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Windows 11 runs on fewer than 1 in 6 PCs

Jan K.

The numbers are frankly meaningless... as long as Microsoft supports Windows 10, it will of course have it's userbase.

Once Microsoft stops supporting Windows 10, then they'll have to choose to run unsupported, upgrade to 11 or replace the OS.

When that time comes, we'll of course see Windows 11 be the leader...

Microsoft controls the numbers, so they don't mean anything.

Carry on! ^ ^

Musk says Starlink will keep providing free service to Ukraine

Jan K.

"...documents from USAID showing the agency paid $1,500 per Starlink terminal, while the standard price for consumers is $600 for the kit, and $110 per month for service.

So... USAID has paid for terminal and some 8 months service fee for their 1500 stations. Excellent. Though I wonder why they accepted to pay over market price?


We order another 15000 terminals (or whatever the requested number was) and include let's say a year service for each plus for the ones delivered.

Struggling with the math, but isn't it 15000x600 + (15000+1500)x110x12 = $30.780.000 ???

That's peanuts! ...but where the heck does the $400.000.000 come in?

Please enlighten me, or is that the price when we talk charity?

Hospital giant's IT still poorly a week after suspected ransomware infection

Jan K.

Anyone illegally touching any hospital's network should be charged with attempting mass murder...

Microsoft warns: Windows 11 update breaks provisioning

Jan K.

Now I'm having a déjà vu of déjà vus?

Still wonder how many man-hours there are around the world rolling back or repairing borked updates... who pays?

Elon Musk tells Twitter: My takeover deal is back on

Jan K.

Apparently so.

Next time I'll remember to add the sarcasm tag.

Jan K.

Hope deal goes through so we finally can spread "free speach"!

Then Musk, Trump, Waters and Putin more quickly can solve this world's problems...




Tesla has a lot of work to do on its Optimus robot

Jan K.

I've heard his friend Putin has ordered 300.000 of them?

With red eyes, of course!


Jan K.

"This is essentially the same self-driving computer that runs in Tesla cars by the way," an Autopilot engineer proclaimed.

And just as I found nothing be scarier than that thing, well, here we go...

Don't mind Facebook, just putting its own browser in its Android app

Jan K.

"...an improved user experience."

Of course.

We all know, what that means...

Text-to-image models are so last month, text-to-video is here

Jan K.

Re: Willis: not "for any future movies", only for that one ad

Bruce Willi's agent denies the story


A spokesperson for the actor told the BBC that he had "no partnership or agreement" with the company.

And a representative of Deepcake said only Willis had the rights to his face.

Deepcake fake...

Delivery drone crashes into power lines, causes outage

Jan K.

Re: Nice photo of drone on the wires in the linked article

Sorry, didn't see someone already catched that some posts above.

Just typical! ^ ^

Jan K.

Re: Nice photo of drone on the wires in the linked article

"The meal was still hot inside the drone's delivery box when the crew got there," Mr Donald said.

Well, doh!

Wind, solar fulfill 10% of global electricity demand for first time

Jan K.

Thanks both!

Very interesting indeed!

Jan K.

Heh, I was just looking at a fun overview before reading the article.

Apparently we're at some 70% electricity coming from wind...

A live view can be seen here https://energinet.dk/energisystem_fullscreen

OK, Google: Why are you still pointing women at fake abortion clinics?

Jan K.

Two tips...

stop using google

always use an adblocker

I shall refrain from commenting on the cold, narrowminded, heartless system once again hunting women...

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Exchange Server zero-days actively exploited

Jan K.

Where's the usual link to the detailed Microsoft's blog post?

Or is that only when Microsoft find flaws in android, Linux etc.??

UN's ITU election may spell the end of our open internet

Jan K.

Re: Who voted for whom?

Ah! All Trump's best friends....

Jan K.

"Russia, China believe in more national control..."

To be nit-picking, not just national...

Anything coming from those heartless, fascist regimes or their friends should have absolutely no influence. In anything anywhere...

Tencent has its Meta moment as CEO Pony Ma outlines 'immersive convergence'

Jan K.

Re: People can travel in real space and digital space in the form of digital avatars

Well, once metaverse is up and running, "real space" will be so yesterday anyway... ^ ^

This rope-laying, ever-growing robot may one day explore your blood vessels

Jan K.

"Soft robots are expected to be able to navigate through difficult environments, such as the human body..."

