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Safety driver at the wheel of self-driving Uber car that killed a pedestrian is charged with negligent homicide


Re: However

Airline pilots have the advantage that there are not many pedestrians (or other road users) moving around at 30,000 feet.

One does not simply repurpose an entire internet constellation for sat-nav, but UK might have a go anyway


Many of us here *are* boomers, and that does not mean that we disagree with you. Please don't use that, as it puts me in the same box as disgustedoftunbridgewells, which I think would be shit.

UK police's face recognition tech breaks human rights laws. Outlaw it, civil rights group urges Court of Appeal


Re: What's a "Human Right"?

I think they are supposed to be human-readable, too.

An Internet of Trouble lies ahead as root certificates begin to expire en masse, warns security researcher


Re: Planned or accident

Absolutely true. Land Rover want £260 to update the maps on my Freelander.

Better late than never... Google Chrome to kill off 'tiny' number of mobile web ads that gobble battery, CPU power


Re: I'll stick to firefox thanks

1) So don't use it. I don't.

2) Fairy Nuff, although I like it.

3) Why would you want to do that? However, if that's what you want, I can't disagree.

4) So use Alt-V-Z-A. Sadly these things change. It's not particularly difficult, though.

We're not Finnished yet: Nokia chalks up €200m sales hit to 'COVID-19 issues'


"slumped 6 per cent, from roughly €5bn to just over €4bn"

That looks rather more than 6 percent. Isn't it more akin to 20%?

Lords: New IR35 off-payroll tax rules 'riddled with problems, unfairnesses, unintended consequences'


Why would you not re-employ someone that has done a successful piece of work for you, and that you can therefore trust rather more than an unknown?

Companies buy equipment etc. from the same companies for years. Why can the same not be true of services?

Britain's courts lurch towards Skype and conference calls for trials as COVID-19 distancing kicks in


Re: https://jitsi.org/

Is that good, or bad?

Tech won't save you from lockdown disaster: How to manage family and free time while working from home


Re: re: maximum distance of 200m

I thought that they specifically left their outside stuff open, so that it can be used for walk. The inside stuff is closed..

Theranos vampire lives on: Owner of failed blood-testing biz's patents sues maker of actual COVID-19-testing kit


Re: That $11,000 valve story

They look very similar to some parts made by the company I work for (also a medical devices company). The plastic parts are often single-use and therefore cheap, but one is needed for each patient. The expensive bit is the ventilator to drive them.

Google: You know we said that Chrome tracker contained no personally identifiable info? Yeah, about that...


Re: Why is anybody expecting privacy?

> (like the compelling nothing-to-hide argument)

How is in any way compelling? Everyone, absolutely everyone, has stuff that they want to hide from someone.

Beware, Tesla might take away your car's autopilot if you buy its vehicles from third party dealerships – plus more news


I can only agree - it must reduce the resale value of the car, and so make it worth less in the first place.

No horrific butterfly keys on this keyboard, just you and your big, dumb fingers


Re: Chorded keyboards

I had one (an AgendA), and I don't remember typing with it in my pocket, but I could use it at night without turning on the lights. I would really like a Bluetooth version of that keyboard. Sadly, the only one that I know used LED output, so not useful these days.

What if everyone just said 'Nah' to tracking?


Re: Firefox, clear all cookies on exit, except for a very short whitelist

For your last comment - many, many of us. I still miss Tab Mix Plus.

Having trouble finding a job in your 40s? Study shows some bosses like job applicants... up until they see dates of birth


Re: I prefer to hire older people, but...

Or just as good - I'm older, and working with younger people who have different ideas. It is brilliant. I'm learning new stuff, and passing on some of my stuff at the same time.

Google tightens the screw on 'less secure apps', will block most access from June 2020


Re: Am I being thrown into the dustbin of history?

Do you have any suggestions as to a reasonable host? After all, they could be as bad as Google.


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