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Dell: 60% of our people won't be going back into an office regularly after COVID-19


Re: I get I'm in a microscopically small minority, but...

There are many for whom working from home doesn't work well, even if their "job" doesn't require them to be in the office:

* People in shared, rented accommodation, who have little private space

* People in cramped accommodation with young children around

* People at the start of their career, who need to work physically close with others to learn

* People for whom the office is the only social contact they get (akin to some lonely elderly people who pop to the shops daily just in order to talk to someone)

It's fine for people like me who are established in their career, have a stable family life, and a house large enough for me to have a separate office where I can close the door. And long may it continue for me. Many don't have such luxury.

A Notepad nightmare leaves sysadmin with something totally unprintable


Re: Support ticket

"Unfortunately there are a lot of people (stil, despite many decades of PC use) who don't understand the simple act of CLOSING a file, and believe that the only SAFE way to close a file is to SAVE it."

Probably the same people who will always click Apply and then OK, not trusting the OK alone to commit the changes to the dialog box.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Ramblin' Man or Woman? Maybe brush up on your cartography


App "Upgrades" actuall a downgrade

This is why I always disable automatic updating of apps on my devices. Every so often, I will manually look through available updates, and ONLY update if the recent reviews for the latest version are favourable. Needless to say, the OS app on my phone is older, and predates the recent, much fanfared "improved" versions.

The OS isn't the only culprit, though. Too many times I read reviews declaring that the latest version has become unstable, has had useful features removed, etc. The age of Agile Development has much to learn, still, as they often get the balance between exciting new functionality and stability/retaining the basic, core functionality so very wrong.


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