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Amazon spies on staff, fires them by text for not hitting secretive targets, workers 'feel forced to work through pain, injuries' – report

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Re: Dystopian Nightmares Inc.

I think this is more Dystopian - 1984 and The Fifth Element, where Bezos is Zorg (Gary Oldman character).

All Bezos needs is a limp and quarter tips on his shoes, and he has made it. It looks like he has already got the fashion style required, just a bit further to go.

I am sure that this example can be used to show others what pure greed does to companies - i expect that this is management created since they must have their bonuses, as well as Bezos driving it.

Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound – oops

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Creepy Feature == Creepture

I still do not see how Google could describe them remotely recording everything that happens in your house, as a feature.

I recall that in the UK, it was reported that a friendly neighbour installed a video camera in a single mum's flat after he volunteered to complete some decorating work, was using wired based cameras, and he subsequently went to prison.

For some reason, a conglomerate listening to many peoples home voices and sounds 24/7, is a feature.

That's how we roll: OWC savagely undercuts Apple's $699 Mac Pro wheels with bargain $199 alternative

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Re: Still taking the piss

Those b4st4rds at Greene King have reduced the 10x500ml pack to 8x500ml pack, for the same price.

China re-shapes its silicon industry to boost production

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Re: weeell

I don't think it is an issue. If you examine the following link, there are many foundries not in China :


The only issue i could foresee is if China annexes Taiwan, or their production capability is extensively subsidised to cause other foundries to close (which assumes that they obtain the licence to produce the IC's in the first place).

If China does play games, then there is sufficient other foundries to absorb the new manufacturing. The other aspect i can foresee is fake parts - not sure how this will progress if it occurs.

In the halcyon days before Brexit, takeover attempts, and COVID-19, HP made 1.3% pre-tax profit on sales at UK limb

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Re: Their Website Still Does Not Work

Spoke too soon. I wanted to compare the i5 and Ryzen options, and now it does not work in Chrome, even when i deleted the cookies etc.

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Re: Their Website Still Does Not Work

I did try Chrome a while back, and same issue. Just tried again, and with ublock off (again), seems to work. Thanks.

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Their Website Still Does Not Work

I am using Firefox 78.0.2 on Fedora 31, and for the past 8 months at least, their website filter function, and sort function, in the laptop section refuses to work on the UK version.

You cannot buy every version of their laptop from Curry's, and you cannot contact HP to let them know their website does not work.

Also, their calculators were the best to purchase - high quality and offering RPN. The reviews of their calculators has shown that they are now chinese manufactured tat. The calculator reviews are not available on the UK website, but are on the US version.

Fitness freaks flummoxed as massive global Garmin outage leaves them high and dry for hours

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Re: Who Cares?

I use my Garmin watch as it came with a heart rate monitor. Using Golden Cheetah, i can see the logs, and although the GPS is less accurate than a device with WAAS, the heart rate monitor does provide a useful metric.

Hopefully this event will get Garmin et al to think about the ability to download the logs without the need for an internet connection.

UK surveillance laws tightened up as most spying demands to be subject to warrants

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Still a Very Bad Law

States : "any surveillance power granted to the public sector under any law other than the Snoopers' Charter itself or the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) now can't be exercised unless your telco or Royal Mail (or parcel courier, for that matter) can be persuaded to hand over access to your communications."

So, essentially, they have reduced the powers of RIPA, but if the telco or postal can be "persuaded", then they will hand over the data anyway ???

What if the telco or postal think, maybe we ought to charge for this - and so it then becomes a profit decision for the postal/telco.

I think the law should be changed to notify that the person has been investigated by non-criminal bodies, maybe 1 year after the investigation - so we the people can then decide for ourselves about any abuse of power.

UK government shakes magic money tree, finds $500m to buy a stake in struggling satellite firm OneWeb

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It Could Be Made to Work ???

Just for clarification, the article states :

"While at first glance, trying to force a mega-constellation of communication satellites in Low Earth Orbit to perform the positioning duties of a few purpose-built spacecraft in higher orbits may seem risky, it could be made to work."

Who is stating it could be made to work - is it the UK Government, or someone with the technical aptitude who has made a comment somewhere ???

To me, $500m is a lot of money to speculate upon for something that "could be made to work".

Consumer orgs ask world's competition watchdogs: Are you really going to let Google walk off with all Fitbit's data?

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Alternative Issue....

I have a Garmin product with separate heart rate monitor, purchased years ago, and i thought i would try it out.

Garmin, and it seems many other manufacturers, force you to use their software which is internet based only, for storage of the data on their servers.

