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The UK is running on empty when it comes to electric vehicle charging points


Re: Government energy policy

Not just the US...

The UK forests are being decimatedtidied up for pelletised wood fuel as well...

Hubble in another first: Water vapor spotted in atmosphere of Jupiter’s Ganymede


Re: 2001



Is it broken yet? Is it? Is it? Ooh that means I can buy a sparkly, new but otherwise hard-to-justify replacement!

IT Angle

Re: Right to repair?

Er, are we still talking about white goods, or have you wandered into OS territory..?

Gloom-dwelling subterranean robots battle for million-dollar DARPA prize



( I'll need it ouitside again...>

Happy 'Freedom Day': Stats suggest many in England don't want it or think it's a terrible idea


Re: Everyone's an expert

Commenters commenter, huh?

Try placing a pot plant directly above your CRT monitor – it really ties the desk together



Indeed, and the multiplyer, er...

Multiplys the distance?

NASA fixes Hubble Space Telescope using backup power supply unit, payload computer



YAY indeed !!!

And several uncarefull and inconsiderate beers all round!

Over delivery is becoming the norm. I hope you're listening JWST...

How many Brits have deleted life-saving track and trace app from their phones? No idea, junior minister tells MPs


Re: Technology to the rescue

Upvoted, 'cos I get a sense of that...

However I've cultivated a SEP like ability to not register ad content,

I mean it never is MY problem :@)

It's there as an annoying audiovisual buzz, but no detail...

Maybe I'm broken!

Utopia? Echoes of Delphi and Dreamweaver in new visual editor for React


Re: I had managed...

I hear your Frontpage induced wailing, and leave you with the further torture of:

Cold Fusion!!!

(Runs away gibbering..>

UK spends £36m on 18 little 'bullet-proof' boats to protect Royal Navy assets


Re: Well tried and comprehensively already field tested .....

They're probably not tory donors...

I do want one though!


Re: No sign of armament

Mobile shielding..!

Just what is the poop capacity of an unladen sparrow? We ask because one got into the office and left quite a mess


Re: I'm only a poor little sparrow

Very funny...

Now how do I make it STOP?


Re: Not just sheds, and not just birds

"and a duck in a room where I'd left the French window open."

That's not far canard...

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? Detroit waits for my order, you'd better make amends


Re: “I already know what you want!”

I prefer 'flight of the Bumblebee' played by Gonzo chewing a rubber tyre...

Elon Musk hits the brakes on taking Bitcoin for Tesla purchases


Re: Prime Bullshit Piled High to Protect and Preserve the Perma Bullshitters Hides

Amen to that sir(?!)

You seem to have a distinctly clear view of the base and crass hypocrisy at the root of humanities', and therefore the rest of the universes', ills...

What's this about a muon experiment potentially upending Standard Model of physics? We speak to one of the scientists involved


Re: Minor Update

We appologise for the inconvenience...

(Clearly in dire need of a lemon soaked, paper napkin)>


Re: Douglas Adams

There's another theory that this has already happened...

Yep, you're totally unique: That one very special user and their very special problem


Re: Where’s the effing handbrake!?

How else are you gonna do HANDbrake turns???

UK terror law reviewer calls for expanded police powers to imprison people who refuse to hand over passwords


Re: the use of section 49 by CT Police is likely to be rare indeed.


Should it include trigger warnings as well?

Honestly, there's nothing subtle about the sarcasm in the OP, I'd have missed it otherwise...

Yes, there's nothing quite like braving the M4 into London on the eve of a bank holiday just to eject a non-bootable floppy


This in spades my friend!

It's not someones incompetence that make helping them difficult, it's someones incompetent awareness of their own competence...

We've seen things you people wouldn't believe. A halo of light polarized by a gigantic black hole's magnetic field...


Re: Oops

Well, spiralling charged particles in a magnetic field should cause a few inductance type shenanigans...

But I'm not falling into that old EU trap, nosireee nothing to see move along. . . . . . .

Delayed, overbudget and broken. Of course Microsoft's finest would be found in NASA's Orion


Wrong documentation?

It's clearly not read "Windows for Dummies" yet...


Re: Slide Rule

And back that up with trig and log table tattoos...

SpaceX small print on Starlink insists no Earth government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities


Or indeed a free Luna!

Never forget your Heinlein, lest the future bites!!!

Dangerous flying car drone zoomed into UK's Gatwick Airport airspace after killswitch failed


Re: Arduino

It started with F1s, I still fly controllers with F3s as well...

The newer versions of the flight software have reduced ability on the lower power chips, and you run out of UARTS for talking to pheripherals as well.

I think the Aduino in this case was just a cobbled together 433MHz killswitch, though there is Ardupilot as flight software as well.


Re: Arduino

No excuses, all drone software I've used has comprehensive fail safe features:

Bad signal - drop to floor...

Even if they'd used cheap and nasty drone racing hardware, there would have been more intrinsic safety. I can only cringe when looking at the build quality, I wouldn't even plug a flight battery into this to test it!

Facebook bans sharing of news in Australia – starting now – rather than submit to pay-for-news-plan



You have clearly been self-imbibing(?),

and they are all addicts...

