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Facebook sues scraper who sold 178 million phone numbers and user IDs

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Re: 178 meeeeelion phone numbers?

It's the way ahead.

'Windows 11 has been successfully downloaded,' says update for Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Re: Maybe..........

Boings - flown by Kangaroo Airlines.

Ancient with a dash of modern: We joined the Royal Navy to find there's little new in naval navigation

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Re: "It's probably 20 times as much planning to execution."

And it's the same in the air. It is a legal requirement to have a current chart - and hopefully you can remember how to use it.

Computer scientists at University of Edinburgh contemplate courses without 'Alice' and 'Bob'

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That is all.

Shatner breaks the age barrier, goes where no nonagenarian has gone before with Blue Origin rocket trip

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Re: A 10 minutes 17 second ride ...

Good luck with that! Most people would rather have a new Range Rover and let the planet take care of itself, unfortunately.

Telegraph newspaper bares 10TB of subscriber data and server logs to world+dog

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Re: I used to love reading the Telegraph

Dave - seconded!

Maker of ATM bombing tutorials blew himself up – Euro cops

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Speaking 'dog'

Hey...I know how to speak dog, and probably most caring dog owners do, too.

UK government rolls out £3.6bn management consultancy framework amid scrutiny of rising external expertise spending

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Re: Another day ..... another few billion announced

Don't call him 'Boris', it makes him sound like a cuddly mate. He isn't. He's an arse.

Fake 'BT' caller fleeces elderly victim of £30k in APP app scam

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Welcome to the new world

Sadly, it is. I sold my car for cash and paid it in to the local branch. A day letter, some officious twat from 'head office' called, asking me about the transfer and all sorts of other stuff - what sort of house did we have, what car did I drive...in the end, I told him that he was really pissing me off and hung up on him. I hate banks.

Check your bits: What to do when Unix decides to make a hash of your bill printouts

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Re: I don’t think printers will ever work…

Old printer...true. I have a Laserjet 4. On the odd occasions we want to print something - less than once a month - I turn it on, and it prints.

'Nobody in their right mind would build a naval base here today': Navigating in and out of Devonport

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Original for me...Sunday afternoon, if I remember rightly?

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Proper Job

Agreed. DB used to be good but is no longer. Try St Austell Brewery Proper Job.

Mobile mobile museum looks to chart the history of portable phones

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Re: we’ll be able to help people reminisce about the devices they’ve had over the years

Jake, I seldom agree with your posts...BUT... I agree with you! If I could uninvent one thing, it would be the mobile phone. It has changed society completely, and not for the better. Downvote away, folks, you're mistaking me for someone who gives a shit.

Hellfire and damnation: Two French monks charged over 5G mast arson attack

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Re: They've probably been reading

Absolutely. Complete drivel.

We're all at sea: Navigation Royal Navy style – with plenty of IT but no GPS

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Re: "two main reasons why the Royal Navy no longer uses [paper charts]"

I sort of agree with you, and I still use paper charts to get the big picture, but in modern aircraft, the GPS is totally integrated into the 'glass cockpit' and it does warn you about airspace violations and terrain. Nevertheless, you are legally required to have an up-to-date chart with you.

China's taikonauts return from heavenly palace after 92-day mission

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Re: why aren't they going to the ISS?

China? Underdog? Are you absolutely sure about that?

Clegg on its face: Facebook turns to former UK deputy PM to fend off damaging headlines

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Thank you, Lars

I agree with you entirely, I have no idea why so many choose to downvote the factual, but it's quite normal here. Thank you for you love!

It's the end of the world as we know it, and we should feel fine

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Re: Sinclair and the SSD

A truly lovely mainframe.

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The joy of making an efficient assembler routine...I do so miss it. I bought an editor for the Atari ST a long time ago. The author said it was fast and efficient because he'd written it in assembler; he loved writing in assembler, but it was not commercially viable, but he'd produced this just for fun.

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Raspberry Pi

And, though it might not be the computer most people want, it is probably the one that I large number would manage with very happily.

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Re: Does it work though?

Ausgezeichnet..ich mag Deutsch sehr.

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair: British home computer trailblazer dies aged 81

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Re: Literally a legend

A good point, well made, sir!

Recommend the film Micro Men if you haven't already seen it. A nostalgia fest.

I sold my ACT Sirius to get a QL because I thought it would be more 'interesting'...indeed it was!

Tech widens the educational divide. And I should know – I'm a teacher in a pandemic

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Re: Faulty parents

'Don't have kids' - that's the problem in a nutshell. It baffles me why some - many - have kids, they certainly don't seem to love them. I knew I was too selfish to devote the time needed to do the job properly, so I didn't have any.

You can 'go your own way' over GDPR, says UK's new Information Commissioner

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Downvote away all you like, it happens to be true.

Off yer bike: Apple warns motorcycles could shake iPhone cameras out of focus forever

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Re: You're holding it wrong!

I wonder who feels the need to downvote a statement of fact. Like it or not, my Pixel did go several times to Munich and back on my motorbike, providing navigation and being used as a camera. It still works. Weird people in this world.

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Re: You're holding it wrong!

Indeed so, and my lowly Pixel 3 has survived several trips from Cornwall to Munich and back, and still takes great photos, as well as providing useful navigation.

