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Future airliners will run on hydrogen, vows Airbus as it teases world-plus-dog with concept designs

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: hydrogen engines?

You do see it .. or rather there are hydrogen fuel cell engines.

The problem is that you will have a hard time containing and storing the gas long term and then recharging or filling the tank. That's why the concept never took off, along with some safety concerns.

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Looks good to me

Sounds good until you consider that you're more likely to die in a fiery wreck using hydrogen.

Liquid hydrogen... hmmm lets start to see how many ways things can go wrong.

Should we all consolidate databases for the storage benefits? Reg vultures deploy DevOps, zoos, haircuts

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There's a couple of things to consider... the context of your PII information, and the temporal aspect.

Your PII information isn't static but can be relatively slow moving data.

So if 10 years ago you applied for a mortgage, and then you sold your house and applied for another mortgage... your address changed. If you only had it stored in one place, you've lost context. Now every time your bank wants to do something... they have to pull across the data center / databases to get your address if its only stored in one place.

Mike the FlyingRat

WoW... lets correct a few things...

First, the issue wasn't a lack of storage, but that storage wasn't cheap.

It seems the author doesn't understand the economics of IT.

If you look back at this historically, you had two different data modeling techniques. Hierarchical and Relational.

Relational decreased your storage footprint, but increased your compute costs in order to pull the data back together.

There are some other issues w relational is that you had a finite set of data types supported. It wasn't until Object relational databases came about that you solved that problem. However ORDBMs had another. Vendor lock in. So an app manufacturer that ran across different RDBMs ignored the ORDBMs because of the higher cost of maintaining their code due to difference and uniqueness in each ORDBMs.

Google also showed that w cheaper storage, they could return results faster by not going relational.

Just saying...

Amazon declined to sell a book so Elon Musk called for it to be broken up

Mike the FlyingRat

@P Lee ... Re: Amazon is a shady bookstore

Amazon is not a marketplace facilitator.

They can claim that, but if they ever claimed that in court, it would be ridiculed.

But to your point. Once a court rules any company is a monopoly and all that means is that they are such a dominant market force that they pretty much control the market... the law changes for them. The company must behave differently.

IBM at one time was about to be considered a monopoly. That scared them. Alot.

Its not something you want to toss around lightly, and all it takes is for a single lawsuit of anti-competitive behavior and they are toast.

Amazon would have to be broken up. Same for Google. Why do you think these companies spend so much money on lobbyists ?

If Amazon doesn't want to carry a title, they don't have to. However if their refusal to carry a title stops it from being published... then you have a problem.

Mike the FlyingRat

@ S Prick Re: Well...

Amazon is not a monopoly because no judge has declared them to be a monopoly. It actually takes a court ruling for a company to be considered a monopoly. The significance is that once the court finds you to be a monopoly, the laws change and it will impact your business.

That said, Amazon has so much influence on publishing, they are in fact a monopoly in practice, but not found to be one ... yet. Sure you can point to other companies like Barnes and Nobel. But ... if you want an electronic edition of a book, will you get it in an ebook format or the kindle format? AWS doesn't sell epub but only Kindle. And when I recently purchased an electronic edition of a book, my only option was Kindle.

That said... are you sure you don't want to call Amazon a Monopoly? ;-)

Alibaba wants to get you off the PC upgrade treadmill and into its cloud

Mike the FlyingRat
Big Brother

Yo! Cat! Re: Another attempt to kill the "Personal" in PC...

Uhm what makes you think that malware goes away once all your data is in the cloud? ;-)

Just saying!

Mike the FlyingRat
Big Brother

@Chris G... price? Re: so, a 'Network Computer'?

Lightweight devices have been the rage for a long time.

I agree with the lock in, to a point. I suspect cloud pricing for storage would take in to account downloads and migrations to other providers.

The larger issue... should be privacy concerns.

Some lucky web developer just scored $20k to scour Facebook out of Neil Young’s website

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@ DCFusor, ya think? Re: All social media

I have to agree.

We can blame the schools...

Or rather the teachers.

I could go on a rant, but I'd rather focus on something that most are forgetting.

Facebook did a social experiment where they played with people's news feeds in order to elicit a response. In other words, they would filter your data stream to get you to think or feel a certain way.

But now, its more than FB, but Google , MSM etc... all do the same thing to a varying degree as a way to promote an agenda.