Michael Franti, time for an update:

"Socialmedia, the drug of the nation,

Breeding ignorance..."

Bill Gates on climate change: Planting trees is not the answer, emissions need to be zeroed out to avoid disaster


I think it's self leveling to some extent, as long as everybody's lifestyle is uplifted people forget about having kids...

Ask the Japanese.

Future astronauts at risk of heart attacks, strokes if radiation allowed to ravage their cardiovascular health


Space. . . .



"Black Corridor"

Space is infinite, it is dark.

Space is neutral, it is cold. Stars occupy minute areas of space.

They are clustered a few billion here, and a few billion there,

as if seeking consolation in numbers.

Space does not care, space does not threaten.

Space does not comfort.

It does not speak, it does not wake.

It does not dream.

It does not hope, it does not fear.

It does not love, it does not hate.

It does not encourage any of these qualities...

Space cannot be measured.

It cannot be angered, it cannot be placated.

It cannot be summed up, space is there.

Space is not large and it is not small.

It does not live and it does not die.

It does not offer truth and neither does it lie.

Space is a remorseless, senseless, impersonal fact.

Space is the absence of time and of matter...

M. Moorcock

The Linux box that runs the exec carpark gate is down! A chance for PostgreSQL Man to show his quality


Re: Execu-barge

I agree, but also see another side.

In my 4x4 van, I love speedbumps when being tailgated...

Google QUIC-ly left privacy behind in its quest for a speedier internet, boffins find


Re: Google doesn't respect privacy?

"The web's tightening."

It's just a fishing net, the rest of the ocean is fine...

Transcribe-my-thoughts app would prevent everyone knowing what I actually said during meetings


You could eat one at the top of Smeaton's Tower, standing erect on Plymouth Hoe!

Get off my lawn: UK.Gov looks to reform land access laws for network operators weeks after PAC savages full-fibre gigabit targets for 2025


Re: This Land is My Land, This land is Your land...

It's not surprising that some people are reticent, when contractors like Complete (disaster) Utilities are in charge of smashing digging up the road / verge.

One year on, and there's still patches of tarmac being replaced, exposed ducting running in drainage ditches, missing road drains, repeater stations built in flood areas...

Aparently the service is ok, but I'm reticent about the installation from the lane box, across 10m of black top drive.

Highways Agency's most used look>

Drone smashes through helicopter's windscreen and injures passenger


Re: Right of way

Wrong, the drone may bee seen as not making way ( ie moving) in which case it's the pilot making way who must avoid stationary craft...

If your Optimist dropped sail in front of the tanker (snapped halyard) you'd expect the tanker to at least attempt to not hit you...


Re: Relatively wrong headline?

Go and look at some bird strike videos on the webs, you get about 1.5 seconds to see the bird, if you know where to look.

Line of sight to the drone is not line of sight to the aircraft that's just about to hit it, your collision avoidance logic is terribly faulty.

" I can fly this low this fast because drone operators must be able to see their craft"


If you're flying in airspace that it's legal for drones to fly in, then you have to avoid them, it's just logic...

If double decker bus runs into a low bridge, that's the driver fault right?

If a skipper navigates through a minefield that's marked on the map, who's taking the risk?


Re: /rant

Actually I'm just a racing drone pilot...

None of the issues regarding sharing airspace, just all the useless and draconian legislation.

Now I just fly micro drones inside, or in my garden.

My hobby has been destroyed by a very few idiots and a whole army of NIMBYS.

When I flew model and HPR rockets, we always had issues with the aviation set:

Issue a NOTAM to 25000 feet well in advance, have nearly the whole schedule destroyed by ignorant light aircraft pilots, putting themselves and a whole bunch of other people in danger because they don't follow their own rules. Good luck getting a sight of their registration, or any traction from the CAA...

RSO's actually gave up the role because the risks in some areas was so great.

So pilot are often in the wrong but not happy, it seems, to accept responsibility for their actions.

"mode-s transponder, ADSB, Flarm"

I'm not sure any of that is any use under 400 feet, though ADSB is available for DJI size drones.

I'm not for any kind of "free for all", but the regulations should reflect the risk...


Re: Relatively wrong headline?

So a dronetard was probably flying outside their legal remit?

And as for giving way to aircraft, that's a bit anti physics isn't it?

What's the prang avoidance manouver for a rear ending?

Simple response, no aircraft should be allowed to fly below 400ft unless on takeoff or approach?

How would you respond if that was the law enforced upon you and you gliding friends?

"note that I said responibility, not legal responsibility. Whether you get away with setting up a situation where you end up killing someone or not is not the issue.. it is whether you killed someone that matters."

But if I rear end someone in a car whilst in full control, it's my fault, all deaths would be my fault and legal responsibility, not the parked car...

"if you operate an aerial vehicle in legal airspace, then you have the responsibilit to sense and avoid"

So the pilot had a responsibility to avoid the drone as well?


Re: /rant

No downvote, but:

"I don't want to stop your fun - but I do remind you that you are on the ground risking a grand's worth of hardware. I'm in the air and you're risking my life."

