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Getronics confirms – finally – that CEO has quit following HMRC VAT payment debacle


Now that the Brazilians have gone off shore with their assets, it will be interesting if the other Op Cos survive.The investors still want to get something back even at a loss, Pomeroy was the jewel in the company the rest of the business is still on life support. The Global sales lead has exited and others on the dis-functioning board are sure to follow when they all stop ligating each other and what is left of the business. The Sponsored Dog walker is still in the business, so not in the clear yet, unless you pedigree Chum for lunch. This months payroll is currently 50/50,

Getronics CEO on HMRC winding-up petition: An 'embarrassing' blip with cash in the wrong places


A Bag of Ferrets

Looks like the company is being hollowed out. Execs in-fighting and most looking for that last payout and personal absolution, H.M.R.C will give it the coup de grâce, Founded in 1887 and closed after 3 years of this incompetent board.


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