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Vulture takes BlackBerry's Passport through customs


Shift and Function

While there isn't much you could do if you have an odd case of weird casing, such as typing out a javaCamelCaseFunction(), the autocorrect should hopefully get the capitalizations right.

For symbols, swipe down on the physical keyboard, which gives you the symbol virtual keyboard. Note that they map to the 3 rows, and you could hit the physical keys to enter the matching symbols.

Top aero boffin: Green planes will be noisy planes


Noise pollution? or Carbon pollution?

The Soviet Bear Foxtrot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-95) use contra-rotating props and alleges and efficient design; however the noise is so great that it could be detected underwater, or at the very least, unbearable for fighters at a reasonable distance away.

Suppose that the Tupolev would be a fuel-conscious design, I would think the noise generated by the aircraft could routinely scare wildlife in various areas.

It's damned if we do, damn if we don't.

We'll just have to travel less.

Drugs, hookers and cranked customers: Ex-Broadcom boss indicted


Explains why so many laptop company use their wireless chips

Broadcom chips always caused problems for the non-Windows users, and this can probably explain why all these company bought their shit....

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour


Cheaper solution

Invest in a set of Torx, and open the drive up.

If it's a multiplatter, I've heard from HD recovery people that the platters are aligned using information on the platters itself. If you twist them apart, then the alignment is screwed up, and basically no information can be read.

If it's single platter, just take the platter out, scratch it up, and use it as a coaster.

$11k saved.

Apple fans roast Apple fans


Apple should invest on some good thermal solution

Friend of mine opened his MacBook Pro, and replaced the crusted up thermal paste with Arctic Silver Ceramique, and the temperature dropped 5C idle, and 10C load.

My 1st generation MacBook is running quite hot, and I've resorted to undervolting the processor to lower the thermal output. Their sense of style excluded the possibility of having good airflow through the case, making most of their laptop hotter than the PC equivalent.

Bitlocker hack is easily prevented, Microsoft says


Did they even read the paper?

Cause I read the beginnings of the paper, and they _are_ aware of BIOS locks, and they propose to have a machine ready, freeze the ram, cut the power, and transplant on a different machine to examine memory content.

In this scenario, it's even worse cause the attacker could use his own ram for the OS that's examining the frozen RAM's content, and not have the OS clobber the data on them.

IT departments poised to fly past airlines on CO2 emissions


So what's the deal here?

The problem with planes is that it spews exhaust high up in the atmosphere, while computing devices don't actually have an exhaust per-se, and its "carbon footprint" has more to do with how the electricity is generated than anything else.

Would there be a "carbon" problem had the power been generated through hydro, or nuclear, or other methods that has small "carbon footprint"?

We have this overly excited environmentalist who kept asking us if it's possible to coordinate with the users here so that the desktops are shut-off unless there is an anti-virus / Windows update. She has no understand of how the updates are done (we don't have a set time schedule for Windows update, and SAV updates everyday), nor there is a way to ensure that even if the users forgot to cooperate, things would get done. We just don't have the infrastructure for lights-out management at the moment.

Not to mention the computing cluster inside the server room with the rest of the server, and a UPS the size of a car that runs 24/7 and gets loaded at the off hours...

Asus announce 'first ever' Socket AM2+ mobo


Damn You Asus

And I just bought a M2A-VM for my new desktop, sitting for a possible upgrade when Phenom comes out, and "now" you announce new AM2+ boards....