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German hacker-tool law snares...no-one


@ Dangerous Stauble's Act

I'm entirely in favor of a dangerous dog act. There's simply no justification to own an animal bred or trained for attack. While dogs may still continue to bite children, you entirely ignore that there is a difference in frequency overall, a difference in frequency of unprovoked bites, a difference in the severity of a dog biting once or twice defensively and one actively looking to harm or disable a person.

Perhaps the owner of the animal had no intent, but then it was unreasonable to own it. If you have no intent to fire a gun, do you load it with bullets and point it? If you fire the gun but didn't aim at anyone in particular, but you are in a crowded area and someone gets hit, aren't you a bit to blame and isn't it fair to say the gun should be taken away from someone who would do this?

An individual's rights have to be tempered by the rights of others to a bit of safety. I do not feel this safety from bodily harm is equivalent to safety from hacking a computer in the vast majority of cases so in the meantime I will take comfort in knowing I am a lot less likely to be attacked by a dog.

Bing passes Yahoo! in Google runner-up stakes


But For All The Wrong Reasons

Someone types something other than a URL in their browser pane and where do they end up? Bing.

Which is the only search service that's been paying cash back on product purchases that have nothing to do with MS? Bing.

Not so sure "popular" is the right word.

HP Pavillion dv2 AMD Neo notebook

Thumb Down


I'll never understand the thinking behind such poor designs. A downsized, performance reduced, ultraportable that can't do the one thing an ultraportable needs to, run for at least a couple hours per charge still after you've owned it a year.

I completely disagree with the suggestion in the review that if one test causes 81 minutes, we can wildly assume 3 hours otherwise. What use is there that isn't running the screen, Vista itself constantly hammers a hard drive with prefetching and auto-defrag let alone the bloated files it really is running, and you can't even browse the 'net these days without needing to view a few pages with flash content because people forgot how to design a website properly.

Simply playing an SD movie on this you probably can't even watch one of typical length due to insufficient battery capacity. I mean after you've had it a few months, battery capacity when brand new is a bit beside the point as it is brand new only once.

Note to employers: Better sex = happier workers


They needed to study this?

Doing things that make us happy, makes us happy? Who would've thunk it?

MS warns of bumper patch batch


Linux IS Perfect

Linux is perfect in not being a target. Doesn't matter if there is a flaw or three when nobody is trying to exploit it.

Russia stings Microsoft with monopoly case


@ Try Actually Licensing Your OS

There's this thing called math. Roughly 142 million people live in Russia. A few might not run windows, but several are likely to own more than one system running windows so let's call it one license for each of the 15%.

That's 21.3 million.

Nevermind that the number with legit licenses is bound to be far higher than 15% because a legit license comes with most OEM PCs, most people do not build their own. Granted, many of these people will want the current OS, or at least think they do until they have to deal with the mess that Vista is on a daily basis.

Man accused of arranging wife's rape on Craigslist


Quality Police Work?

The police aren't releasing the victim's name to conceal her identity, BUT they have released her husband's name. That's a stroke of genius, that's what it is.

US Federal Trade Commission shuts down ISP


Can't feel sorry

Can't feel sorry for "legit", meaning innocent, clients with domains on their servers, as they didn't bother to research who they were doing business with and helped scumbags profit even more. So they lose their site for a brief period, a period they should have used initially to find a more upstanding host.

Teens rate top tech brands

Paris Hilton


Why do we care? They are online and can't resist peer pressure, whatever is advertised well and gaind momentum among peers wins. Witness iPod.

Paris, because she has no clue, so throwing money at a problem must be an iSolution.

Firefox users flip out over sneak MS add-on


WHAT Did You Expect?

MS was known to do these kinds of things with their updates, if you have no problem using your system do not update it except for very specific patches that you understand to be required for your particular use of a system.

IOW, if you use firefox, do not install every IE patch that comes down the pike. If you aren't interested in DotNet functionality in your browser, don't install any DotNet patch until you're using something else requiring that DotNet level.

I do agree though, MS had no business altering 3rd party software in any way without specific user agreement, it is not enough that it be in a EULA because they release so many patches we'd be reading for days, the value of our time already exceeding the cost of the OS.