Uh, sounds like something google and meta would be drooling all over...

Besides that, interesting article. Thanks!

Is it time to retire C and C++ for Rust in new programs?

Jan K.

I don't code anymore, but my tiny distro now has two rust compilers. For Mozilla products, fwim...

One user comment

"That Mozilla's two most popular applications target different versions of Rust is telling. One would expect an organisation of their size to have standards to cover which version may be used in production code."

And dev commenting on this...

"Also, this demonstrates that Rust has something of a backward compatibility issue, making it a poor choice to develop in.

The name seems fitting, as Rust code quickly develops bitrot. I can't wait until we need to keep a third version of the Rust compiler on hand for the kernel."

Except for certainly not liking this, what do I know... ^ ^

Oracle pays $23 million to SEC to settle bribery charges

Jan K.

“The conduct outlined by the SEC is contrary to our core values and clear policies, and if we identify such behavior, we will take appropriate action.”

Like getting better to hide it better?

Sometimes I wonder how those specially bred yada-yada spokespersons sleeps at night. No bad taste in mouth?

Cisco asks shareholders to vote against global tax transparency

Jan K.

Panic before closing time?

Cisco... said it would "potentially have an adverse impact on our business."

I'm sure it will (roll eyes), but the day with enforced global wide transperency is getting closer. Those moving billions from place to place without paying tax anywhere will be stopped...

Another news from today on el Reg https://www.theregister.com/2022/09/27/oracle_fined_23_million_sec/

Interpol seeks Do Kwon, man blamed for $40b crypto implosion

Jan K.

"I will tell you... where I am if... we are involved in a GPS-based web3 game."

Ah! Here's a crazy idea...

NSA super-leaker Edward Snowden granted Russian citizenship

Jan K.

"...my family. I pray for privacy for them"

Uh, you've found the perfect home for them then... well done, you.

A match made in heaven: systemd comes to Windows Subsystem for Linux

Jan K.

Re: Better idea.

...the last 20 or so years. Linux has gone down a route of making certain things unnecessarily complicated. systemd is one such example.

Just a wee bit correction... SystemD is a third-party "app" and has absolutely nothing to do with Linux.

Open up, it's the IRS. We're here about the crypto tax you dodged

Jan K.

What? Crypto and fraud?

Now I never...

Billionaire CEO tells Googlers 'we shouldn’t always equate fun with money'

Jan K.

“Fun didn't always — we shouldn’t always equate fun with money"

Coming from him, that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time...

But of course everyone knows exactly what he means. Stop spending so I can pull out many more...

Fun guy.

Mozilla drags Microsoft, Google, Apple for obliterating any form of browser choice

Jan K.

No one's forcing you to install or run Chrome on your non-ChromeOS desktop, for instance, so we surely must do it under our own free will.


Using a #/%& stupid Android tablet, a Windows pc and a Linux laptop and absolutely nothing prevents me from installing and using Firefox on any of them. *)

It's my deliberately choice not to and no matter what Mozilla say or how much they wriggle or moan, there's no chance I'll ever use Firefox.

Sorry. But have spent too much time digging old archives and do not like, what I've seen. Plus that stupid bookmark handling....

There are other reasons besides Google, Apple, Microsoft etc that Firefox have such a small user base...

*) using #%&# stupid Chrome on stupid android, Vivaldi on both laptop and pc, btw.

Federal agencies buying Americans' internet data challenged by US senators

Jan K.

surveillance on a massive scale that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago

You must be way younger than me then...

The secret to Sparrow, DeepMind's latest Q&A chatbot: Human feedback

Jan K.

I've said it before... it's an insult to everything living using the word "intelligence" when talking of these cut'n'paste algorithmes.

It has nothing even remotely to do with intelligence.

Update your Tesla now before the windows put your fingers in a pinch

Jan K.

Fingers, elbows, or worse may get caught in the window when closing,

So... no matter how much i love my Tesla, no more humping it?

Meta accused of breaking the law by secretly tracking iPhone users

Jan K.

Meta illegal tracking and collecting data?

I find that incredibly hard to believe.

Should it - however unlikely - be found to be true, the company will probably get a tiny fee.

The company, of course, as no persons would never ever be found responsible...

Amazon accused of singling out, harassing union organizers

Jan K.

I need a danish-usa dictionary...

