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Apple launches incredible features everyone else had more than a year ago – this time for the 'smart home'


We have a similar use case

i have a couple of wifi smart plugs - i've flashed them to tasmota so no talking to the cloud, they only talk to homeassistant on a raspberrypi. 1 turns on some leds outside on the deck when the sun goes down and off at 11pm. the other connects to a separate router for the kids ipads that sits in the roof above their bedrooms. The plug turns on the power at 8am and off at 6pm. I could setup something similar on the main router if i paid to upgrade it. This solution cost me AU$9 and about 30 minutes of my time.

UK Information Commissioner OKs use of phone data to track coronavirus spread


Re: Aust PM

I'm afraid that ship has sailed...

or rather, docked at Sydney and let a load of infected peeps disappear into the night

Spider-eyed Lite version of Huawei flagship flies out before actual P40 launch event


Re: Target market


I am the proud owner of a P30 Pro. It is simply the best phone i've ever had. The camera is ridiculous and the pictures that even as a quick snap are stunning. i can use it all day, including google maps navigation to and from work without being plugged in the car - it still has over 50% battery at the end of the day.

The 2 sim slots work pretty flawlessly as well, with the exception of android auto cant cope with dual sims at the moment.

i cant fault it.

Instagram influencer fools followers into thinking Ikea photoshoot was Bali holiday


Clearly a cover up

Obviously she was in Bali, this is a cover up for Bali being the true ground zero for the Coronavirus and she doesnt want people to know that she has infected the land of the free...

IKEA's involvement is just as the mouthpiece of the Illuminati

It woz The Reg wot won it! Big Blue iron relics make it back to Blighty



Glad to have played a little part in the drama. Who would have thought running around Data Centres in darkest Gatwick and Andover with the Sunspeed guys all those years ago would have contributed to something actually worthwhile.


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