I don't think it was malicious though, only arrogant and another sign they have an interest in keeping web technology MS-centric, they want the world to develop DotNet and Silverlight instead of open tech, the same as they wanted the world to develop anything for IE or windows in general.

We let them do it. Just look at all the 'nix snobs that only suggest others run linux, but they don't provide the grass level peep support people had when windows was gaining momentum. With n00b windows users, if John Doe asked in a forum, "How do I see how much free space my hard drive has in Windows", someone would tell him. With n00b 'nix users, if John Doe asked the same question he'd get chastised or at best told something in geek-speak instead of plain and THOROUGH help.

In the Linux community there is this idea that new users are supposed to muck their way through getting a system up and running correctly instead of realize Linux is of no use if it doesn't start out running correctly so the user can remain productive while slowly learning more about the OS their machine runs.

To put it another way, do something basic like install Ubuntu on a laptop. Oops, no networking, seems a wrapper is needed for certain very popular network chips. Now what? System is a paperweight as you have to have a 2nd one to find a solution, but people only say "use a wrapper", they don't go through every single step nor is it automated.

Computers are supposed to do our work for us, not make us learn yet another discipline so we can devolve backwards to doing things manually.

I went on this rant to show the inherent problem, there is a balance needed between what the OS and Apps developers and peer support do for us, and what intervention we want control over. Linux does too little, Windows too much.

Ford crushes half-price hybrid hoax

Paris Hilton

@ The Oscar debate!

DarkHorseDre, different cars for different markets. Americans tend to drive further distances so they'll not want to be couped up in a tiny automobile for the longer period of time. It's easy to pay a premium for a tiny car then turn around and say it has higher performance. Of course it would, the key thing to remember is ideally it is a buyers market, anyone can buy the car they choose. It has nothing to do with being strict, call it a luxury if you like but we don't have narrow streets and not so many twists and turns, hills, don't have a need to make a dozen more clones of smaller cars we can import if we wanted them.

It's not hard to claim a more efficient 4 cyclinder engine, but it loses perspective. In the States they aren't trying to tweak them for performance because it's the low-end, money saving option, plus on average the cars are larger and heavier so of course they'll get worse fuel economy. Instead of tweaking a 4 cylinder for a smaller car, they'll tweak a 6 cylinder for a larger car when people are willing to pay for high performance.

All else being equal to get the same performance from the 4 cylinder you're running higher compression ratios or RPMs, either of which will wear out the engine faster. The reason that on average, larger engines are used, is because on average, the cars are heavier and larger. Low end torque can be an important engine feature while still retaining engine lifespan.

The States also have strict standards on emissions and have not only required catalytic converters on all automobiles, many states require e-checks, emissions tests that ensure the vehicle's emission control system is working properly rather than modified or in need of repair. It is hard to understand an attempt at contrasting US and European cars without knowing US cars have catalytic converters.

Obama is destroying the auto industry, both in the governmental proposals for bailout terms where they take socialist control of the industry, and insistence that automakers bare an even larger expense for extreme fuel economy as well as implementing a shift to electric vehicles which the infrastructure and the average working class consumer income cannot support.

It is true that the low price of gas in the US has a large effect, but it is not superiority to be stuck with high gas prices and have to scramble for a way to deal with it. Even so, in the US one of the most popular cars now is a Toyota Corolla which has fairly good gas mileage. Ultimately the US citizens believe in freedom of choice. If they want larger less efficient cars that are engineered to cost less than they otherwise would, they are entitled to choose them. Could it be a little bit of jealousy when people from another land think they should settle for higher gas prices and smaller cars?

Lastly, who really cares about performance? Who really needs to drive with the gas pedal to the floor? If they aren't flooring it, they had reserve performance still that they didn't need. High performance tiny engines avoid the issue of progress. It is not progress to stuff a person into as small a metal container as possible.

Paris, because she realizes it's not just the destination that counts, it's how you get there.


@ Cheers!

