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Microservices guru warns devs that trendy architecture shouldn't be the default for every app, but 'a last resort'

Richard 63

Re: All-or-nothing deployments

You started fairly wide of the mark but ended bang on the money(because mixing metaphors is fun!)

I don't normally comment but I thought it worthy of commenting that just becase you don't have the definitions nailed down, doesn't mean you can't see the value in doing stuff.

UK contractors planning 'mass exodus' ahead of IR35 tax clampdown – survey

Richard 63

Yeah that comment about the house sale really stood out to me. Are contractors not interviewed to the same level as perms and as such he's been able to get in via the back door so to speak?

Kill Google AMP before it kills the web

Richard 63

I take umbridge that problem is developers. I've spent a good part of my career arguing with 'the business' (mostly marketing people) that randomly adding javascript for tracking and ad serving purposes is a terrible idea, lowers our seo ranking and puts users off. The only people you will ever find who care about page weight are developers (maybe seo bods), not the people who want to load pages up with rubbish!


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