So who do you blame?

IBM made ‘top-down’ efforts to fire older workers, says US employment discrimination watchdog

Mike the FlyingRat

Huh? Re: Lawsuits

The lawsuits already exist.

See the UK.

In the US the EEOC's findings means that IBM has to go to Arbitration to settle the claim(s).

Its an alternative route to lawsuits which is legal and binding.

ByteDance rebuffs Microsoft's TikTok purchase proposal

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: How is it to be monetized?

You monetize it by the data you can capture on its users. Hence the danger.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Death Ninja Re: WARNING: This post is a RANT ... Backlash

And that is something we can agree upon.

Who's a better candidate? Trump or Hillary? Trump.

Who's a better candidate? Trump of Harris (Biden is already lost his mind) ?

Trump again.

The point of the matter, Trump is the less of two evils.

And don't tell me that you don't have similar dilemmas in other countries including the UK.

Honestly when was the last time you had a candidate that you actually looked forward to voting for?

Reagan. (And in his second term, you can thank Nancy for keeping him on point.)

But the wild thing... unlike Obama who campaigned for a Peace prize... Trump is actually doing something to earn it. Israel UAE and now Bahrain

Mike the FlyingRat

@AC Re: Let Trump buy it

I suggest you take a look at the history of companies where someone offers them a boatload of cash to sell out.

Those who do tend to go on to bigger and better things while those who don't more often than not get burned. Its a tough call, but selling out for billions is the smarter move.

You talk about the larger market outside of the US. Sure. but where's the capital? Google, FB, Apple, etc ... US companies. Granted there are other large companies out there and TikTok already has captured the China market.

But the issue that Trump sees as why he want's it shut down are also seen by other 5eye countries.

So they too will put pressure. And the EU isn't dumb by any means and has put pressure on US companies that abuse their market position or try to game the system.

The bottom line... its a smart move to sell out.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Death Nija Re: Backlash

So choosing your nom de plume as 'Death_Ninja' isn't childish?

I'm a centrist, but in today's world, I look like a Conservative Right winger because of the shift to the left by many.

TikTok and other apps where data collected in the US sits on Chinese servers is something of a concern. You may not get it, but while you poke fun of Trump, try doing that in China and poke fun of their government leaders. Or sit in Hong Kong....

Trump is Trump. Boris is Boris. Sometimes you don't get what you want, but you get what you need.

You do realize that Trump is going to get a Nobel Peace Prize for the work done in the Middle East.

The Obama Administration? Libya and Syria ...

Mike the FlyingRat

WARNING: This post is a RANT ... Re: Backlash

Fair warning this is a bit if a rant against an ignorant comment.


I think you need to get your news from more sources than CNN or CNBC.

So called petulant child leader... just got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Seems there's this agreement between Israel and UAE that was brokered by the Trump Administration. And now another w Bahrain... It didn't get a lot of press from the US main stream media.

And that historic first commercial flight from Israel to UAE... just fake news, right?

Oh and for those who live outside the US...

If you bother to look at the poster children for BLM, they all died while resisting arrest with the exception of Trayvon because he was shot while attacking a civilian who had a CCW permit.

Systemic racism is a myth. The actual numbers and statistics do not pan out. But you'll never hear of it in the MSM.

The problem with the MSM is that they don't pay attention to what Trump is saying. A willful misinterpretation because their hatred of Trump is so bad that they toss aside their ethics.

If you're an American... what's scarier than Trump... Biden/Harris. If you don't want Trump, then try nominating a better set of candidates.


Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Let Trump buy it

While your comment is a bit funny, Trump would be in serious trouble if his companies did.

It would mean jail time.

But the situation w Oracle may make some happy. it doesn't solve the problem.

The fact that TikTok wouldn't sell to Microsoft is in itself interesting. Usually a company who creates a social media hit sells out and takes the money and runs.

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Microsoft ensuring security?

Sorry but from the number of down votes... I think you get the idea that your comment is off base.

If we look at their latest cloud offerings... not as many breaches as Amazon... although I suspect we need Google and Microsoft time to catch up.

Database consolidation is a server gain. Storage vendors should butt out

Mike the FlyingRat


No, its not.

There are aspects of a distributed file system that are important but there's more to it.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Chivo Re: OK, but factor in the Redmond tax

I think you're stuck in a windows world.