Not so cheap Oscar, because they travel greater distances, would need to drive TWO cars instead of one due to limited capacity in one car (including buying or maintaining another as well as insurance), meaning a bigger garage or more parking fees, and of course there's the other issue people living in Europe don't seem to understand.

Like it or not, traffic accidents are a part of life. When 2/3rds of the automobiles around you are SUVs, full sized pickup trucks and minivans, it's just not safe to drive a tiny car that would get squashed like a bug in an impact with one of these full framed heavy large vehicles.

Further, you cannot see around them in a tiny vehicle as you sit too low and when driving in the center of your lane more of your peripheral vision is blocked by them being wider. In some driving situations you really need to at least sit high enough that you can see around the tapering passenger compartment instead of the wider body of the vehicle. Plus, in smaller cars you're less likely to be seen.

Now let's talk about what happens in an impact. Small car ends up UNDER the SUV in many cases because the SUV suspension doesn't cause it to dip as much under braking, and the tapered nose and rear of many modern small cars causes the SUV to run up on top. Accidents aren't cheap.

On the other hand if you wanted to drive something in a sane sized car, the US already has those including a demand driven supply of European cars of all appropriate sizes.

The thing I can't understand is why it is important to have the efficiency with such a significant detraction. If you really want to be efficient why are you using electricity commenting on the internet?

Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan


@ Chris C

At the tender age of 17 it is hardly a career yet.

Mutilate would be any surgery that is not meant to improve health or restore one to their intended physical state (for example taking an appendix out, disfigurement from a fire or car accident).

On the other hand, every now and then I hear rumblings from the tin foil hat crowd that today women have breasts larger than they were supposed to be due to drinking too much milk from scientifically tweaked cows.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Why'd I have to go and talk about drinking milk in a topic about big boobs? I'll be getting my coat...

PC-pwning infection hits 30,000 legit websites


Noscript Still A Good Measure

There are some easy choices that allow noscript to remain fairly effective. Even if you allowed a script from a trusted site because it was obvious the functionality of the site was missing without it, once you were redirected to the other site you have no reason to allow scripting there, no reason to allow scripting from another 3rd party site, nor a reason to install rogue anti-virus software from a popup window.

Microsoft's Google challenger is not a search engine


Remember It's MS

Bing is obviously the sound an old cash register makes when it opens so a cashier can take payment. Highly appropriate considering MS' decision to try and pay people to use Live Search via their CashBack program, that it irks them to no end that it isn't the other way around yet and that even Yahoo isn't willing to help for a fair buyout price.

Critical Windows vulnerability under attack, Microsoft warns

Gates Horns

Linux Isn't The Answer

If enough people start running 'nix, crackers will just start targeting it too. Enjoy your exclusive club boys, the worst thing for you is to get every lame user out there on the boat. Pretty soon they'd have to dumb down the interface and sprinkle large rainbox colored boxes and wizards into it, push self-destructing updates and start charging more through OEMs to support all these less savvy users.

OEMs then have to pay more for people that know more than clicking a mouse in windows which raises the OEM cost to nearly what it is with windows since MS nearly gives it away to OEMs.

Things are the way they are for a reason, there is balance in the world it's just not an OS market share balance.

British court backs eBay piracy stance


So what's new?

ebay being the equivalent of a bazaar, you just need to remain mindful of what kinds of items are likely to be counterfeit, and whether it being counterfeit could be a problem per your use of the product. Flash cards and USB drives in particular aren't something you'd want to buy on ebay, an ebay seller cannot much if at all undercut a major supplier for such things, particular since memory density keeps rising so old stock costs more, not less per GB.

You also have to always take a description of "new" with a grain of salt. Could mean looks new, could mean didn't keep using it after it was tried out, could mean manufacturer reject, later deemed defective, formerly new product returned by customer for refund, unused but sat on a shelf aging when it has a finite lifespan (batteries, capacitors, printer ink cartridges, etc), or the most pathetic excuse of all ... "I didn't use it and claim I don't know of anyone using it and it doesn't look old so it must be new." "Oh, nevermind that the box was opened and some parts are missing, I never claimed you'd get anything other than what was pictured regardless of what always come with the new full product."

