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DoE digs up molten salt nuclear reactor tech, taps Los Alamos to lead the way back


Re: The science is easily understood

You mean Political spine... that form of life hasn't been seen since Truman fired MacArthur.


Where to Begin

Wait... you want the DOE to do... WORK!? Is there any particular century or decade you'd like those results in? The world is already AWASH in studies on liquid salt reactors: Why more seat cushion fodder?

Dust off the 1950's and 60's plans, update them and BUILD ONE!

In the immortal words of Monty Python: GET ON WITH IT!

Engineers on the brink of extinction threaten entire tech ecosystems


While asking for 'X-Years of service' was prevalent, it took one 13th amendment lawsuit, and rightly so, to make the practice illegal.

Indentured servitude is slavery.


Too Late

By the time your planned outreach happens, it's to late.

One needs to capture hardware minded kids in grade/middle school (US - 5th through 7th grade). Waiting for collage, when the bright kids have already choose their path, is way too late.

By your method, you'll get the wandering kids that haven't made up their minds. Typically not the mental type one wants in hardware.

Biden considers removal of Trump-era China tariffs to ease inflation


Re: Wow

It also doesn't fix the underlying "All of one's manufacturing in one basket." problem.

Large Hadron Collider experiment reveals three exotic particles


Star Trek or...

Unobtainum is on the way folks... it's on the way.

California state's gun control websites expose personal data


Are You Daft?

Because the job of the Supreme Court of the United States is to interpret, not re-interpret the U.S. Constitution. If one wants to change the interpretation, one needs to change the document.

It is not a hard concept... well, for most anyway. There is a miserable, yet determined minority, that this concept seems to escape.

There are two well defined, written in ink on nice parchment, methods for changing the Constitution: The U.S. Congress, with the backing of the states, can make amendments, or the states themselves can call a Constitutional Congress and avoid the Fed's all together.

It's there for anyone to read... well, for most anyway. There is a miserable, yet determined minority, that this text seems to escape.

NOBODY PRINT! Selfless hero saves typing pool from carbon catastrophe


One Can...

Lead a horse to water...

China is trolling rare-earth miners online and the Pentagon isn't happy


Like all things China

It's time to take a page from their book then and WRECK them.

Stop playing by the "rules" people: Scorched earth!

You need to RTFM, but feel free to use your brain too


I've seen this

This reminds me of a MASH episode where a bomb landed in the middle of the compound during the Army-Navy game. Trapper and Hawkeye were sent out to defuse the bomb while Colonel Blake read them the instructions to defuse it.

They got to the part about cutting the wires to the fuze which Blake dutifully called out and Trapper, I think, cut. The next instruction Blake calls called out begins with "But first..." and, as you may well guess, everyone's "Ohnosecond" face came full on!

Trapper and Hawkeye ran for it. The bomb exploded. It was a CIA propaganda bomb. Leaflets flew everywhere.

Linus Torvalds says Rust is coming to the Linux kernel 'real soon now'



"People don't understand the VM subsystem, even when it's written in C,"...

Then you need new people.

RUST... just more bloatware for script kiddies.

From the tales of "Real Men Don't Use Pascal": If you can't do it in FORTRAN, do it in C. If you can't do it in C, do it in Assembler. If you can't do it in Assembler, do it in Binary. If you can't do it in Binary, it's not worth doing!

BOFH: HR's gold mine gambit – they get the gold and we get the shaft


Re: Brilliant...

How did Monty Python miss this as a skit?

NASA wants nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030


Sixth Time Is ...

the charm. This is the SIXTH time in my life time that NASA has done this.

Give it a rest. Use one of the 30 designs you already have! But quit bitching, quit pissing money away and get to the moon FIRST!

We, the tax payer, are SICK of your whining NASA! SICK OF IT!

AMD nearly doubles Top500 supercomputer hardware share


Just Remember...

that this is a list of declared computers.

There are faster out there.

Leave that sentient AI alone a mo and fix those racist chatbots first



with deer slugs at the ready!

How did you mourn Internet Explorer's passing?


Inter Who?

Morn what? A crappy piece of software? It should have joined Clippy long ago.

SpaceX staff condemn Musk's behavior in open letter


Re: Woke Inc

I believe you've got it!


Dear Employees,

The door's over there. Don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

If you want to launch Starship from Texas, here's some homework, FAA tells SpaceX


Re: Federal Aviation Authority ?

A better, and closer, location would be Ascension Island. One could build the components on the east/gulf coast of the US, ship and assemble them at a pad that's only seven degrees north of the equator. So the vehicle would get almost all of the earths spin for liftoff.


