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China bans export of rare earth processing kit


Re: Oops!

The OG Nazi's were prescient in one aspect of their plan, that the "final solution" would be permanent, like every other genocide, but any significant reprecusions for the future generations of the rest of the nation would be temporary (also the usual results of genocides). Many saw it as a personal sacrifice for their descendants.

Facing stiff competition, Intel's Lisa Spelman reflects on Xeon hurdles, opportunities


Re: Date: Tuesday, 19 December, 2023.

Why so pesimistic? 2023 3rd quarter GAAP profit was $0.07/share

No, I will not pay the bill. Why? Because we pay you to fix things, not break them


Sounds like another butt-sore Christian Nationalist snowflake.

Intel plunking down $20bn for at least two chip factories in Ohio


Re: It is all about the taxes

"The state of Oregon put a .57% tax on gross sales for businesses with over $1m in sales" .

Intel will only directly pay that tax on sales to customers in Oregon. Intel's suppliers to their Oregon sites will also be paying this tax on the payments they receive from Intel, so I imagine those suppliers may raise their prices, so it could be like an indirect sales tax to Intel. But Oregon has no regular sales tax, so 0.57% does not compare that unfavorably to states with regular/actual sales taxes.



"For example, the following items are excluded:


Sales of items or services that are delivered outside of Oregon "

Two startups enter, one leaves: Intel kills off much-delayed Nervana AI training chip, pushes on with Habana


Altera? Mobileeye? Maybe overstating your point?