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Nokia E5 Qwertyphone

Matt Thornton


Anyone know if the mail client supports exchange hosted on bpos?

Does it support tethering?

Internet tethering spotted in iPad iOS beta

Matt Thornton

Hope so

This is a feature I really want and have been trying to avoid the jailbreak route.

Gmail Labs' experiments: What's in, what's out?

Matt Thornton


I really like random signature.

Truck drivers! Don't go texting now

Matt Thornton

bleeding obvious

What's more worrying is that some genius thought this "research" was worth $6m.

Apple power brick sparks lawsuit

Matt Thornton


The MagSafe predates the MBP... I've had a variety of its incarnations over the years and never had a single problem. The advice is fairly obvious: don't let your cat chew it, and don't leave it switched on permanently / unnecessarily. This is fairly solid advice for any electrical device.

Apple computers are far more advanced than generic PCs; it seems the same is not necessarily true of their users.

Apple overhauls MobileMe

Matt Thornton


What am I missing? "It was a great time-saver to not have to email our 10MB test file over the meager upload bandwidth of our ADSL line" - surely you still are encumbered by the meagre upload speed when you first put it on the cloud in order to share it?

Ten of the Best... laptop stands

Matt Thornton


I've got one of those Griffin jobs - it looks nice but those rubber stopper thingies on the arms are slippier than a lubed up eel on an ice rink. You can position the computer all you want, it'll still slip and slide until it finds an equilibrium.

Sony demos ultra-expensive, ultra-thin OLED telly

Matt Thornton


Holy cow. Yeh, it's a beauty, but it's 11" !! Anyone who spends 3k on a tv that is about only big enough for a kitchen telly has more money than sense.

Third-gen Apple iPhone in development?

Matt Thornton


guaranteed there's some smug little git sitting in Cupertino chuckling heartily to himself knowing full well that adding this to the firmware would have iPhoneTards everywhere literally creaming themselves at the very prospect.

instead of "third-gen apple iphone in development?" this should have been titled "men like blowjobs?" for true Digg-style "this from the state the bleeding obvious" department.

Windows 7 UAC shutoff 'bug' leaves Microsoft unmoved

Matt Thornton

@ eh? AC

The point is UAC was turned off through script silently, so what's to stop some badware doing the same? You'd never know, whereas that's the exact opposite intention of UAC.

Anything with "an exception list" will always be vulnerable and this is the main problem with all Windows OS - even doing the 8 different versions of the same OS - it just causes problems.

(Cue flamebait) Which is why I love OSX.

Dutch search engine ignores IP addresses

Matt Thornton


I like it. As a result of quick ixquick of me, I found out that I signed the US declaration of independence. Never knew that.

Still, shit name for it though. "I'm just gonna ixquick that" doesn't have the same ring. I can't imagine Obama saying "I use the ixquick all the time".

Although it looks good, I just don't see it catching on.

Seven Japanese poisoned by blowfish 'nads

Matt Thornton


What a load of bollocks.

Wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal

Matt Thornton


I don't mind the wiki - it's useful for a quick reference. A lot of the tech / physics stuff is usually (in my experience) completely wrong, or so badly written that it's not helpful. It is worrying to think so many people will take it as being the gospel, helping to spread the misinformation.

But $6m dollars a year to run it? Really? Admittedly I didn't read their full break down (apparently I have to donate online in order to receive it or something) but does it really cost that much? How much of that is Jimbo's salary?

And frankly, I think most people have gotten so used to seeing adverts (and the likes of AdBlock Plus are so effective) that I wouldn't mind a few ads if it stops the "please help us!" messages that permanently plaster the site.

Apple dealer buys its way into the Midlands

Matt Thornton
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Slow news day?

Erm... so an Apple reseller bought another Apple reseller and both will continue to resell Apple stuff?

How is this news?

Google exempts self from Apple rules

Matt Thornton


Didn't MS get punished for doing pretty much exactly this sort of thing?

GTA IV extra game download details emerge

Matt Thornton

xbox only?

How come? Considering the main reason I bought my PS3 was for a) GTA IV (and then b) Blu Ray), this'd be a bit of a bastard if the new stuff wasn't available for me.

El Reg seeks top net neologism

Matt Thornton

Well if we're doing Blackadder quotes...