Re: Federal Aviation Authority ?

Time for Launch Complex 39C and 39D, using the new lettering scheme, not the original. Using the original nomenclature, these would be 39A and 39D.

Brute force and whiskey: The solution to all life's problems


Re: Rockets...

Pesky Newton and his Laws!

Salesforce staff back an end to its relationship with NRA


Re: "How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time? "

The only one spewing "bullshit" is you and your commie buddies.

MOVE! Move to Europe! Move to Canada! Move to Australia! MOVE! Get Out!


Re: "How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time? "

Pesky First Amendment here: Nope. Censorship of speech on the scale you proposed, which this so called law proposes, will never pas Constitutional muster.

Dell's rugged Latitude 5430 laptop is quick and pretty – but also bulky and heavy


Those Of Use...

who care about ruggedized laptop computers, could care LESS about suites! Which also means, dear Register, we could care LESS about your quip.

Repairability champ Framework's modular laptop gets a speed boost


I'll Be!

While I'm no Intel fan, I'll head over for a look!

Supercomputer lab swaps lead-acid UPS batteries for alkaline gear


Re: li-ion

The only viable system would be oxygen starvation... Halon or Nitrogen as water is useless... Ugh. They're not showing unit cost for their commercial or residential systems, so we're probably in the realm of "If you have to ask..."

US Army may be about to 'waste' up to $22b on Microsoft HoloLens


Re: Just what a grunt in a muddy trench, in the rain needs ...

Given the rubbish level of comments in this discussion, this, so far is the one that concerns me. The headsets do indeed talk to each other so the individual soldier is emitting RF. The range is not published, and it can't be far, but even a 1/4 watt signal can travel a mile... which is way outside the typical close combat radius; soldier-on-soldier.

Triangulation is fast these days; just ask a count rocket, artillery and mortar system operator. The US in particular has systems that can detect, track, warn of and target a round before it gets halfway through its flight!

Picking up these systems will be child's play if they are not careful.

French court pulls SpaceX's Starlink license


Re: French court freezes out non-French competition

Then they won't mind repaying SpaceX for the costs they've incurred in France to date either.

BOFH: Putting the gross in gross insubordination



A departure at a time the of the padawan's choosing that provides maximum management burn.

In the graveyard of good ideas, how does yours measure up to these?


Lithium Batteries...

In a wet submersible battery well... good times... good times.

Red Hat effort to shut down WeMakeFedora.org deemed harassment


Re: Pocock is a wanker - Not!

I'll take that bet!

A question was posed recently on Reddit concerning a clearly gay teacher and what should/would one do if they showed up in your child's class room.

I responded with a non-threatening, non-troll answer: Private school.

I was immediately banned for life and I couldn't care less.

They asked for an opinion, not a fact, and I gave it to them... funny how snowflakes go off.

Factually, if they had asked for a factual response, I'd have said: So what does a persons chosen gender have to do with their ability to teach? Are they a good teacher or an indoctrinator?

Pioneer 10 turns 50: Remembering humankind's first jaunt to Jupiter


Re: "more than 2 million years to reach it."

And yet, the bridge crew is still uncomfortable with you in that bath...

So, are you still having those disconcerting feelings that something is missing when you look in the rear view mirror?

IT blamed after HR forgets to install sockets in new office


I had a boss...

Who was know for this, I therefore kept all communications and generated email responses confirming information he relaid to me just so "I understood" what he was after.

So as inevitable, I was reassigned to another "priority task" that my boss said was to get 100% of my time and to "blow off" everyone else. The 100% task took about 10% of my time, as is typical with such things.

So when I was requested to look at another task, I had to decline per my boss. That didn't go over well and the issue escalated within an hour to the VP of Engineering. Needless to say, my boss threw me under the buss... the problem was, I was also latched onto his balls... pesky emails.

So when the inevitable meeting with the parties involved came to fruition, I had my stack of emails, quietly hidden from my boss in my lap, and the VP of engineering walk in, a decent guy. The inevitable "blame" fell on me, I reached down, garbed the folder and opened it. The blood rushing from my boss's face was classic and very satisfying to watch, as was the look of puzzlement on the face of the VP of engineering.

I handed the paper to the VP who asked the dreaded, to my boss, "What's this?"

I responded, "My confirmed instructions from <boss>."

The VP read the email trail, noting the confirmation from my boss with raised eyebrows and he said "Thank you <employee>, you can return to work, I'll deal with this."

I got out reasonably quickly.