But if you look at Oracle, DB2 and others... including Hadoop vendors ... they've all gone to disk size, and vcpu counts for their databases. So they will try to maximize the profits.... (Just like mainframe Mips?)

So they all get you one way or another and they've stopped with the perpetual licensing too. Most new license contracts are annual licenses.

Mike the FlyingRat

Have to agree wtih Chris...

Here's a guy who actually knows what he's talking about.

But here's the thing... I don't know if the question is being framed properly.

When you say 'database consolidation, what do you mean exactly.

Yes, its a strange question, but think about it.

You have databases that are OLTP transaction processing systems of truth. Then you have Data Warehouses (OLAP) that are used to drive analytics.

Then you have Data Lakes which in itself is a Data Warehouse consolidation by removing the silos. (Here the number of DWs goes down, but the storage requirements go up. )

And its not just the CPUs getting better, or storage, but also networking. 40GbE is becoming Cisco's norm. 100GbE is also there...

But at 40GbE you can start to consider data fabric as your storage layer. The issue is cost versus density and performance has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The networking also allows for a segregation of COTS and specialty hardware to get the most bang for your buck. You can weave a GPU appliance into your data fabric and then consolidate compute servers using K8s to allow distributed OLTP RDBMs to take better advantage of the hardware. (This is where the network can be a bottleneck. )

What's interesting and a side note... when you look at this... its in *YOUR* Data Center. Not on the cloud. (Although it could be in the Cloud too.)

These advances will spell a down turn in the cloud over the next 5 years. Thats not to say that there won't be a reason for cloud but more of a hybrid approach.

Just some random thought from someone who's been around this for far too long but too broke to retire. ;-)

VMware staff in Silicon Valley can leave a pandemic, wildfire-ridden zone – if they're willing to accept less pay

Mike the FlyingRat

@AC Re: They may be in for a nasty surprise.

Close but not quite.

The issue is that the employee is relocating to another state, so they don't get that option. The company has to reset their employment data and pay taxes to that state. It gets complicated.

Bottom line... if your company does what Dell's VMWare is doing... leave.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Who's Your Daddy..

I'm getting hit w all of these body shops who want a W2 contract to work in California remotely and then when COVID is up... they want you on site. Besides the rate being too low... No talk about who covers T&L. They expect you to relocate.

This industry is FUBAR'd

Mike the FlyingRat

You're just a cog...

Usually if you start in a high cost of living area and move... you keep it.

The only time I have seen it drop is in IBM where if you were 'repatriated' back to your home country and worked locally, your salary was adjusted. Had a couple South African friends who were given the offer to go back to South Africa... they just laughed.

What most companies do is keep your salary the same, however when it came time for bonus or promotion your new salary bump was weighted against you.

Of course w IBM ... they tried to cull those who worked from home and outside of their 'office' as a way to cull older workers....

Forget Terminators, says US military, the next-gen AI battles will hinge upon net infrastructure, not killer robots

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Short-term thinking

Sorry, but had to down vote.

Most people gloss over the infrastructure.

You still need it. 'Serverless software/infrastructure' still needs servers.

Adtech's bogeymen are tracking everything - even your web visits to mental health charities, claim campaigners

Mike the FlyingRat

What no mention of Google?

They already get it

UK Home Office seeks suppliers: £25m up for grabs to build database to keep track of crimelords' ill-gotten gains

Mike the FlyingRat
Big Brother

Lets get smurt and have some fun...

Why not build a document database with blockchain to make sure we can track updates to the document(s)

And each document would represent each piece of confiscated goods.

Google and Facebook abandon Hong Kong landing of new submarine cable

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Let's just hope

FB? Not much.

Google? Possibly. But you have to consider the vast amount of data. This includes encrypted traffic.

So at that high speed rate of data... its not really possible unless you're monitoring specific data streams.

While you lounged about all weekend Samsung fired up its biggest-ever chip factory and started cranking out 16Gb LPDDR5 DRAM

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: You say 16 Gb, the picture shows 16 GB

Re: You say 16 Gb, the picture shows 16 GB

Marketing hat=ON

What's the difference


In this case nothing.

When you talk about data rates 16GB = 16Gigabytes , 16Gb = 16 Gigabits.

Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms

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@Flocke Kroes Re: Weasel wording alarm


And if caught... it was that mysterious engineer X who made that bad code ...

