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CSC UK waves ta-ta to axed staff, sharpens axe for next round

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When you accept the package, I assume you will not be getting any redundancy money from the state, right? In this case 500 or 2000 is a joke ... unless were were low on the payroll. I do not know how it works in the UK, I must admit ...

As for outsourcing, the wind will turn ...

Microsoft to open UK retail store early next year

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Back to the USSR

When it comes to queues and nothing to sell, I think of the good ole days ...

Microsoft hikes SQL Server 2012 price 'by 20 per cent'

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Re: Why use SQL Server

1. The only proven track record I know about concerning SQL Server is that it beats MS Access performance-wise ... apart from that, it is a pile of crap. Even Sybase does a better job and they use the same code-base.

2. Firebird is cross-platform and that *usually* means at least some hit to performance. - No shit, man, you "are" funny ... Nothing actually beats UNIX performance-wise, because you shut off/remove anything you do not need running with ease ... unlike Windows where you even have the OS/2-emulation layer running just in case you are one of the two companies in the world running mission-critical OS/2 programs on Windows .... ROFL, ROFL^10 - fuck, I am really gonna wet myself

3. Databases is pretty straight forward, when you know one well it can hardly be very difficult to learn another over a weekend ...

4. See point 3. - Or are you hiring useless paper MCSE's who don't know what cmd.exe is ?

5. If you need a really secure RDBMS, then MS SQL simply cannot be your choice, seriously ... look at Oracle or DB2 ...

10 years ago today: Bill Gates kicks arse over security

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Seriously, the other day, windows wanted to install some updates, I clicked "Ok". Some time later, Windows came back with "You need to restart to complete the installation of updates." I chose to postpone by 4 hours (the maximum I could choose), after 4 hours, the thing came up again, so, again, I chose to postpone for 4 more hours .... 4 hours later my system rebooted without further notice !!! Yes, this is windows 7.

I would "expect" a message saying "System going down for maintenance in 1minute", like I see on Unix, but no .... I lost some work that time ...

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@Vic with Radii

I know stuffing sense into Brits when it comes to grammar is hopeless, since even English uni professors don't understand the fundamentals, but still:

-us -> -i

-i + -us ->i+i

I did not think we were talking about Linius ... as stated previously, I do not know a language that has a -ii for plurals, either.

Software bug fingered as cause of Aussie A330 plunge

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Last Dave

Out of which cavern have you come ? Please, when you do not know what you are talking about, please, shut up. The crash of the Air France flight over the Atlantic, aka AF447 was due to the pilots, not the aircraft - despite the fact that some equipment was not functionning 100%.

The aircraft stalled, was losing altitude, yet the pilots kept pulling the joystick iso pushing it to gain lift. The auto-pilot was not engaged during the time of the incident ... so yes, you are right, they were pulling the joystick and were going downwards ... all because they had no lift ... pilots were idiots like you, I guess !

Radiohead and chums demand copyright 'fair play'

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WTF, 50 years is too much already????

If artists sell their rights to their music, well they should not get it back after 50, 60 or 70 years. .... would you want the descendants of musicians to decide on what should happen with da music?

If said rights are only valid 50 years, cool, after that music covered by those rights belongs to everybody!

Why give the music back to artists, don't get it ....

And who is the twat who wants to extend the rights of labels to 95 years, find him, line him up and pull the trigger!

Please, dearest E.U. representatives, you represent me, I voted for YOU. Lobbbyists fill your bank accounts, ok. However, for once in your life, understand that I gave YOU YOUR JOB, TO DEFEND ME and MY INTERESTS!!!!! So please, defend my interests and say NO to the 95 years clause and NO to the "after 50 years the rights go back to the artist".

XCOR challenges Virgin with the Lynx effect

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That is exactly what it is, a cheap means to get somewhere. Then again, I do not really think that vehicle looks like that "half-car-half-motorcycle" thingy which made feel embarrassed of being a Brit when i was still at school on the continent ...

Look at the add:




AMD reveals 'Spider' platform

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Stable?, not yet!

Yup, AMD, come out with the kit, even though you cannot get a single demo machine to run stable!

They should have waited until they got it right ... rushing buggy kit for xmas season is not really good thinking ....

Red Hat haunts Ellison's Linux dream

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If you're going to switch from RHEL, it ain't to Oracle...

@Richard Lloyd

No company can live with "support from the community"!

How many "would love to be a Hacker" guyz have you seen in the community forums giving answers they don't even understand?