Keeping these things in mind, there are still a few good values to be had on ebay. Leave negative feedback any time you encounter a situation you wish you knew about before making the purchase, and be sure to read the feedback other customers have left.

Virgin space mothership test details posted online


Scaled.com Website Homepage Now Links Tests

... as titled

Pirate-pursuing lawyers get DDo$ money transfer slap


@ Fraser

If TPB had started responding to takedown notices, which they were deliberately not equipped to handle, there would be a prompt storm of takedown notices that they definitely weren't able to handle if they'd wanted to. That's not excusing or condemning them, it is what it is and if it didn't exist someone else would fill their shoes.

It does all seem a bit childish though, if they cost the law firm a few bucks before they shut the account or whatever else is necessary it is not as though the firm won't have other work to make up the difference, it is good for a chuckle and that's about all.

Russia raises fare for NASA's Soyuz rocket rides


If they don't know what a contract is...

Obviously a contract doesn't mean much, the US should just scrap the whole thing and put the money into accelerating their program.

Kanye West doesn't have a f***ing Twitter, OK?

Paris Hilton

But what if?

What if there is not only one man in the world named "Kanye West"? I can see if someone represents themself as the supposed celebrity but what if they just have the same name and followed his work because of the coincidence? What if their screen name is Kanye West Faker?

The point is, on a website that does not authenticate identity, only fools would trust they are speaking to a celebrity because the name resembles one IRL, making it fairly irrelevant what goes on there. Granted, it'll take a few court cases to work out the logistics of all this but it has to happen sooner or later.

Paris, because an imitation can be better than the real thing.

Intel's record fine will lead to civil suits, says expert


@ europe must be desperate for money

First, "Europe" is not a company, let alone a single nation. It is entirely reasonable for them to offer minimal, albeit slow, action against Intel's practices.

Did you consider that if companies like Intel are doing this, that's a large part of why someone else can't compete, that they have deprofitized competitive actions to the point where a competitive startup would be quite difficult. Look at nVidia, their foot is in the door and even they can't keep a straight face and vie for 4th place after Via.

The notion that all the smart people leave Europe is absurd, except to the extent that those most talented, given the will to do so, will go to where the work is which brings us back to square one - Intel's behavior making competition difficult for a startup to succeed at all, even AMD's bottom line shows as much despite having a close enough price:performance parody, sometimes even an advantage, in the high volume lower end market segment.

Pirate Win 7 ruse used to build botnet


@ WTF?! Morons! & LOL

Connections to MS' server were sporadic and slow. Getting a torrent was maxing out the internet connection. Apparently you don't realize how well P2P works when you have a large swarm.

@ LOL, I really didn't care what was hokey, who runs a beta for more than a glimpse at the OS anyway? If it installs and runs the network monitoring would've caught any bot-like activity and neutered it. For the few hours "trial" it was better to just get it quick, it's not like there was any substantial risk, no new MS OS would ever be granted access to stored data, the local network, or anything else of consequence regardless of whether it came from MS or 3rd party <cough>WHS</cough>. The situation is the same, the relevant issues are not present if someone is diligent in their awareness of what is going on with the system (or as another person smartly suggested, that's what checksums are for, to verify integrity).

Lexmark T650DN mono workgroup laser printer

Paris Hilton


Regarding being big, it was erroneously suggested that is bad.

Bigger size, even if all else were equal which it seldom is, is a very desirable thing.

Bigger means lesser size limitations for gears, springs, plastic tabs, fuser heat dissipation, drum and cartridge size, etc, etc. Smaller means higher heat density, tighter paper path,

In other words, only a stupid fool thinks smaller is better unless it's on an airplane or in some economized oriental hotel slat. This printer was not designed to fit within your back pocket wearing spandex jeans, it was designed to do well as a printer.

Do realize I am not shilling Lexmark, I would rather buy from most other manufacturers than those toner and ink whoring bassturds, but at the same time we need to stop perpetuating the idiotic idea that smaller is better unless you live in a shoebox.