I NEVER want to store MY data on some other entities servers.

The letter misses the point in this regard.

The issue should be that any product/device MUST allow the owner/user to use it without the requirement for ANY internet connection or service.

Luckily, after a lot of searching i located the Garmin Ant Agent software (on a 3rd party website - which is risky) to download the workout, and used the Golden Cheetah application to view my results.

Since website after website is hacked, it is immediately obvious that every device MUST allow local only storage, and as per purchasing goods, a GUEST login where your card details are not stored, must be provided by every website too.

Then at least people have the option of storing their data locally only.

One does not simply repurpose an entire internet constellation for sat-nav, but UK might have a go anyway

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Re: These satellites have high precision atomic clocks on board?

I am not sure about the receiver design, in that most are a single chip receiver in generic GPS based products.

I recall (perhaps in error) that the receiver chip is hard coded to know where the satellites are (constellation in the sky) and from that with the timing signals, determine the location of the receiver.

Does the GPS receiver have to know where the GPS satellites (MEO) are, and if so, how will the UK version using LEO's overcome this aspect ?

Dr. Vagmeister

The following link provided by someone lower down in the comments :


States that the system will be compatible with the US GPS system - hence will be L-Band.

Dr. Vagmeister

Unless the satellites are using a non-waveguide approach to powerful signal transmission, then the satellite will have to be re-engineered as Ku-band waveguides are smaller than L-band waveguides. See :


Compare WR-650 L-Band (6.5inches x 3.25inches) to WR-62 Ku-band (0.622inches x 0.311inches) - approx 10x smaller in one dimension. So the L-band satellite waveguides are 10x bigger = more weight, and require significant satellite redesign.

If the satellites don't use waveguides, and the idea is to use those already being built with modifications, they still need to be launched etc.

Dr. Vagmeister

I read the Guardian link, which refers to the Times. The 20% is part of a consortium deal, with the Chinese interested. The Guardian states :

"The government is seeking a system that will support mobile phones and provide vital location information for the military and businesses."

There is no secrecy here, no competitors, only other stakeholders that are not commensurate with the UK's ways of life - i.e., freedom.

I would not have any other potentially hostile nation knowing the details, and having direct access and involvement in a GPS system which is critical to our military.

Dr. Vagmeister

It could be that the satellites operate in Ku-band (11GHz+ downlink), and GPS receivers operate at L-band (1GHz to 2GHz). So, unless they can convert the satellite from Ku-band to L-band, then they cannot be configured to operate with existing GPS receivers.

We already have numerous GPS signals, and the associated WAAS (L-band, wide area augmentation system signal) to compensate for the accuracy, which many GPS receivers already can make use of - mine from 2003 uses the WAAS signal.

Without the report, then we cannot assess the validity of the claims.

Will the proposed system offer cm level accuracy, or be no better than GPS+WAAS ???

Also, why would anyone pay 20% (£500million) to a company that has filed for bankruptcy ??

If the money is paid, where does it go ??, does the company suddenly become operational ??

I recall that the government were being told that they can introduce backdoors into encryption and they believed it was ok with no downsides. Is this the same scenario, the government is being told what it wants to hear by people with some technical ability, to get them to believe that what is stated in the £92million report is 100% accurate ?

The report cannot be seen - so, will this be a case of money spent (£92m + £500m) and then it fails and we just brush it under the carpet ?

It's now safe to turn off your computer shop: Microsoft to shutter its bricks-and-mortar retail locations worldwide

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Isn't it obvious......

I know why Microsoft fail.

With shops such as Apple, Ann Summers, and Jewellers, they all sell something people lust after, that you want to get your hands on.....

Microsoft sell something crepe, or something you have to use, like toilet roll, (although Xbox, Xbox360 were ok, then they messed up with Xbox One).

Huawei wins approval to plonk £1bn optical comms R&D facility in UK's leafy Cambridgeshire

Dr. Vagmeister

It is a response to the usual lack of long term thinking of the UK government, and current UK industry.

Why don't Huawei continue researching on their own as per their massive campus in China ?

We used to have world leading research in the UK in the optical area, but this has declined severely.

Dr. Vagmeister

Yes, they don't want to give money away to the marxists (London Borough of Newham), but happy to take it from the Communists.

Any IP, patents, i assume will be owned by Huawei.

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

Dr. Vagmeister

Descriptive and Slightly Shortened

Bunch of Funts

In case you need more proof the world's gone mad: Behold, Apple's $699 Mac Pro wheels

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Re: Re Cycle Wheels

"Sometimes I think cycling is the new Hi-Fi in the sense of "How Much?""