Honest, the amount of threads which contain bs solutions, even if they work, is horrendous!!!

just search for "rm" in the forums and you will see what I mean .... dangerous advice is being given by guyz who don't understand the problem or their cure! The problem is that this bad advice is then available in google and spreading .... don't get me wrong, I love/use linux, but community support? come on!

Swede with UK betting licence held in Amsterdam for 'breaking' ancient French law

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cut the BS

I know the Brits usually like to pick on France, the EU and occasionally Germany with absurd remarks .... Every country is implementing European legislation and France is no exception to this rule! They will comply, if they like it or not, and they will loose this legal battle and they know it! A lot of markets are open in France and Germany to all European companies ... ever heard of Virgin Mobile? Yes, they are in France as well ...

Had Rover been French, in France, I think the state would have invested to keep it alive and save a few thousand jobs, it's true, I believe the guyz on the dole now, who are costing quite a lot of money to the community, would have appreciated.

Calling the French Socialists is funny, go read some books, do some research and come back when you're done please, stop using complicated words you do not understand! Oh, when researching the word socialist, avoid British and American websites, because they tend to get it wrong, too.

@By Anonymous Coward from news @11

What are you talking about? Who wanted their money back, who is paying significantly less than Germany or France towards the union while still getting its share in aid????? cut you bs, please!

@Bob Jones

Yes, indeed, the UK is a free country, especially when protecting the "Friend of the state" Mr Pinochet (please use google if you don't know who that is)! That was the reason I was thinking about shredding my British Passport and sending it back to where it belongs ...

To be fair, France has, like any other country, its disadvantages, and I can not stand the fact that these guyz have to strike all the time. They understand and sometimes even speak English, but never try, I hate that!

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

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lol - of course there is not, but this company thinks their customers are theirs forever and it reacts the way it likes - no other company could afford to do that.

@Chris C

Well, if you are in a situation where you can tell one or more software providers that you need it to run on that specific platform, then YOU MUST TELL THEM, otherwise IT IS YOUR FAULT! Who is even trying? I believe that there might be a few niche companies that could not start to migrate to linux/mac osx/solaris tomorrow, but MOST could! It would have been even easier had they not put all their eggs into one basket! I have been busy with companies migrating to OpenOffice, and their biggest fear was excel macros ... lol A first step before migrating other software to FOSS or platform independent software.

Migration will become easier, everybody is moving to web interfaces, we develop software and use j2ee with web interface ... we develop for firefox and port to ie!

Record labels to ditch CD singles for USB Flash drives

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Paris Hilton

CD's not "cool"?

Most CD's are cool, except the ones with any music on it from any band that made it to the top in the last 10 years (with a couple, yes two, exceptions) ... I have about 10 000 songs at home, most, 95 or 96% legally purchased (the other 4% are songs you just cannot find - small indie bands from vanished labels) and the only artist I have that came out in the last 10 years is Keane! wtf? Am I getting old!

I bought all the music I dreamt of when I was a student but could not afford. What new stuff do they have to offer? Now I revert to classical music, when I buy stuff, because there just isn't anything new coming out ... and no, I have a few U2's from 80's and 90's ... but even their new stuff is boring ...

CD's, Digi CD (that CD plus format you can get with "better" audio), USB, MINI-DISK etc who cares ? give us quality entertainment! no brtiney, dillon, desreee (sorry, i dunno how to spell these weird names) and these other weirdos that call themself artists and perform playback allthetime- and please, once you have found something that is even so-so, do not have the radio/tv/whatever broadcast it more than 3 times a day.

Ubuntu goes 3-D

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Thx for this link, I was looking for this!!!!

Windows update brings down TV newscast

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Dead Vulture

Windows Update?

Well sounds like they indeed need competent IT staff!

On the other hand, I would by no means say the linux update solution is any better - OK, it does not reboot your system without you knowing.

I have used Suse and Ubuntu for years and:

Suse's automatic update decided to install a glibc version which was too new for the vast majority of programs running on the box, one morning - all of a sudden - not one program I tried worked, except reboot .... - I mean even xterm would not come up, thank god I had one open. After reboot it did not even want to boot into singleuser - I grabbed ubuntu cd!

Ubuntu? well, twice it has broken my X server and it even recently UNINSTALLED xinetd - of course without telling me and throwing everything in /etc/xinet.d away !!!!! WTF ? I am a programmer and need a couple of [x]inetd daemons running ...

