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NASA eyes Japan's ISS supply vehicle

Bruce Ediger

Might not be ready in 2 years?

Not ready in 2 years? Ha! Try "never".

The US government has made 40 years of serious mistakes with respect to its aerospace industry, including "hire and fire" staffing, hand-in-glove micromanagment of companies, and mega-mergers into only about 4 top-level firms.

This leaves off the fact that in the USA, no high-school graduates with any talent or gumption go into any technical field, but the aerospace industry hasn't been able to attract any young talent since the Reagan Money years.

Werner von Braun and his German colleagues gave the USA a promethean gift of spaceflight, and we've unconscionably squandered it.

India and Belgium decry Chinese cyber attacks

Bruce Ediger

Why Belgium? Think "RoboCop"!

Remember the Incredible 1987 cyberpunk movie "RoboCop", starring the inestimable Peter Weller? Omni Consumer Products was trying to perform a corporate takeover of Detroit.

Clearly, China is trying a hostile takeover of Belgium.

Boffins: Dark times for application development

Bruce Ediger

"Business" "Analysts" writing code?!?

Given that the current crop of "business" "analysts" can not type a grammatical, correctly spelled sentence, Simonyi's hope is the thinnest tissue of lies possible, and he knows it. His startup must be an excuse for rich folks like Gates, Ballmer and Buffet to lose money as a tax break.

Dell's Linux sleight of hand

Bruce Ediger

Tracking shills?

As the comments to this article seem to have attracted more than the usual number of Obvious Shills and Astroturfers, I have to ask:

Does The Register make any attempt at counting the number of shills/astroturfers? It seems like the sort of groundbreaking thing that an irreverant, Fleet-Street-style Trade Rag like The Regiser should do. After all, you run "Dick Destiny's" crap all the time.


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