Smaller is never better when it comes to anything mechanical, if all else is equal then smaller is always, always, a negative thing. Especially so when talking about a 2nd element, how much paper will bend in the printer before it remains permanently more curled that you wanted a flat piece of paper to be.

If you want some small cheap junk printer by all means buy one. If you want something not so problematic, you want the largest size per dollar you can find. Per page printing cost is another story, subject to more than one variable like toner capacity, cost whether the drum is integral or not, whether a cartridge is user-refillable, etc.

These things weren't mentioned though, my comment is only addressing detrimental ideal that we are supposed to want smaller as if it is good when it is exactly the problem and thing to avoid.

Paris, because even if you don't live in Texas, smaller is less of a good thing more often than not.

Google beefs health record lobby

Paris Hilton

There's Always A Motivator

It wasn't so long ago in real time but a century on the 'net that Google coined the phrase "do no evil". Why would they need to preemptively state such a thing? Does your favorite supermarket have a catchy phrase like "No rotten food we won't screw you like that"? Seems they were formulating a strategy all along and we sheep happily gobbled down whatever they wanted to feed us.

Mark my words. Google is a bigger problem than MS in the long term. Not just their hidden motivations but as much the precedent they set for everyone else to follow. Information wants to be *free* but there will always be those who put their efforts into ways to use it against you instead of trying to be constructive.

Thanks but no thanks Google, we already had more than enough special interest money flowing through Washington. Want to keep track and publish something Google? Keep track of that.

Paris, because despite appearances what you reveal can end up biting you in the ass.

Pink-slipped sysadmin admits to threatening ex-employer's network


@ Sticks and stones...

There's nothing bizarre about breaking extortion laws, getting caught at it, and winding up in the slammer. It doesn't have much to do with IT except the fellow's former job placement and the means with which a threat of damage would be carried out.

Seagate's Barracuda goes low-power


@ Lamboy

Actually no, a hard drive could consume 200W and be more reliable than today's are, it would simply have to be engineered to do so with reliability in mind, instead of penny-pinching budgetization. "Green" is no more than a marketing term when they find a way to do something cheaper, or with relatively minor expense.

There is no reason to think failure rate differs, if they don't replace the parts (subcomponents) that fail at higher rates. That's kinda why I made the comment in the first place.

Paris Hilton

I could care less

Given a computer consuming dozens of watts, and data that may be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars or more, the last thing on my mind is whether a drive is exceptionally quiet vs a typical noise level, or exceptionally power efficient vs a typical power level.

It's offensive that they want to tell us want we should have instead of putting ALL efforts into longevity. Let it consume 4X the power of anything else if it lasts longer. Let it sound like a hair-dryer too, those with important data will just chuck it into a fileserver if these things matter, away from our ears.

Green is not about reducing the power consumption of things that never used much power in the first place. Green is about the waste of hardware, power and time to recover when something fails.

Seagate, don't bother with this nonsense, extend your warranty and back it with free data recovery for 7+ years if you are serious about quality. Why wouldn't you if you are doing more than using reliability as a marketing point?

Paris, because she gets that words are cheap.

It's US vs Europe as world e-car plug standard race nears end


Relax Fellows

The charging system is modular, it's really quite irrelevant if there are two plugs. Note there are often more than one seat color, engine, and myriad other options on a car. The thing of primary importance is that within a region using the same charging standard, plugs on all vehicles in that region are the same.

Adobe turns on to Flash TVs


Hey Adobe!

We're already blocking Flash on PCs, how much do you plan on subsidizing our TVs to get us to put up with Flash on them?

Homeless Frank and Microsoft's cookie-cutter PC campaign


What did you expect?

They already had world domination, it's not as though they need to find a compelling reason to make people choose their OS when it comes on most computers sold.

This isn't marketing, it's more like a friendly reminder that they are holding practically all the cards.

Universal Music chief renews commitment to P2P battle



What was he supposed to say, they're going to give up trying to keep people from getting product for free?

It's a PR release, they still don't know WTF they need to do to regain same profits they've enjoyed for years, largely because there isn't anything they can do now that the information sharing age is in full effect except trim their fat and try to find some artists we're willing to pay $1 /track for online.