I am not sure you have been on the Hifi forums recently.

We now have special fuses for the power supply, which are directional.

Special mains cables, special S/PDIF cables, special Cat6 cables, special absorption materials for equipment to stand on as the equipment feet are not good enough. Special RF absorption devices to place inside your equipment. We now also have special audio grade ethernet switches. There are also USB reclockers which are essentially a USB hub, costing many thousands. There used to be a CD disc demagnetiser - though i think the vendor realised he really was taking the p!ss.

We also have equipment that takes two weeks to warm up, and if you switch it off, and back on again, you have to wait another 2 weeks before it sounds any good.

Oooh, forgot to mention speaker cables, and interconnect cables - they all matter.

If you can't hear any difference to the above, then your system is not resolving enough, or you have a hearing issue.

People should try and visit the hifi forums - you think Apple customers are lemming brains, hifi people are seriously nuts.

Microsoft uses its expertise in malware to help with fileless attack detection on Linux

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Perhaps this is a silly question - do we get to see the source code for the Microsoft program running on a Linux system ?

Isn't that the entire point of Linux and open source, the source code is open ?

Ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain was accused of sexual misconduct against Darktrace staff – report

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Re: Randy Cheek

On a similar note, a colleague had the business card of an American whose name was "Richard Wank".

Not sure if they called him Dick.

UK to Chinese telecoms giant: From 5G in Tiree to the Isles of Ebony, carry me on the waves… Sail Huawei, sail Huawei, sail Huawei

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: Exactly

If you said any of this to an MP, they would believe you in its entirety, and champion it as a positive for the UK, without ever realising the sarcasm, or the obvious low technology or irony.

Anyway, what will 5G ever do for us........

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January?

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Re: "It has no telemetry and can be properly locked down without too much hassle."

I thought that they back-ported telemetry to Windows 7 and 8 ?.


You can remove the specific updates, but it is still a risk if you don't keep up with the updates ???

Latitude 9510 lappy has a speakerphone so you can tell the conference call all about your 30-hour battery

Dr. Vagmeister

It is a Dell Inspiron, 4 years old, you can obtain a 16GB DIMM from :


I wrote to Dell, and the BIOS does not support the extra memory, although the chipset and processor support up to 32GB.

Also, their latest 17inch laptop for the home :


Specifies 16GB maximum memory, yet each slot can accommodate 16GB DRAM modules. Similar for the disc storage, 2TB max supported.

Dr. Vagmeister

Will the Device Be Puposefully Restricted ?

As with many Dell laptops (not sure about other brands) will they restrict to maximum memory to 16GB (example) when the slots can allow 32GB, or restrict the 2.5inch drive bay to 2TB, such that a 4TB will not work ?

Dell do this through the BIOS ??, so rather than have a very good upgrade path, you are restricted. I asked on current laptop, and slot will allow for 16GB, but they stated it is not supported through the BIOS.

On the website, if you want a 32GB laptop, it will cost as a minimum, nearly £2k (all bar £51).

So, any future proof through expandability is not possible, and you have to pay at least £1.3k extra for the specification of the machine you will want in a few years time, whereas the memory upgrade will cost much less.

Fed up being ripped off with these sharp practices.

Xbox Series X: Gee thanks, Microsoft! Just what we wanted for Xmas 2020 – a Gateway tower PC

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Re: RE: ......suggesting Microsoft had learned from its mistakes with the Xbox One.

Thanks - i should have finished reading the article before getting pee'd orf.

Dr. Vagmeister

RE: ......suggesting Microsoft had learned from its mistakes with the Xbox One.

Maybe they have introduced some new ones.

I have a hifi rack, and a wide TV stand where every piece of equipment is wide and not tall. Where on earth is this new tower design going to sit ?

Maybe the unit can lie on its side, but the article seems to indicate it cannot for ventilation purposes.

UK ads watchdog slaps Amazon for UX dark arts after folk bought Prime subs they didn't want

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Re: Join Prime, it's for a good cause, you too can put Bezos into space

On another website that which featured a story about Bezos going to the moon, i did write in the comments section about he could spend his money on more worthy such as battery technology research, or fusion.

My last comment must have wrangled the others, as all i said was, once these aspects of civilisation have been solved, then by all means, f*ck off to the moon.

I had 77 downvotes and zero upvotes. I thought my comment was funny, but obviously not.

On subject - i too have to scrutinise the payment - one big button for enrol in Prime, tiny text to say "no, continue without prime". So obviously a con.


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