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World's first proper flying car makes debut flight

Jeremy French

Too easy?

Surely the airstrip is a bit of a formality. If you have a long, empty straight road. Wouldn’t the temptation be a little too much. More to the point, isn’t that what flying cars are for:


“slow moving traffic detected in five miles, would you like to reroute around of above?”

One year on, what became of Ofcom's spectrum sale?

Jeremy French
Gates Horns

Personal Use

£60K for a regional licence is in the rich kids toy range. Surely some rich geek would like a slice of spectrum in their local for personal use.

TV's iPod moment?

Jeremy French

Channel Surfing

"Nor does the idle, semi-attentive consumption of small television clips, impatiently shuffled and skipped through, really sound like plausible viewer behaviour any time soon."

Isn't this precisely what (some) kids do while watching TV?


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