... may I offer my utmost contrafibularities to El Reg for their continued diversification of the English vernacular.

Twatdangle indeed. (In fact, through typo, I just verbed it - "to twatdangle" - "Good day honey? No, I got twatdangled by that twunt in marketing."

Chesticles is an "epic win".

Matt Thornton




Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud

Matt Thornton
IT Angle


So first they're saying they want to create an ending to the Italian Job (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/10/30/italian_job_ending_solution_contest/) and now they're coming up with the perfect Yorkshire pudding.

Do these "scientists" ever actually do any real work?

Google adds audio, video tools to Gmail

Matt Thornton
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Bearing in mind that Gmail is essentially a webmail service, that you are likely to check from a web cafe or work 'puter which is probably locked down, how useful is this if you have to install something?

I find it almost as pointless as Microsoft's message on MSN Webmessenger that says "Install Windows Live! Messenger now!" - don't they realise that if I could do that then I would and I have to use webmessnger out of necessity, not out of choice!?

Azure, Windows 7 and it's OK for MS to hate Vista, too

Matt Thornton


Windows 7 is the planned predecessor to Vista? Erm. What?

London drum-maker dies of inhalation anthrax

Matt Thornton


Wait a second - I'm not allowed to take a bottle of water on to a plane - but it's perfectly legitimate to import anthrax into the country?

Spooks foils fictional Russian plot

Matt Thornton

Oh and...

Does anyone have a slot-loading disc drive that would actually accept a CD being hammered in to it the way Lucas North did? All the ones I've ever had (including the one in my car, and the ones on my various Macs) would have a right fit if I did that.

(I was also amused to see an Archos 605 the previous week being used to scan for mobile phones. Unless of course that's a (paid-for) plugin that Archos haven't released to the general public.)

Matt Thornton

Close down the Internet

My immediate reaction is "what a load of cobblers!" but I suppose in reality it wouldn't be so hard, considering that pretty much everything is run by a handful of top level entities... switch them off and I guess things would go pop for a while.

I'd like to know, however, which trigger happy civil servant has his hand hovering over the big red button, though. And whether or not there'd be an Independence Day / Armageddon launch procedure with the word coming from Gordon Brown... bunch of SAS storm in to the "Internet control building", clutching metal briefcases, request the use of some poor soul's "station", all that double key must be turned at the same time nonsense...

Tablet MacBook launched... again

Matt Thornton
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Who does the maths over there?

I can't think of anything more pointless than this tablet kajigga, but £1345 for one direct from them, or £1400 you paid for your laptop + £800 to convert it? Who would do that?

YaGoogleSoft! adopt voluntary 'code of ethics'

Matt Thornton

@#1 AC

I agree... can someone refresh my memory why Google got flak for not indexing certain controversial things? We/you/one may not agree with a certain country's policies, but they are their policies and it's for the wider political community to decide how to deal with them, not Google's.

In my mind, it's akin to going on holiday to Mexico and insisting on speaking English and eating fish & chips. If you don't like the culture/policies/whatever of a certain country... don't go there!?

Samsung Innov8 i8510 eight-megapixel cameraphone

Matt Thornton


Well, OK, I'll wait to be corrected. Every other Samsung phone I've owned, as well as the iPhone, doesn't let you set a custom message alert... and I mean doing it out of the box, not having to jailbreak it or the equivalent, whereas Nokia and Sony Ericsson (in my experience) have allowed it for as many phones as I've had from them...

Matt Thornton

Never ending features

But I bet you can't set a custom message alert tone.

Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?

Matt Thornton

No diplomacy on this one.

This is without doubt the most fucking stupid thing I have heard in a long, long time.

That is all.

Run Mac OS X on a PC

Matt Thornton

@Reg Skelton and ?legal way

Yeh there is - buy a Mac. And I'm not being flippant, when I was considering making the switch a few years back I just bought a Mac Mini (£350 ish at the time) reckoning I could experiment with OSx and if I didn't like it just Linux it or similar.

(Turns out I loved OSx and I've been a complete convert ever since.)

I can understand people doing this sort of stuff, as an experiment more than anything else, and 10 years ago I might have done it myself, but I dunno, nowadays I'm less interested in hacking about with stuff, I just want my stuff to work... and you defo get that with Mac, so I don't mind paying slightly through the nose for it.