Verizon to prosecute anons for communications sabotage


Give It Time

Maybe in a year or two we'll see pics of the perps on Google Streetview, blurred faces and all. You have to wonder though, if these fiber optic links were so important why did they only secure them with a manhole cover needing a special tool instead of a proper lock? Weather concerns?

Pirate Bay server becomes museum artefact


Extremely Clever

Those clever pirates, moving their servers one by one to the museum where nobody will think to check whether they're still tracking torrents.

NASA rejects democracy, names ISS node 'Tranquility'


Wrong Name

At least give our alien overloads truth in advertising and call it Potted Meat.

Google money machine defies common sense


@ Pay Per Click

Dave you've overlooked the momentum Google has, who do you think is the middleman for these article, blog, social site ads? They may reach critical mass eventually but in doing so they become the only game in town for anyone with a large advertising budget so they secure at least a sustainable profit model at wherever they end up when the advertising market settles.

Look at their competition, a fledgling yahoo and the company trying to buy them, a company who has been paying people to use their search service.

AMD ATI Radeon HD 4890


@ Dave

Dell isn't in the business of selling PSU at retail, and tests true PSU capacity from it's suppliers. Therefore, what you're getting with a Dell PSU rated for 350W tends to be one that's actually capable of it, and the whole integrated system also tested to be lower consumption which makes sense as you wouldn't expect a quad core box with a 3650 in it to reach 275W peak, let alone 350W.

Typical power requirements cited by video card manufacturers are to shift the burden and expense of instable equipment to the owner, how easily they can tell someone to throw more money at a problem because there are so many PSU out there that don't live up to their ratings.

On the other hand, a modern system with a 4870 or 90 video card in it ought to have higher than 350W PSU powering it, but if/when the day comes that Dell integrated (term loosely used, not meaning soldered onto the mainboard) these 4890 into systems they will provide a beefy enough PSU to at least handle the one installed card even if it cannot support Crossfire.

DARPA: Give us solar cells you can use to build stuff


What's The Holdup?

What are they waiting on? Vacuum deposit the solar cells onto the plane skin and produce long battery tubes you weld into a frame. This is entirely do-able right now, are they holding out just to try and find even more weight reduction or did they expect custom manufacturing at the cost of a pack of AA cells? It's a government agency, the requirement to spend bucket loads of money is there even if it could've been done cheaply, so the main issue seems to be making it cost even more by drawing out the process until people are screaming and throwing even more money at them to finish up already.

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases


What's The Fuss?

Vista costs more, runs slower, brings nothing to the table they need. It'd be dense to switch and therefore makes perfect sense to rein in the puppets that feel compelled to switch over because the latest isn't necessarily the greatest. Less is more.

Elgato Turbo.264 HD hi-def H.264 encoder


@ Antidisestablishmentarianist

Yes, only an iLoon would pay so much for a USB dongle that DOESN'T do much of the encoding leaving the host system still highly occupied, instead of reusing the old parts you have left over after using that money to upgrade or start a new build.

This device is simply madness. Might as well totally soft encode on a quad core system. Que it up at low priority level and forget about it, a hardware encoder isn't all that good if it's not doing all the hardware encoding.

Windows Home Server fixes bugs with Power Pack 2


@ Robert Taylor

With more flexibility, you have more chances to make your own mistakes.

Kit without the windows tax is inherently less expensive, what you do with that kit is your decision, informed people know you can run new systems using less power and have it cheaper, it is not a choice of shiney new WHS versus some old box.

Oh, and you are deluded. my 30W single-drive fileserver is modern, but even my gaming rig doesn't use close to 350W so get your facts straight.

eBay scammers work unpatched weaknesses in Firefox, IE

Paris Hilton

This is a real risk?

Who bids on something that reads "Email the seller to buy this item"?

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Google Earth faces terrorist target airbrush bill


he's right

Terrorists and other criminals will definitely use google earth, it will help them plan and execute their plots. It might even give some that are too lazy or dumb to do it another way, the motivation they need to do something they wouldn't have otherwise.