Of course, I still use GNU/linux but MacOS X's updater is just so much better, honest! I have the /Applications folder in my dock and a lot of apps in that folder. So to speed things up, I classify them - I have Utils, Multimedia ... folders where I put my apps. Well, iTunes is in Multimedia and updater never replaces the iTunes.app in Multimedia, BUT just instals the new one into /Applications! WTF!

None is perfect, but the Mac OS X glitch is the easiest to live with, IMHO!

I'm no [Linux|Mac|Win] fanboy!

Solaris rocks!!!

This emergency alert has been cancelled by Hotmail

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Who uses hotmail anyway?

I started to connect to the internet somewhere near 1997 or 98, back then netscape gave you 2.5 times more space and allowed you to send 3 times larger emails than hotmail - and AFAIK hotmail has been consistently lagging behind other providers! So only idiots use that service for a start! The guyz that click next > next > next when they first run ie and land on msn/hotmail page to register for an email account! Abusing monopoly, nay?

Besides, netscape, which is aim now, gives you IMAP access, which is cool, too - your not stuck with <Dutch>Foutlook</Dutch> - platform independence, anybody?

I have had a hotmail account, i hardly ever used it for email but got spammed to death - I never even used that address in online forms ??? Were they selling my address? I enrolled to chat with msn and occasionally, a mate would send a mail to my hotmail address. I know you no longer need a hotmail account to chat with msn, unsure if you ever did. Now I use another email address for my passport account!

Besides, which idiot uses their ISP's email? Duh, I do not want to change my email address every two years, so I will stick with this more expensive and less reliable ISP - pass me the Vaseline please!

Thank god stupidity is not painful, I can tell ya!

What's 77.1 x 850? Don't ask Excel 2007

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My wife is a "number cruncher" and has been using excel 2007 since March, at the time I told her that her IT guy was nuts - she confirmed the undocumented feature. She is the only one in the office with that version, it had/will not be/en tested - she was new, got a new computer with "un-tested" new software ....

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop

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Vive la France, and I am a Brit living on the continent - obviously!

I am just so funned to read your comments, guyz! Keep 'em coming!

I know the Brits @Home like to get stufft, just look at the prices they are happy to pay for goods like cars or computers compared to continental Europe or US.

One exception seems to be vaseline, due to popular demand I know you get it over there real cheap, what a relief ;-)!

However, you must understand that some people over 'ere on the continent don't like that. We want choice!

@Daniel van Niekerk: Comparing computers to cars, you should note that you can customize your car when you buy it, if you do not want that cd player but a cd/dvd/mp3 player you can get one - same here. And when you order Mac meal, do you want to be forced to drink coke? Because 95% of people choose coke Mac4Dumb will be selling coke with every meal, if you want another drink, you are free to buy an additional one - but you will not get a refund on the coke!


Besides, I know windows is just as useless as the bloomin' toy, but it makes up quite a bit more on the price than that toy made In PRC by 6 year-olds ... which might cost 0.0001 pence + shipping.

It should be pretty easy to deliver separate restore cd's with computers which install the software on the computer:

one for windows

one for linux

one for FreeBSD etc - why not?

Come on stop the bs!

Software developer sues to muzzle website users

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These guyz are funny, they just have put their first foot in the grave! I will watch my tongue, though, these guyz might end up suing me! Seriously, I think this was a very bad move indeed - they cannot win this!

@What a load of Bollocks Author

>Hell, even the company everybody loves to criticise (MS) fix issues and faults users have and believe you me, they go to great effort and expense to resolve problems in their products when this is pointed out by their customers.<

I am no MS lover or hater, I don't use the $ sign, but I disagree with your comment! Have they have been updating internet explorer on a regular basis then or only when competition showed up - and anybody knows ie 5.x-6.x were crap pieces of software that everybody, even MS employees, liked to criticize?

IBM and Novell push out new SLED

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Notes? haha

I used Notes on Mac OS X and Linux in 2002! Ok, it was beta, I believe it was version 7, as you pointed out Mike! Anyway, I really liked notes, since I moved to a different - Exchange- shop, I see myself longing for Notes ...

But a press release about this new partnership is cool! Technology-wise it's almost 5 years old, though .... rofl! well, no, not really, they did not have SLED then, I think ...

Anyway, el Reg - I never look at the names of your scribes, but I bet you must have fired/lost a few of the good ones, recently or were they just off on a holiday? I hope the latter .... ;-)