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Kremlin green lights Siberia-Alaska tunnel

the Accountant

Phase 2

If it ever happens, the next phase will have to be something transatlantic - not just to complete to circuit, but to negate Russia's stranglehold on the line.

Identity & Passport Service in suicide bid?

the Accountant

Double Bollocks! (d'you see what I did there?)

ID cards just provide another - or conveniently single - item of identification to be forged.

Anyway, ID cards are just another part of a flawed philosophy that security can be provided by bureaucratic checklist ticking followed by prosecution of the occasional paperwork-shy innocent rather than getting the Plod and Spooks out there catching the real criminals/terrorists.

Rather like all the bloody money laundering regulations we have to waste chargeable time on....

AOL starts swinging the axe

the Accountant

Ten per cent

Pleased to see the term "decimation" used in the correct manner.

Mine's the one with the correct apostrophe.

Microsoft protest organizer returns to code

the Accountant
Paris Hilton

Back in the day

I remember the nineties, at least. Redundant twice - and accountancy was a "safe" profession!

Employers wanting to save the most will cut the older workers (usually higher earners), those with a bit of a conscience will cut the youngsters (less chance of families, mortgages, etc). No-one is immune. Except certain civil servants and undertakers, perhaps.

Paris, 'cos I bet she'd yield to persuasion.

Boeing chuffed with latest raygun-jumbo ground tests

the Accountant


So the Alan Parsons Project reaches another milestone, then.

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

the Accountant
Thumb Up

His biggest legacy may be still to come

Father of the geo-stat satellite, grandfather of the space elevator?

RIP Arthur.

Vodafone axes 450 at Newbury HQ

the Accountant

Bye bye

Incredible - I switched from Vodafone last week 'cos of the cr@p customer service, and now this happens.

I never realised my power until now.

NEC goes Back To The Future with XP for biz users

the Accountant
Gates Horns

Ubiquitous comment

Alright, I'll say it ....

"allow IT administrators to downgrade from Vista"

Shouldn't that be "upgrade from Vista"?

Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset

the Accountant


I spent a goodly amount of time changing my passwords, as advised, after the original debacle, and like others above, I now find that they gone and reset them anyway.

Bunch of tossers. Time to move.

UK database of children delayed

the Accountant
Black Helicopters


I suspect the child database is compulsory - by dint of the fact that in the UK you have to register a birth within six weeks. (A criminal offence not to, IIRC)

Of course, as with all licensing/registration requirements, in order to work it does rather rely on the non-law abiding being, errr, law abiding.

Government postpones company law reforms

the Accountant

What now?

What's the problem, Timms? It's only adding a few fields to a database innit?

Ah, I see, no more ICT work experience kids available until next summer

Camelot pulls scratchcard amid numerical anarchy

the Accountant

I wonder

If I can try that one with the Revenue next time. Out of 15 million innumerates, as least some must work in HMRC...

IE + RealPlayer = Security hole

the Accountant
Gates Horns


Since no sensible person uses IE isn't this all an irrelevance?

Terminator will be back in 2009

the Accountant


At best it'll turn out like Matrix 2 & 3 - one movie painfully padded out to two in order to fleece us one more time.

Greenland's super-melty summer

the Accountant

Road Trip

So, once the ice has gone in Greenland and North East Canada, then with a few very cool bridges we could drive from the UK to California. Now *that's* a road trip.

Boffins develop quantum-computer building block

the Accountant

Doesn't matter how fast it might be ...

Doesn't matter how fast a quantum computer might be ... once Vista's installed on it...


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