The counterargument is true as well, someone sufficiently motivated and organized can get the info they need another way. The question is the same as always, how much do we limit our modern conveniences so they won't be used against us? I for one would find the loss of Google earth saddening, but bearable because it hasn't been around in so much glory for very long, we're still reasonably accustomed to doing things other ways. Take away my car or gun on the other hand and it's a day late for that.

Obama taps net neut for FCC post

Black Helicopters

@ Faults

That's what any good political figure will do, play the angel until in a position where they can do real damage.

Samsung notebook-not-netbook gets VIA Nano CPU


@ HD Capable

You're missing the point, even if it had enough pixels at 12" screen size to display HD res., you'd not be able to discriminate that much detail at that pixel pitch.

What is instead important, is that it have the hardware accelerated ability to run HD video resolutions realtime, then resampled to native screen resolution, so you're not re-encoding everything to a lower resolution just to get it to play on your netbook-performance-level ultraportable.

Microsoft plays with small, sleepy servers


Don't Buy The Hype

When using a more powerful processor, ALSO capable of low powered sleep states, you eliminate the redundancy of having to power all those mainboards.

It's not terribly hard to come up with dual core mobile laptop CPUs that have 4X the performance and use less than 3X the power because they're using only the one chipset and other support parts per board. Similarly, if you have a higher proportion of 12V current, you can make use of optimized 12V-only PSU for that rail increasing efficiency over the all-in-one ATX counterparts that have to balance several disproportionately loaded rails.

What's the real story here? MS interest in several times as many server licenses.


@ Allan

Actually, the article noted the only fan present is on the processor, but looking at the pictures and considering we know the CPU uses less power you are probably correct that use of something other than the 945 chipset would marginally reduce operating power.

You wouldn't want a much smaller fan though, reduce the fan size much and you get into issues of reliability, actually a large reasonably thick (20mm or more) slow spining fan, all else being equal, would use no more power, would be most reliable and able to cool either chipset with only enough current to begin spinning, but they'd have to plan ahead instead of using the stock cooling solutions. Either way the fan could run at well under 100mA, not so much an issue if using these fans eliminates the need for external fans. The real qestion is if this is effective at all relative to building channels with one fan at the top of each stack and a larger passive heatsink on the chipset. One larger fan would tend to be more efficient and reduce recycling of heatsink exhaust, pushing the heated air much further away at great rate than an open stack alone would do it.

Overall the whole project seems to be more about using off the shelf PC parts than fitness for any particular goal.

Intel refutes SSD slowdown accusation


@ Ricky H

That solution will result in the slowdown, if it were present at all previously, at the point of 80% of the 75% sized partition (even sooner than not doing it).

Three hospital worm infection dubbed 'substantive failure'


No two ways about it.

A static system, doing the exact same job day-in, day-out, should never need security settings changed or patches applied. Windows is clearly not the right OS for the job and if their software won't run on it, what do you want to bet that someone would jump at the chance to write the software needed to keep a frikkin hospital running?

It was not caused by any management or IT person there through their actions or inactions, there should be no need to babysit the OS, except of course they picked the wrong one.

IT starts with a solid foundation, not with a bunch of guys holding tools trying to prop up something that keeps falling down regardless of whether we'd like to blame malware authors as they aren't anything new in this world.

Memo to Microsoft: Enough with the SKUed Windows



You're essentially arguing in favor of Vista for the sake of? Apparently your whole argument revolves around using Vista instead of picking the right OS for the tasks, and the machine the OS would be installed upon.

It's somewhat of a joke to run Vista on 1GB memory, just the background processes, a few Explorer windows open, plus IE, and you suddenly have insufficient memory to do something fairly basic like scanning a document at good resolution. That would make no sense today with DDR2 memory selling for $10USD/GB.

As for the drive space, quite a few netbooks use solid state storage, and more definitely will in the future because it's becoming less expensive, uses less power, is more reliable, and allows for a significantly smaller form factor. The main limitation is then capacity, what sense is there in having an OS take up more space than would be necessary to support the features the user needs? Remember, the OS is a means towards the end, not the goal in itself.