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Intel's 7nm is busted, chips delayed, may have to use rival foundries to get GPUs out for US govt exascale super


I agree. We dont want the reverese of the past decade with AMD struggling so much Intel could price how they wanted.

Its been great having AMD challenge Intel and their Ryzen range is doing really well but eventually AMD will hike prices if they are outperforming Intel by so much.

Already shown with the odd 3000XT release.

Linus Torvalds drops Intel and adopts 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper on personal PC


Re: AMD vs. Intel: War Games v3.0

Agree, Intel were superior for a long time but have now been pegged back by AMD. I owned an Athlon back then but then switched to Intel with the core duos and have bought Intel since but now I would seriously consider a Ryzen Cpu as my next one. Also agree on GPU just hope AMD can release something to compete with Nvidia on the top end as Nvidia prices are crazy right now but no one to compete with them.


Re: AMD vs. Intel: War Games v3.0

Umm before Ryzen that was not the case but thankfully AMD have released a very good product and now have Intel at a disadvantage which they are now utilising well. Very good for the market.

The previous 10 years though Intel have been superior so I don't think you can say they had the superior product during that time at all and were just the underdogs.

AMD takes a bite out of Intel's PC market share across Europe amid microprocessor shortages, rising Ryzen


AMD Driver support...

Exactly and in my past experience AMD driver support has been awful! Issues with deployment and software bugs are much more prevalent in AMD products. If however they have improved on these along with the improved CPU hardware then yes it will be more viable for companies to move to AMD products. Only in 2016 I tried rolling out some AMD servers and PCs for a firm and they were just awful in terms of product software, hardware and support.

All that Samsung users found on UK website after weird Find my Mobile push notification was... other people's details


Re: Australia too

Site seems down at the moment although I did manage to reset my password it was throwing some odd messages when I was putting a new random password in.

AMD rips covers off 64-core Threadripper desktop monster, plus laptop chips, leaving Intel gesturing vaguely at 2021


Re: AMD must be more broad in software support

Latest earnings from Intel show a 50-50 split between Desktop/Laptop revenue and Datacenter revenue of all kinds. So actually its very balanced and AMD doing better in the consumer market will better them for the enterprise and large corp/governments. No one has trusted AMD for a decade and that takes time to recapture even with very good products because Intel have such a huge market share and are making billions in all markets.

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it


One answer is Stardock Start10

I've used this Windows 8 came out and Microsoft went from the best start menu and search in Win7 and removed it all for tiles and awful search in Win8.

It uses a local search and the classic Win7 start menu and has some really good customisation options. It's only $5 which although is annoying to have buy something that should be standard or an option in the OS it's definitely worth all the time saved trying to use the default menu.

Overall I really like Win10 and I have used it since release but I do wish they'd go back or fix the start menu to make it useful again.

Brits may still be struck by Lightning, but EU lawmakers vote for bloc-wide common charging rules


Apple's fault

Most manufacturers have striven to make a standard across the industry to save on costs, not rip customers off and help the environment.

Apple on the other hand continue to charge £20 for a cable because they made it a "special" Apple one! They made $24b on accessories of all sorts because they purposely make it hard to use other products or connect their products to other devices.

Need 32-bit Linux to run past 2038? When version 5.6 of the kernel pops, you're in for a treat


Re: Can someone...

This is exactly my question. 64-bit computing has been around for 20 years and yet we still haven't managed to move over completely! Software is still developed in 32-bit.

Hopefully by 2038 everyone will be running 64-bit only software (but i wouldnt bet on it).

AMD really, really wants you to know its chips are doing OK without any help from Intel and its supply issues


Re: For once, its not just spin

I disagree somewhat there as most Intel CPU single core performance is still better than AMD. Also Intel have matched core count. However what AMD have done well is match very well on price. Often 20-30% cheaper on comparable chips is really good for the competition in the market and with better more power efficient chips coming from AMD they will continue to improve and match Intel which means cheaper pricing and better choices for us customers.