Stay out of the air then, what you think that you own the airspace?

What the hell are you doing below 400ft if not landing or taking off?

Where is it the sole resposibility of a drone pilot to avoid a aircraft?

Who do you hold resposible if an birdstrike causes trouble, who risked your life then?

I suspect that it's the thin end of the wedge though, gliders will be next, then paramotors / wings, then ultralights...

Cooperation is the way forward, drones are here to stay, so you better get used to flying aroud them...


Re: Relatively wrong headline?

Good grief, how much nonsense can you get in one paragraph?

The legal outcome is based on liability, and if the drone was being flown in legal airspace at a legal altitude, then the helicopter pilot caused the accident, end of case...

Not that he neccessarily did anything wrong, but if he'd flown into a bird it still wouldn't have been the birds fault, and no not because the bird isn't controlled by a person.

Try searching for helicopter bird strikes, it seems this is a common failure mode for this kind of flying.

"Face up to your responsibilities. "

This is the pilots responsibility, not to fly into anything else in the air, and no the drone didn't hit the aircraft, the pilot flew the aircraft into the drone.

"And when you screw up and hit an aircraft, do not run away and hide ....yes we've had to fix an aircraft where exactly this happened, and where the (factually incorrect) responses from the drone community mirrored those in the posts above."

Really, you've had damage to your aircraft in the air from a drone? I think that was probably just one of your dreams printing through, citation or it's a dream!

Accidents happen, and if you always blame the other party, you haven't learned anything.


Re: Relatively wrong headline?

The article states that the helicopter was flying low, and given the massive delta in flying speeds, this is got to be the helicopter flying into the drone...

I can't see how that was anybody but the helicopter pilots fault, as long as the drone was where it was supposed to be, and if it had been a kestrel or similar instead I'm not entirely sure the screen would have been much safer. Even a balloon of water at 100+knots is pretty solid.

However I don't know what the regulations are there, and technical info. about the flight are scant...

Anybody found the picture alluded to, I've failed... :(

The UK's first industrial contribution to the ISS: An end to sneakernet for spacefarers


Re: ho ho ho

Well investment in BT is often more like feeding a black hole than any moonshot, a severe lack of porcine cylinders...

I was targeted by North Korean 0-day hackers using a Visual Studio project, vuln hunter tells El Reg


Re: Incredible

Nuke them from orbit! etc...

One careful driver: Make room in the garage... Bloodhound jet-powered car is up for sale



It's only half an episode of Game of Thrones...

Watchdog urges Tesla to recall 158,000 Model S, X cars to fix knackered NAND flash that borks safety features


It's not just e-gubbins, though even the Volvo suffers from this at 15 years old, it physical bother.

Sure a regular code reader will tell you the fault codes, but you'll probably need several hundred pounds worth of special tools to actually fix anything. And you'll probably never use them again...

I asked my tame specialist about tools once, he just winced and changed the subject!


I'd like to know, other than screen wash, what user replaceable parts are there on any modern car?

I do all my own mechanics where possible / resonable, but most of my vehicles are old enough for that to make some sense.

I'm currently running my late fathers Volvo V50, it's 15 years old but I'm not going to work on it other than wheels / bulbs etc. It's a 'modern' car and if you aren't a Volvo specialist it's just a pain to do anything on.

Fortunately, it's well built and I have a tame non dealer specialist!

Point is, even screenwash is beyond a lot of folks...

Pandemic? Check. World in peril? Check. CES is on? Check. So of course Bluetooth Smart Masks are now a thing


Re: @Version 1.0

I'm not wearing a LiPo on my face!!!

Result of charging incident>


Re: "Smart" Masks

I've really seen very little of both refusal or poor wearing whilst in indoor spaces...

I have seen a lot of "I'm wearing a mask, and so everything I do is now safe" going on, more and more all the time...

Watt's next for batteries? It'll be more of the same, not longer life, because physics and chemistry are hard


Re: Best of both worlds

"Question, though, how do you convert the fusion end products into electrical current?"

I dunno about lithium, but if you use p,B (proton, Boron) fusion, the products are 3 alpha particles.

All you need is a charged sphere around the reactor, and just capture the alphas...

Hey presto, DC current!

It is at almost 3Mv, but that's for the engineers to work out...

UK MoD bungs Boeing £500m to plug gap left by a system it should have provided under £800m contract from 2010


Re: Cuckolds'R'Us

"WTF are they waiting on"

The next brandy mostly...

I honestly remember getting feel for just how out of touch that world is, on the very few occasions my dads work for the navy brought him into contact with "bigwigs." As he was a civilian techie, that wasn't very often noticed, but later he was part of the team who procured the new mainframe at Manadon, and there was quite a lot of kudos involved for the base higher-ups.

Navy dinners are truly surreal, and that's only the ones civilians are invited to..!

Some of the oldest, in so many senses of the word, institutons are ensconsed at the heart of our military, and the navy is the most obtuse.

But brandy, and port, but mostly brandy...

Useful quantum computers will be impossible without error correction. Good thing these folks are working on it


Re: If the answer is not 42 then ...

If all the elements add up to the final result, then you've got your Bistromathics wrong!



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