLY worth $200 and then DROPPING the price without warning. You iLEMMINGS DESERVE IT!!1!



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