Can only translate "anstændighed" to "decency" according to my english dictionary.

What is the american word? Or maybe it doesn't even translate?

UK launches competition probe into cloud giants in digital services

Jan K.

"Therefore, it is hard to see what Ofcom will do if it decides big tech are stifling competition."

Amazon, Google and Microsoft stiffling competition?

Pfff... with those noble companies' spotless history they'll find nothing...

Admins run into Group Policy problems after Win10 update

Jan K.

Wonder how many hours globally are wasted while dealing with these "issues"?

Here's a tiny, free tip for Microsoft: stop packing multiple types of updates into single packages...

Asking Ms to stop force-feeding updates unto innocent users is probably a step too far...

Good grief.

The next deep magic Linux program to change the world? Io_uring

Jan K.

Phoronix had a bit last week, here https://www.phoronix.com/news/Linux-LPC2022-io_uring_spawn

Includes John Tripplett's presentation and a pdf slide deck...

I belong in the group "Most people don't know the first thing about Linux under the hood but nevertheless enjoy following the devs work through the kernel changelogs as well as the public mail lists.

A privilege I did not had for my past +30 years with Microsoft... two very, very different worlds.

Meta disbands Responsible Innovation team, spreads it out over Facebook and co

Jan K.

"proactively surface and address potential harms to society in all that we build"

Of course they had to be disbanded... who ever would have wanted such a long list over at meta??

Braking news: Cops slammed for spamming Waze to slow drivers down

Jan K.

Brilliant idea if that's what's needed to help drivers "to avoid speeding fines"!

And nice service, too! Nobody can't really complain as they are alerted by police present, can they?

"You're under app-vest

How long did you work on that one? ^ ^

Astronaut blood reveals genetic mutations for cancer and heart disease

Jan K.

Thanks for an interesting article!

Glad I'm grounded! ^ ^

That 'clean' Google Translate app is actually Windows crypto-mining malware

Jan K.

"According to Softpedia, the Nitrokod Google Translator app has been downloaded more than 112,000 times since December 2019."

Well, thanks for hosting over the years...

It's probably impossible to scan whatever files floats around on the servers. Or nobody cares...

Tesla faces Autopilot lawsuit alleging phantom braking

Jan K.

Or a "I feel lucky" switch?

For the adventurous ones "Surprise me"?

NASA scrubs Artemis SLS Moon rocket launch

Jan K.

Re: 200% trust in NASA

Heh! I was about to post, that NASA is like Linux... :)

Finding bits and bobs and getting better by the day.

Tesla owner gets key fob chip implanted in his hand

Jan K.

Two implanted chips only?

Pffft... that's nothing!

I've got sixteen... bank, postal office, supermarket, car, bike, front door, pc just to name a few.

Good grief.

Amazon has repackaged surveillance capitalism as reality TV

Jan K.

All of this points to an immediate need for strong legal protections to ring-fence any footage from any sensor anywhere...

In the States?

Good luck with that... not very impressed so far, sorry.

Lawsuit accuses Oracle of facilitating sales of 'billions' of folks' personal data

Jan K.

Ellison said at the time [1:15 onward]: "It is a combination of real-time looking at all of their social activity, real-time looking at where they are including, micro-locations..."

Yes, yes, but what about health data? Not included?

Ah, they're in the planning...

Oracle is planning to build a national database of individuals' health records for the whole United States following its $28.3 billion acquisition of electronic health records specialist Cerner.



Big Tech is building the metaverse of its own dreams. You don't want to go there

Jan K.

"The CEO himself celebrated the launch of Horizon Worlds in Spain and France with an in-world image of a dead-eyed robot selfie against a landscape of mid-'90s clip art."

I saw that and thought it was a joke.

Apparently not. It is indeed a joke.

Windows 10 update breaks audio for some systems

Jan K.

And I thought updates were automated, ie not user selectable?

Google promises to adjust search algorithm to favor 'people-first content'

Jan K.

Dropped google years ago, nothing but ads...

Bing? The thing answering what was not asked for? A joke...

Went to duckduckgo and so far quite good.

Musk tries to sell Tesla's Optimus robot butler to China

Jan K.

"Optimus will be ... able to carry or pick up heavy objects, walk fast in small steps, and the screen on its face is an interactive interface for communication with people."

I'm deeply opposed to firearms, but if these things will be walking around, I swear, I *will* get a shotgun....