Now think of all of the corporate espionage Google could do... they know your flights, possibly your hotel reservation. They know your location from your phone or laptop when it goes on the net.

So they could now seamlessly bug your hotel room without your knowledge.

Do you realize how many phone calls and work happens from within a hotel room?

Naw, Google isn't evil...

Engineer admits he wiped 456 Cisco WebEx VMs from AWS after leaving the biz, derailed 16,000 Teams accounts

Mike the FlyingRat

@Sanmigueelbeer Good point.

This is why going to the cloud is fraught with danger.

The biggest security threat is going to be from an employee, former employee or contractor. Whether its malicious or not, this is where the security falls apart on the cloud.

Can it be mitigated? Sure. But there's a cost.

Now if you don't have your own On-Prem hardware... going native to the cloud may be a good way to control costs without having to make a fixed up front investment.

This is where a 'trust no one' and going k8 w containers could have helped mitigate some of this. Also tightening down security.

Intel, HP, Tesla, etc protest to US monopoly watchdog: Are you just gonna let Qualcomm patent-tax us to death?

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Except

It may not be double dipping.

It could be a license agreement to handle the tech, and then a variable component based on the number of units shipped using the tech.

Let me give you a different example of 'hyper-competitiveness'.

You have a storefront on Amazon and use them to fulfill your orders. (Or not.)

Amazon has the data of all transactions. So if you sell a widget and there are several other sellers of the same widget, Amazon can see who is selling what widgets and their sales prices. Now Amazon wants to get into the widget game. They too become a seller of widgets. Since they order the companies based on price... and they know all of the prices, they can do dynamic pricing so to undercut you and others capturing a percentage of the market. They are at an advantage because they can offer dynamic pricing since they own the storefront platform.

Unfair? Sure. They see what sells on the platform... then starts to sell capturing a low risk profit because you and the other widget sellers are doing all of the marketing for them.

Now some would call that illegal and call for Amazon to be broken up.

Others will call it hyper competitive and say that if you don't like it... go somewhere else.

Or put up with it.

Which camp do you fall in?

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Except

Again, your TDS is showing...

Look, take politics out of it.

When is FRAND abusive and anti-competitive?

And that's the thing. Its subjective.

Suppose I come up with a process to reduce the cost of making a widget 50% cheaper.

You make widgets and license my tech at $0.50 a widget. Its a reasonable cost if you assume you make 10,000 widgets. But what happens when you make 10 million widgets and you now owe me $$$$ ...

You could argue that the process should be $0.05.

So who is right? The original price was based on an estimate that made sense for a lower volume.

Its not a simple problem to solve.

What legacy is IBM really shooting for? Cheating its own salespeople out of millions? Here we go again, allegedly

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Savings

I know you were being sarcastic... but no, legal expenses are not pre-tax dollars.

You can sue someone over a contract dispute, lets say $50,000.00 USD.

You end up spending $45K to win the case. You net $5K and can't take the $45K loss.

This is why you see a lot of people getting screwed by jerks for 10-15K because they know that it will end up costing you more to win and its cheaper to walk away.

Former HP CEO and Republican Meg Whitman – who split HP with mixed success – says Donald Trump can't run a business

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Asset stripper

Trump an asset stripper?

Dude, he made his money in real estate.

Then he tried to capitalize on branding his name.

You're just jealous because he did it before the Kardashians.

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: China


Cattle futures?

That was her before Clinton went to WH.

Want to go on? Clinton Foundation?

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: China

Had she won... they would have sold our country to the highest bidder.

While everyone talks about Russia and their interference....

They are silent on China's interference. Just as the Clintons about a couple of their bundlers about China.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Dr. Syntax Re: China

I chose the Grammar Nazi icon just for you...

Vote for Biden out of hate of Trump?

That's going to get you 39% of the vote +- 5%.

About the same for the pro Trump crowd. (They are under counted btw)

Its the independents like me that you have to convince to vote for your candidate.

And most like me are going to vote for who is going to do the better job and protect my wallet and future.

That's not Biden.

Its funny watching John Kasich talk at the DNC.

His parents were Dems and friends of his (fraternity brothers) who knew him weren't the most kind in describing him. (FD: I too am a fraternity brother, albeit a decade or so later.)

Kasich never forgave Trump for winning the GOP primary. I actually was going to vote for Kasich if he won and he would have crushed Hillary. I met Kasich while an undergrad when he came back to visit. Had an interesting conversation over beers.

