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That chill in the air isn't just autumn, it's Cisco's cooling finances: CEO warns of slipping sales


A Shambles

In the last year or so I have had to tackle the Cisco Webex offering. As a lawyer, I was looking at the contract. Cisco were unable to provide me with a link to all the documents, polcies, pricelists and whatever they considered part of the agreement. They could not even provide a complete list. Everything was a series of nested links, within documents. Frequently the trail led into a passwprd protected area that they couldn't or wouldn't help you through.

My best advice to the business: Avoid. Do not contract with Cisco. The best advice not being commercially helpful, the advice had also to be: There are no guarantees as to what you think you are signing up to are what the outturn will be. I was even dealing with their legal team.

I am all for robust negotiations, tough contract even. But contracts whose terms are obscured by beaucracy and ad hoc fiefdoms around a business concealing things is not, as I see it an appropriate way of doing business, let alone acceptable. A the very least it leads to poor busines relations and is a hostage to future litigation.

If my experience is a snapshot of how Cisco is organsed and run, no wonder its finances look unstable.


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