Not too bright, are you? Your laptop, I mean... Not you

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Re: Ah, a first time user

A great investment for the future, and surrounded by girls...what's not to like?

Like so many in the early days of IT - or computing, as we used to call it - I was a very competent two finger typist. My girlfriend, who was a secretary at the time - remember those? - told my I really should learn to do it properly -typing, that is - and bought me a copy of Mavis Beacon. One Christmas break, I spent alternatively getting drunk and learning to touch type. Caroline, I salute you.

Can we talk about Kevin McCarthy promising revenge if Big Tech aids probe into January insurrection?

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Hey...will you be my friend? I couldn't agree more. When did a country ever vote to get rid of so many useful privileges for the sake of ...what, exactly? I still have to hear a plus point for Brexit.

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Yep, me too. One of the most trusted news sources in the world, apparently. I imagine the Telegraph and Mail have different goals.

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Wow...Demonrats, that's really clever.

Arm says it has 'successful working relationship' with Chinese joint venture run by CEO who refuses to leave

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Re: This is a no-win for China

Somehow, I don't think this particular sin is committed only by universities, do you?

Arms not long enough to reach the plug socket? Room-wide wireless charging is on the way

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Re: "...37 per cent efficiency..."

A brilliant and perceptive comment!

I thoroughly recommend Nick Lane's 'The Vital Question' for further discussion of this fascinating topic.

Windows 11 will roll out from October 5 as Microsoft hypes new hardware

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Re: How do I opt users out of this "upgrade" ?

It sometimes passes for sagacity around here. Then they grow up.

Leaked Guntrader firearms data file shared. Worst case scenario? Criminals plot UK gun owners' home addresses in Google Earth

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Re: No surprises here

I'd like to see 'vermin' that have done as much damage to this planet as Homo so-called sapiens.

Chinese developers protested insanely long work hours. Now the nation's courts agree

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Re: That kind of thing is common

And you live in a great and civilised country.

'Apps for GNOME' site aims to improve discovery of the project's best applications

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Re: "Apps for GNOME" ..... Just Leave Out The GNOME bit.....

I have to confess, although not currently using it, I don't understand why people get so agitated. It's just for launching the programs you actually use.

30 years of Linux: OS was successful because of how it was licensed, says Red Hat

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Re: Just works

Couldn't agree more. A 78 year old friend of mine had also a Sony Vaio which wasn't working too well under Windows. I did what I could to make it a bit better and also installed, with his agreement, Linux Mint. I said 'just try it, if you don't like it, I'll remove it'. A few months later, he came round, to have Linux removed, I assumed, but no, it was Windows that went. He is almost computer illiterate, but loves the fact it's so reliable and quick.

Fake Apple rep amasses 620,000+ stolen iCloud pics, vids in hunt for images of nude women to trade

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Re: Does he not know...

Brilliant. Deserves many upvotes.

Smoking smartphone sparks emergency evacuation of Alaska Airlines jet, two taken to hospital

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Re: Ah, for the good old days

And in any case, as has been pointed out many times, you don't use apostrophes to make plurals!!!!!

38 million records exposed by misconfigured Microsoft Power Apps. Redmond's advice? RTFM

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The Last One

Anyone else remember Scotty Bamford and The Last One? It was going to end the need for programmers. Apparently it didn't.

Blue Origin sues NASA for awarding SpaceX $3bn contract to land next American boots on the Moon

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Private Eye

In the words of Private Eye, I hope they both lose.

Without a trace: Baroness Dido Harding to step down as chair of NHS Improvement

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Re: So

I wonder what the cretin who downvoted you thinks she did to make the NHS better, or was it a knee-jerk reaction ... Tory=good?

As for me, may she burn in hell, along with Hancock and indeed so many others.

Does the world need another cross-platform framework? Tough, here's JetBrains with Compose Multiplatform

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Re: Bloat

Or indeed 1972 with George 3 Screenedit.

84-year-old fined €250,000 for keeping Nazi war machines – including tank – in basement

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Re: WTF?

Thank you for posting that. I am a Germanophile, speak German, read German books and, under normal circumstances, go there two or three times a year. It is a truly great country, but I'm so glad that it's not popular with the Brits and I hope it stays like that.

For anyone interested in a more balanced view of Germany's contribution to the world, I thoroughly recommend 'The German Genius' by Peter Watson.

I feel sorry for the guy with the tank, but as someone else pointed out, Germany is a wee bit touchy about the past.

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Re: Ha!

Sceptics as well.

Russia tells UN it wants vast expansion of cybercrime offenses, plus network backdoors, online censorship

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Re: Why not go Orwellian?

Hey, Vladimir, glad you found the time to come and downvote this post.

Vivo X60 Pro: Branding was plastered all over the Euros, but does the phone perform better than the English team?

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Wireless charging

Wireless charging should be illegal. It is vastly less efficient than a cable. Its usp is to make life slightly easier for the terminally idle.

Microsoft's Cloud PCs debut – priced between $20 and $158 a month

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Adrian Mole

As dear Adrian might well have said:

Why? Why? Why?

D'oh! Misplaced chair shuts down nuclear plant in Taiwan

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Sadly no longer with us. She was rather lovely, wasn't she...but those sets...the display with the pasted on graphs...



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