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program


Re: Good, good.

This is so true and I'd forgotten that. Everyone forgets that yes we are soon not to be part of the EU but that actually we had negotiated all sorts of different rules for ourselves including the fact we could deport EU nationals. We actually had a pretty decent deal that we'd negotiated over the past few decades.

We weren't under all the EU stipulations yet had all the benefits. Funny too think that now.

Virtual reality is a bonkers fad that no one takes seriously but anyway, here's someone to tell us to worry about hackers


No one wants to see me playing beatsaber...

I recently bought an Oculus Rift S after many years of waiting to see what VR could bring. Answer is = its getting there, slowly.

Games have improved a lot since I last tried VR but I can see how this is still a niche market. It is growing and maturing as hardware and software improves, as with any tech. I can't see hackers getting much out of hacking though, they will get to see a very sweaty me playing Beatsaber, no one wants that.

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January?


Re: "Although it is not unreasonable...

This is the thing in your opinion and in the minds of others win10 is a downgrade. However 60% or so dont agree and I am one of them. Win10 is a significant improvement in many ways over Win7 both in enterprise and at home.


Boy people really do not like change do they? I've been using Win10 since release and it by far surpasses Win7 both in performance and UI along with so many other things.

Overall Microsoft don't make this stuff for free and cannot continue supporting ageing software forever. Other vendors do the same Google, Apple etc they push and force upgrades in fact even more heavily than Microsoft yet Microsoft get slammed for it. 10 years Win7 has been supported and that is a good amount of time for an OS that you may have purchased through OEM or separately back then.

I loved Win7 too in its day but its had its time and it's time to let go as change is inevitable in tech as in life.


Its no different to moving to Android 9 from 4. Google and Apple and any paid OS vendor force updates like Microsoft does.

Long-term Linux Mint: 19.3 release unchains the Gimp, adds HiDPI, is kind to your older, less-beefy kit


Re: Introduction to Linux for Windows refugees

Because there is good and bad in both Windows and Linux. The nice thing these days is that its easy to try all the options and see for yourself. I'm a Windows guy mainly through work and gaming but I've been interested in Linux lately with Microsoft looking at more open source services and collaboration between both worlds. This is even more true in the cloud with Azure and AWS.

Overall I've had my fair share of issues in the past with Windows but since I built my current PC in 2017 I've had very little issues. Even with the endless Windows upgrade cycle which I delay as much as possible i.e. until Microsoft has fixed everything on a release a year later.

This Mint version looks very interesting and I'll give it a try and see how it runs on my custom PC.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Who had the best year in cloud in 2019?


Re: Most Cost Metrics Do Not Take In The Entire Cloud IT Expense Impact On Savings

Then companies will really need to accept they need to fully trust the know-how from the vendors and cloud providers and quite honestly having worked with some of these vendors on behalf of my previous company they can be very difficult in terms of their know-how, care for your business and ripping your company off.

I think its very wise to keep some sort of internal IT management with the knowledge needed for your company because cloud scaling is the same as on-premise scaling you just aren't faced with the hardware directly.

Log us out: Private equity snaffles Lastpass owner LogMeIn


Re: Google

I had a look at password managers too but could not bring myself to pay for one. I use Chrome and I know it's probably not the safest but its not like google are just handing the keys over to people.

What I dont understand is whats the difference between Chrome and say lastpass? KeePass is local only? But then how do you get passwords when logging into your phone say?

Canada's .ca supremo in hot water after cyber-smut stash allegedly found on his work Mac ‒ and three IT bods fired


It's very unprofessional

No matter who, where or at which company you should never save nude, porn or anything of a sexual nature to your work computer. It's not a matter of legality but it is a matter of HR processes, professionalism and quite honestly decency.

I've worked in IT for 20 years and I have had to deal with similar situations and in most of them the person with the porn got the sack! This is in the UK.


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