(IYAM Apple has the right business model in only supporting approved hardware that they know will work properly, which is arguably the biggest problem Windows/Vista had - trying to support billions of different components, each requiring drivers etc. etc.)

Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly

Matt Thornton
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OK pedants

Oh FFS... fine, I should have been more explicit. Normal implementation of solar panel technology incorporates the a) solar panel and b) something to store the electric in. Like I said - I didn't want to state the bleeding obvious, whereas you poor saps seem to need it spelled out in every last detail. If you actually thought that Sharp would consider building a TV that required it to be sunny, then it's time you stepped away from the 'puter and went outside for a while.

Matt Thornton

Not wishing to state the obvious...

Whilst the sarcastic naysayers were quite predictable, in case anyone was actually serious, [power from a] solar panel isn't on demand. i.e., it doesn't need to be sunny when you want to use it... it charges up when it is sunny and is available when it isn't.

Bluetoothing androids to shout at blind people

Matt Thornton

Great (not)

So Google buys a billion of them and bombards you with adverts everywhere you go. Well, I guess that's already pretty much true.

Having said that, I hate Bluetwats, so I might buy a beacon and record a message to that effect for anyone who walks past my house.

Kudos for trying to develop stuff for disabled people but this idea is far too sketchy for my liking (the commercial angle is too blatant). In fact, I don't see the point of the bluetooth beacon thingy. Lots of new phones nowadays have GPS on board, why not just have the same data georeferenced and as you wander about, you get told when there is some nearby info for you.

(Hmm. Wait. I didn't say that. I might go off and design that. Where's the lightbulb icon when you need it?)

Sony can sue distributor for sales value of stolen goods, not just cost

Matt Thornton
Gates Horns

Not to mention...

... this being a direct example of the way in which consumers are constantly ripped off by the big manufacturers. My rough calculations indicate the cost per unit is 3.30, Game were paying around 11 for them, and would have sold them for (depending on spec) about 15. That's a 450% ish markup.

Today is not Hadron Collider Day

Matt Thornton
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Full marks for the Ghostbuster's reference, but why does El Reg insist on being so bloody cynical about absolutely everything?

I'm no physisisisisicist working on (possibly literally) ground-breaking new research (as tediously reminded to me on a daily basis as I drift in to my job) but it's nonetheless quite exciting what these bearded chaps are up to.

Or maybe it's just the thought that they might implode the very fabric of our existence and put me out of my misery.

Noel Gallagher takes a tumble on YouTube

Matt Thornton


Well done that man. Went down quicker than a sack of shit. Or Amir Khan.

RE: Fist-happy Liam - if you watch closely, he only gets his macho act on after the security guards have secured the unidentified assailant and then does his "Yeh yeh yeh, I'm gonna twat you mate eh, yeh?" routine when there's actually little chance of him getting a punch in. If he was truly hard he wouldn't have nutted the bloke of the stage before security arrived.

Matt Thornton

erm, WOULD

* erm, I mean he WOULD have nutted the bloke. I was too eager to see wankers like this getting some payback.

Ivan O'Toole? That's nothing, snorts Hugh Jass

Matt Thornton

One side effect...

Of outsourcing everything to Asia, is some humourous names. I'm currently dealing with a chap, whose first name is "Sukhdeep". You can imagine the fun to be had in suggesting possible brides for him, Ms Throat springs to mind.

Judge slaps Fasthosts for rubbish kit and support

Matt Thornton


Whatever the ration / % of downtime, it doesn't appear to factor in loss of business / earnings.

@AC re: Linux. I suggest you check your sarcasm detector, seems like it's on the fritz.

As for Fasthosts, I've never used them for hosting but I do use UKREG (a Fasthosts company) for all my domains, and they've been flawless.

Aussie has answer to save Earth from asteroid attack

Matt Thornton

Wrong way round

Why not just wrap earth in cling film and let the sun reflection wotsit move us out of the way of the asteroid?

Thailand bans GTA after video game style murder

Matt Thornton


Presumably Bush & Co. could laugh off that whole pesky WMD mess because they'd played too much Desert Strike?