But I digress. The point is that the never Trumpers are a minority in the GOP. Not enough. Trump is gaining the black vote, the hispanic vote too. Everyone wants to criticize Trump over COVID. But guess what? None of those who are criticizing him would have done better. They would have done worse. Go back and see how they were critical when he shut down travel from Asia. Later they said he should have done it sooner. I don't know anyone who would do a perfect job. Just ask Gov Cuomo and the high number of senior citizens in nursing homes who died because of his actions.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Flock of Kroes Re: not hearing

Many people watch Fox.

The reason is that MSNBC, CNN and the other MSM sites have been found to clearly not report on the news or distort it to spite Trump.

I really don't care for the religious right views, but Fox does a better job when it comes to reporting and allows things to be heard.

Lets talk about the DNC dog and pony show. Throughout the entire event, they said Trump brought in the military and militarized police units against peaceful protesters.

They seem to gloss over the ANTIFA activities, and the murders, and damage caused by said 'peaceful protesters'.

NOTE: This is not to say that my friend, his girlfriend who marched in protest in Chicago at the start of the protests were not peaceful. They were. But my friend and his girlfriend bailed when things started to hint at turning ugly. Nobody cares about a march down Michigan (Mag Mile) in protest. They do care when it becomes a riot and looting.

Or lets talk about the good guy who came to the aid of a transgender woman getting assaulted and robbed. A guy caught the whole thing on tape where the man was attacked and beaten, (not fighting back) all because he came to the aid of someone.

All of that was missing from the DNC and Democrats are silent on the violence.

That's why you see people not voting for Biden.

And then there's Biden's promises that will bankrupt the country... while Hunter profits.


Mike the FlyingRat

Re: the Democrats should have won easily

Hmmm stupid things...

Like Obamacare?

Like Paris Accord?

Oh wait... build cages to house children and then when Trump uses the same facility show pictures taken during the Obama administration. (To make matters worse... Mrs Obama referenced that in her speech. Ooops! AP called her out.)

Blame COVID-19 on the Europeans. (Biden said that)

Oh there is so much more...

Trump may not be the most elegant speaker or even a nice guy...

But when you consider:

* Prison Reform - reversing the long mandatory incarceration for drug related crimes

* Israel - UAE formal relations

* US Economy... but lets face it Obama/Biden screwed that one up.

* USMCA - (NAFTA 2.0)

* Warming relations w Norks (At least we go US remains back from the war [police action])

Considering that Trump has been spied upon by Obama's WH during the campaign and after.

The whole trumped up impeachment farce.

Yeah... Biden's a shoe in.

Now what has Joe Biden done?

Oh yes... creep joe and his stories about corn pop and how he inappropriately touches and smells women.

Biden? go back to his time in the Senate if you want to know the real joe.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Pascal Re: the Democrats should have won easily

You really don't understand what's going on, do you?

Trump is winning because of what he does, not what he says.

Everything that Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff ,etc accuse Trump of doing.. they've already done it and worse.

Trump puts in a political backer who happens to be a good businessman to help turn the post office around. Post Office gets no funding from US, revenue only from stamps/shipping.

Post Office losing money.

So the guy cuts OT and wants to change how they deliver mail. Makes sense...right? Cut expenses make Post Office more efficient? But that's where he's getting attacked.

Removing mail boxes? Obama did that.

Voting by mail makes sense if done correctly. Dems aren't doing that Look at some of the previous primary elections. 6 weeks after election a winner is declared. Oh yeah. How would that play out for a national election.

Absentee ballots are different, and some states have vote by mail in place and have been doing it for years. (Colorado) But that's not the problem. Dumping it on other states who are not prepared... that's the recipie for disaster and the Dems want disaster so that they can blame Trump.

Trumps only crime was in beating Clinton.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Phil Re: China

Biden lost to Clinton before Clinton ran.

Think about that for a second.

Biden's not all there. Former WHY physician to Obama tells all.

Trump won for two reasons...

1) He's not a swamp dweller so he's a change element.

2) He was a better choice than Clinton

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: National polls

Those polls will not be accurate.

If they poll a Trump supporter, the Trump supporter will not share his/her opinion.

In the US where we're supposed to welcome free speech, just wearing a MAGA hat is cause to drive some to assault.

Think about that for second.

