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From toothbrushes to coffee makers to computers: Europe fines Asus, Pioneer, Philips for rigging prices of kit



Superb choice of units .. !

BlackBerry Key2: Clickier, nippier, but how many people still want a QWERTY?


Re: The BB10 virtual kbd was awesome ...

I just discovered that the BB.10 keyboard is installable on generic Android. Lovin' it!


The BB10 virtual kbd was awesome ...

I reluctantly upgraded from a Q10 to a Z30 2 or 3 years back.

Boy was I impressed with that virtual keyboard. It knew practically every time what my next word was going to be.

Swype on android is a poor replacement; if only BB would release that keyboard for vanilla android.

Bots don't spread fake news on Twitter, people do, say MIT eggheads


Re: We Should All Speak Bulgarian

Did you make this up?

RIP, Swype: Thanks for all the sor--speec--speedy texting


Re: You've GOT to be kidding me

I just upgraded from Swiftkey to Swype. The latter is far better at prediction. Sad day ...

The Devils of DevOps stick it to YOU


One problem

"Another problem with DevOps is that it controls the flow of work and places it in methodical order ready to be auctioned by appropriate engineers"

Unfortunately EBay is blocked at work ...

EU threesome promises good times for data protection reform


Re: Ignorance abounds

According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_Great_Britain there were:

70s: 20

80s: 11

90s: 24

00s: 11

10s: 2 (so far)

terrorist "attacks involving violence or serious threats to life" in the UK.

Big sales growth nothing to do with NSA fears - Huawei top brass

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Opposite conclusion ..

"sales in EMEA rose 20 per cent to ¥101bn (£10.4bn). Huawei's overall group revenue hit ¥288.2bn (£31.4bn) for the year – up 20.6 per cent from 2013"

So sales in EMEA were actually down by 0.6% relative to total sales?

Revealed: The AMAZING technology behind Apple's $1299 Retina MacBooks – a lot of glue


Re: Well duh! - not just the hardware

I also have a white 2007 Macbook, still going strong.

I upgraded the RAM to 4 GB, replaced the battery and swapped in an SSD. Each upgrade / repair took at most 10 minutes.

Lots of built in obsolescence on the OS / app front as well though. Still running the fine Snow Leopard 10.6 on the Macbook but most new apps won't run on that.

My newer Mac Mini running Mountain Lion won't allow me to upgrade to the latest Logic Pro X unless I upgrade to the allegedly flaky Mavericks (as Yosemite is no longer available).

I am a bit fed up with Apple.

Google's new scribble-tab-ulous handwriting interface for Android


Just un-brick my Nexus 7 & I'll use it ...

Lollipop ate my Nexus ...

Android lands on Microsoft's money-machine island fortress


2015 will be the year ...

... of Linux on the ATM ...

Microsoft shows off South Korean PC-on-a-stick


Re: There are a number of these things around or announced

It can't be long before a mobile phone can be plugged into a screen & keyboard and function as a 'PC', surely?

Never mind those touch apps, full Office 2016 is coming this year


Definition of Surprising

>> Both Windows and OS X to get desktop suite revamps in 2015

>> called – unsurprisingly – Office 2016

I'd say it was surprising that they weren't called Office 2015

FORCE Apple to support BlackBerry hardware, demands John Chen

Big Brother

Re: The actual post is not quite as reported

On the app front he should finish what RIM/BB started (allowing Android apps to more-or-less run on BB10) and pay the devs of key apps (like WhatsApp) to ensure that the Android versions work properly on a Blackberry.

I'm thinking of defecting to Android so that I can use the likes of RedPhone & TextSecure from my mobe ..

Spanish scraper scrapped: Google axes Google News


The 'must-read' open letter is just that. Thanks for the link!

Plusnet customers SWAMPED by spam but BT-owned ISP dismisses data breach claims



"Plusnet was yet to turn itself into the UK's data watchdog"

I hope that doesn't happen ...

Part 3: Docker vs hypervisor in tech tussle SMACKDOWN


Re: Fewer OS instances

Fewer OS instances = more containers to bring down / move when that OS needs patching / upgrading

Ten Mac freeware apps for your new Apple baby


Re: Some more ...

The basic version is free - paying gives you scheduled backups and 'smart' backups IIRC


Some more ...

... Menumeters (system status), Pathfinder, Hazel (keep folders organised - not free), Superduper (backups / disk cloning), CoRD (RDP), Handbrake

Words to put dread in a sysadmin's heart: 'We are moving our cloud from Windows to Linux'



Words to put dread in a sysadmin's heart: 'We are moving our cloud from Linux to Windows'

Report: UK.gov wants to legislate on comms data BEFORE next election


Time to ditch the mobile ...


You know all those resources we're about to run out of? No, we aren't


'Gold gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.'