Now this particular VP was old school, he didn't shout at people often as one had to work at it to get his dander up... work REALLY hard at it. Apparently, this wasn't the first time this particular manager had gotten caught out as the shouting started as soon as I closed the door.

I never saw my boss again.

FreeDOS puts out first new version in six years


This is a job for...

DESQview for the save! I'll have to get my copy out of my dead software box!

FAA now says 5G airports may interfere with Boeing 737s


Learn to Love...

The band pass filter. There are several aviation rated and have been for decades, a couple have FAA cert's already. The US army has done quite a job of testing their systems witch some the same as those in the Boeing's.

IBM looked to reinvigorate its 'dated maternal workforce'



And this just in! Water is wet!

I hope IBM burns to the ground over this and the executives get the chair!

Pop quiz: The network team didn't make your change. The server is in a locked room. What do you do?


It Turns Out

"It turns out that the correct solution did not involve jumping the partition."

Well gosh network team, since you knew this move was happening, you should have had one of your folks stick around to help if there was an issue.

Since you didn't, and no one on your team bothered to communicate this mythical correct solution, I did what was necessary.

Deal with it. And now... coffee.

Quite honestly, I would have given no fucks.

European silicon output shrinking, metal smelters closing as electricity prices quadruple, trade body warns


Re: Follow the money

Since you didn't read his comment, I'll reiterate:

1) The French TAX PAYERS paid for the reactors.

2) They new reactors were turned over to be run AT PROFIT so that new reactors could be built out of those profits.

3) Instead, the entity that owns them pocketed the cash and now wants the TAX PAYERS to buy it new ones again.

Planning for power cuts? That's strictly for the birds


Re: I say it's plausible

Have the entire management team re-read "Murphy's Laws".

Open source maintainer threatens to throw in the towel if companies won't ante up


Sooooo... Shocking

Sooo.... communism doesn't work again. This is my shocked face :-|

To err is human. To really screw things up requires a wayward screwdriver


These days he would have been gone since his manager would have never done anything wrong in his life.

The James Webb Space Telescope has only gone and deployed its primary mirror


The Lack of Cameras

"Why no cameras to watch the deployment of the multi-billion dollar observatory?"

Simple: When was this device designed? It started in 1996. What was the state of space rated video cameras then? They were all built for space probes - there were no space rated cameras to get you the video you wanted at the time.

And there was no way anyone was going to delay the schedule (Spend money) again just to beam glamor shots.

Google advises Android users to be careful of Microsoft Teams if they want to call 911


Fu$! Microsoft

All together now! I remove any and all MS apps from my phones as soon as I get them.

My workplace uses Teams and my boss has asked me to put Teams on my phone: I've said hell no! He's stopped asking.

If MS exploded tomorrow, all you would hear from me is a belly laugh like Dr. Cox when he totaled the janitors van.

It's primed and full of fuel, the James Webb Space Telescope is ready to be packed up prior to launch


Place Your Bets!

I wonder what the Vegas odds are on this thing blowing up on the pad?

With it's luck, and white elephant budget, it would be the perfect capstone.

BOFH: What if International Bad Actors designed the vaccine to make us watch more Steven Seagal movies?


Feed The Crazy

Just go ahead and keep pouring napalm on that fire. I like where this is headed... lemmings and cliffs... lemmings and cliffs.

Russia blows up old satellite, NASA boss 'outraged' as ISS crew shelters from debris


Re: Capabilities

And as typical, you left out the reason for that deployment as it was NOT a test. The satellite in question was a recently launched one that failed. While the satellite was no issue, its hydrazine was; most of it would survive reentry if the fuel tank failed to explode and there was a high probability of this. The satellite itself would reenter in late February or early March on its own so orbital debris would be minimal and short lived.

A single SM3 was used to destroy the satellite. The kinetic impact set off the hydrazine and dispersed the by-products; no more environmental threat.

The software used for this mission has never been loaded into other SM3s. Could it be, sure, but that would be a lengthy process and not worth the effort.

Former Broadcom engineer accused of pinching chip tech to share with new Chinese employer


Re: I dont know what he actually accused of stealing

So you have Coke's recipe?


This is...

my shocked face :-|

Awkward. At Chrome summit, developer asks: Why should anyone trust Google?


Well, it is pretty simple:

Stop! Using! Their! Products!

They'll get the hint sooner or later.

Waterfox: A Firefox fork that could teach Mozilla a lesson


Re: Palemoon, check. Seamonkey, check.

If one wants to spend more time configuring their editor rather than using it.



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