Mike the FlyingRat
Black Helicopters

@Sparty... Re: How to lose

Many here are not Yanks and do not understand the electoral college. Even some Yanks here don't quite grok that concept either.

Trump won because Hillary was the worse option.

Trump will win again, because Biden is worse than Clinton as an option.

If the Dems want to beat Trump, bring a better candidate.

What many don't know because the MSM totally ignored it... Clinesmith pleads guilty to the charge of doctoring an email from the CIA that identifies Carter Page as an asset.

To be clear, this is just one element of the case against the Obama Administration spying on Trump's campaign. Obama's WH, including Biden had already weaponized the IRS to attack Republican groups. (This is well documented... go google Lois Lerner who escaped prosecution thanks to Obama's AG)

This is the weaponizing of the FBI and other actors within the Executive branch.

While many may claim I should wear a tin foil hat, I suggest that you actually read what is coming out about the FBI and their actions.

While Barr/Durham do not see Biden as a target for criminal prosecution, one has to ask about his involvement.

For those who watched the DNC show the other night.... they all ignored the violence.

You don't have to be a Trump supporter to call that out. Just live in NYC, Chicago, Portland or Seattle.

Anti-5G-vaxx pressure group sues Zuckerberg, Facebook, fact checkers for daring to suggest it might be wrong

Mike the FlyingRat

@SGJ Re: @Mark 85 Tossing their toys about

Actually they could.

Two ways...

1) Congress removes the immunity.

2) SCOTUS removes the immunity.

Now you're going to tell me that these platforms which have become a global power unto themselves are not going to be targets for removing legal protection?


Mike the FlyingRat

@Jamesit ... Re: @Mark 85 Tossing their toys about

But they are being censored.

Look, I know that half of what is being said on FB or other social media is utter garbage.

While I don't agree with what they are saying, I do however believe in their right to post it unless it falls outside of the law. (e.g. Germans talking about Nazi party which is illegal or in the US, postings encouraging terrorism)

They are being censored Those who are doing the censoring are clearly biased.

A good example is censoring of Trump's posts/tweets. Yet Schiff (congress critter) posts more BS and nothing happens.

The point is that if these platforms censor, which they do, they can and should be held liable for the content because they are curating it.

There's more but let that sink it. I'm saying regardless of content, they are curating it and that becomes the issue and why they should lose their legal immunity.

Mike the FlyingRat

@Mark 85 Re: Tossing their toys about

I think you're missing the bigger picture.

Platforms like FB and others enjoy Safe Harbor because they are platforms and do not censor.

But clearly that's not the case.

I agree that these groups are a bit 'interesting in a tin foil hat way'.

However, they shouldn't be censored. Just ridiculed.

They have the right to sue, and the downside ... is that Zuck may get this case dismissed, however there's possibility that this case removes the safe harbor they enjoy.

Ex-Apple engineer lifts lid on Uncle Sam's top-secret plan to turn customized iPod into 'Geiger counter'

Mike the FlyingRat
Black Helicopters

@AC I Call BS... Re: Apple should launch this for the public.

The whole story is cover for a failed attempt of selling ipods to Russia to help monitor people around Chernobyl.

How is Trump's anti-Chinese rhetoric playing out? 70% of smartphones sold in the US are – surprise – made in China

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Sorry El Reg, things don't always pivot quickly.

Silly question... where do most of the world's N95 masks get manufactured? Not in the US even though its a US company. (3M)

So when 3M can't get masks out of China... how can US ship them out?

I suggest you take some time to look at the supply chain before being critical of the US and try to understand what has happened.

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: OTH, Apple?

The iPhone works.

As a company Apple is less evil than Google. (When was the last time Apple was caught War Driving and snarfing unencrypted traffic?)

It does fit the eco system so it works seamlessly w Mac and iPad.

Think of it this way.

Most people want a car that just works. Then there are those who want to tinker with their car.

Which person are you? The phone is a tool and most just want something that works.

What looks like a global pay freeze, sounds like a global pay freeze, but isn't a global pay freeze? Ask IBM

Mike the FlyingRat

Re: Yep, it ain't fun not getting any raise

Uhm that's called global re-balancing the workforce. ;-P

IBM has a lot of flaws.

This is just one of them.

There has to be a culture shift. (Yes, I escaped from the borg many moons ago)

There also has to be a product shift and a desire from the IBM execs to fire the bean counters.



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