- Warren Buffett

Sorry London, Europe's top tech city is Munich


Strange choice of graph type

I'd have thought a bar chart or something would be more accurate for the data shown in the diagram. The x-axis isn't a continuous scale.

SECRET draft copyright treaty LEAKED: Meet the Trans-Pacific Partnership


The UK and Europe are also discussing a treaty



The worrying feature of this treaty (discussed in the link) is that it gives American corporations the ability to sue democratic countries for, for example, not allowing their mining exploits on environmental grounds.

It is a race to the bottom.

How Google paved the way for NSA's intercepts - just as The Register predicted 9 years ago


Unencrypted between google data centres??

Anyone else a little surprised?

ITU to Europe: One charger for all mobes good. One to rule them ALL? Better


Re: Good idea

I like how the left socket is for Apple, the right for everything else ....

Just add creepiness: Google Search gets even more personal



"It's like saying you shouldn't tell your doctor about an embarrassing problem because you don't want your employer or other citizens finding out."

Once tesco or whoever gets hold of the UK NHS records you might not be so far wrong ....

Open Rights Group revives 'unavailable for legal reasons' HTTP error code plan


A list?

How about a public list (maintained by HMG) of all blocked websites?

UK gov: Brit biz barons, get your privates in check before the spooks arrive

Black Helicopters

Oh the irony ..

See subject

KEEP CALM and Carry On: PRISM itself is not a big deal


Another scoop

That Google wifi-slurping episode - a lone rogue Google operator??

Monitor-makers ponder Android-powered touch screens


It's got to be a 'mondleslab' ...

New Mac mini: Business in the front, party at the back


No it can't ...

... not properly outside X. Search for Steve Yegge ...

Tablet tech is really a Psion of the times

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Even used mine as a console to a Sun Ultra 5 (?) back in about 1992 ...

Google planning to brand and sell Android tablets



"According to the report, Google will start producing tablets once the $12.5bn acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings is cleared by the Chinese authorities - the deal has been approved in the US sand Europe."

I'm not saying I'm fully aware of the commercial details but I reckon that's the first time I've seen reference to a deal approved by the US and EU but waiting for approval by China.

Ten... smart TVs

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The post is required and must contain letters

or you could just buy a network-capable DVD player eg. a Sony for about £100 and connect it to your existing TV?

Gerry turncoat Harvey gives gamers a deal


Yet more Ozzie crap

This stuff (which started appearing en masse about 6 mths ago if I recall) on elreg.CO.UK is totally turnoff to most UK readers (IMHO).

Laptop bags: 15-inchers


Swiss army knives

I've found Wenger (makers of the Swiss Army knife) laptop bags to be very good ... surprised they're not included in the review.

Voda: Femtocell phone-hacking vuln was fixed in 2010


thick stone walls

if you live in an old stone house in Derbyshire your signal can drop to a shiver indoors ... make a fuss to VF & they'll send you a free SureSignal ... chill ...

Brit expats aghast as Denmark bans Marmite


old joke (forgotten who) ...

"I won a year's supply of Marmite .... one jar!"

Slack bank practice creates opportunity for phone phishing scams


Ask *them* your security questions ...

First Direct are pretty good. Under these circumstances they are usually pretty happy for me to ask them some of *my* security questions first. Doesn't guarantee safety of course but ...

CPS: We won't prosecute over BT/Phorm secret trials


or ..

but we're not citizens, we're suspects

Microsoft cofounder Allen unloads on Gates


From the horse's mouth ...

"the important contributions he made to the world of technology *and* at Microsoft"

Huawei E5 Wi-Fi/3G modem


Use Joikuspot on wifi-enabled phone

This seems to work well although it is WEP only - not really an issue for the way I use it (short sessions out & about).

i can use my ipod touch for decent browsing etc and have a proper phone with real qwerty keyboard (E71).

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

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Along with no camera, this hamstrings the thing

Sun shareholders approve Oracle deal


Solaris not Sun

As long as Oracle don't kill off Solaris (I know they can't really because of OpenSolaris) they can do what they like with the hardware .... grudgingly: the T5xxx boxes are smashing little boxes ...

Microsoft rubs Web 2.0 noses in SharePoint cash pile



Stephen Elop = Net Holes Pep



100,000 million licenses - that's about 15 licenses per man, woman & child in the world!

Pro-Heathrow demo challenges Carbon Cult killjoys



What's going on, the reg allowing comments on its environmental articles? Careful, you might get some reasoned discussion as opposed to the usual orlowski tosh

Lords debate airline liquids ban


My wife accidentally took a penknife to Morocco

The fabbo security at Manchester didn't pick it up ...

but the Moroccans did on the way back :)


Basque EU MP? questioning legality of liquid ban

This guy was going to drag the UK government through the courts to stop the ban - this was reported on R4 about 2 months ago. WAnyone know what happened to this?

His arguments were ROTM (right on the mark). Basically that the UK govs assessment was OTT and that they should justify it to the EU. Did they?