@Alan - you make an interesting point, because I must admit, I do get a perverse amount of pleasure in sitting on the roof of a building with a sniper rifle and picking of random people and trying to evade the cops for as long as poss. I like to indulge the fantasy BUT the distinction is that it's a fantasy and I know it, and when I go outside with the real people, I leave the sniper rifle at home*. Although do I have to sometimes remind myself that I can't drive on the wrongside of the road and randomly crash in to people and just scarper.

I'm perfectly well adjusted in real life and to me, the game is just some fun. I'm with all the people who thinks it bloody ridiculous to ban games 'cos one nutjob couldn't handle the fun (because you don't see all the millions of people who managed to buy GTA4 and NOT go on a rampage in the news) but I would be interested to see a proper psychological assessment of the effect of these games on people 'cos I think some people won't be able to maintain their grasp on the boundary with reality. But then I also think those sorts of people aren't going to blame it on the game, because they probably wouldn't realise.

But for anyone considering it, please, before finding out whether stealing cars or ramraiding lines of harry krishnas is really as easy, please find out whether jumping off a building or getting run over by a rubbish truck really results in waking up in hospital apparently injury-less.

Apple faithful snared in phishing scam targeting Mac.com users

Matt Thornton

Comments queue

I figure El Reg will have to take on extra staff just to cover the volume of people queueing up to laugh at Apple lusers.

But I agree with Matt above (great name btw) that if you're really that much of a fuckwit to follow a link from an email prompting you to enter billing details AND don't notice that the URL is totally bogus, then you're a moron.

I'm an Apple user and my life is far less stress free after making the switch a couple of years ago, but that's not to say I just tossed away all common sense when I became Stevie's latest bitch.

Microsoft's data crunching baby hit with lawsuit

Matt Thornton

@Big Chris

I had the same thought - but was thinking it was marginally better than Datamontego. Although Datamaestro (with optional !) has a certain ring to it. I might fire off a quick patent and hope someone buys me out so I can sue them. Or something.

iPhone apps selling like hot cakes

Matt Thornton
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N95 it is then

I was all set - indeed waiting - for the new iPhone to become available where I am, mainly due to the perceived simplicity of having just one more Apple toy that would play nicely with my other Apple toys (he says, writing this on a MBP.)

But this stinks. My phone, I bought it, let me do with it what I will.

Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young

Matt Thornton


You reckon your average iPod-sporting Basshunter-alistening audion00b is really going to care about dynamic range compression? Bearing in mind most people nab their music from <insert P2P client of choice> where you'll be lucky to get 128kb*, it seems a little harsh to single out Apple as the real culprit.

(Mine's the one with the iPod shuffle clipped to the lapel.)

* Let the flames begin.

Apple buys more PCBs - MacBook refresh imminent?

Matt Thornton

Err what?

The most recent MBP refresh was March/April 2008. I think the author need to get his Macbooks and Macbook Pro's distinguished.

Apple iPhone 3G

Matt Thornton

Am I missing something here?

Hang on a sec, this is an iPHONE, correct? As in, it makes phone calls? Yet there's zero mention in the article or any of the comments about its actual ability to make phone calls?


Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs

Matt Thornton
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Yeh right

"To achieve our ambition, we need to transform to a global organisation, able to serve the needs of our customers and clients who have operations around the world."

Isn't that just management speak for "we're moving to India 'cos it's cheaper" ?

'Anaconda' 200m rubber snake generator scheme gets funding

Matt Thornton


"No single form of energy generation is without enviromental impact on some level, but using Wave Power especially in locations where we are already trying to limit waves would be about as negligible as possible, and regardless of where we do it a damn sight more enviromentally friendly than digging up thousands of tonnes of coal and throwing it in fires."

You're the idiot. I don't know why you're even commenting, let alone berating someone else, who actually raised sensible questions that must be answered. You've obviously never heard of the term "Environmental Impact Assessment".

Next time why not post only if you actually have something to contribute, even if it's just a willy joke or questionable Paris Hilton angle, which is preferable to spouting off on a subject you clearly have no clue about. Go get your coat.

Palm, BlackBerry-beating demand for 3G iPhone claims researcher

Matt Thornton

Agreed with Tortuous AC

Thank you. That is one of the most hideous titles to an article I've ever seen.