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We'd love to come up with a Harbor container ship pun but we're too corona-frazzled. Version 2.0 is out


reverse proxy?

No solution for running behind reverse proxy... I'll stick with Nexus for time being. All this cert stuff is too hard, let the network guys take care of it.

Former Googler Anthony Levandowski ‘fesses up to pinching trade secrets about self-driving cars


Ahoy me hardees! Happened all the time in the 80s/90s in the US

It was a matter of course. Go in as a tech, rise to management, leave the company and start your own company, taking all the customer contacts and the employees and their security clearances... they simply plundered it like pirates and was what getting ahead was about. Many a high-flying technology company's pretty steel and glass buildings around silicon valley are now plowed over and replaced by townehomes.

Who's got my back(up)? Rival schools Trilio and Portworx battle it out for those Kubernetes bucks


Dullest conference I've ever been to...

at least it was cheap.


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