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Interpol: We can't arrest our way out of cybercrime

Dr. Vagmeister

I worked with someone who showed me a US business card where the persons name was Richard Wank.

In addition, someone on the team was called Richard Hampton.

USA's plan to decouple its tech with China lacks a strategy – report

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Re: USA decoupling From China

Whenever i order electronic components, sometimes it is difficult to determine the country of origin, but UK Farnell does seem to list it for most. Using Mouser (US based supplier) then no information for country of origin is provided.

The country listed on Farnell is just the last location the product was processed. So no guarantee of excluding China. A manufacturer could easily make in China and then label/encapsulate in another country and it would be listed other than China.

It would require all manufacturers to agree to a chain of manufacturing documentation, which is easy to ascertain too.

Another annoying thing, is that Amazon does not list the country of origin, so you can only determine this by delving into the site, or that the delivery time is long.

Taiwan, China square off over chip tech espionage laws

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Move Taiwan - If Possible

This may be a crazy idea, but why don't we (whoever we is) find another island/land away from China and relocate all Taiwan people and its businesses.

China either wants Taiwan the island, or they want Taiwan the industrial nation. If Taiwan were moved, then China can gladly keep Taiwan the island.

Hong Kong people has the option of relocating to the UK. Maybe a similar scheme for Taiwan for assisted relocation of businesses and people to another country - will the west assist collectively in this approach ?

Why the Linux desktop is the best desktop

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Re: One reason to stay with Windows - Outlook

I use Wine and Play on Linux to manage the versions and application to run on which Wine version.

i run PCB CAD software and simulation software no issues. It "may" require some tinkering, but in general no issue. Else, a VM is used for some home grown software.

I have not tried it, but people have said that Office runs under Wine no problems - so there are many approaches.

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Re: The joys of Linux

I suppose on the patches, i get to choose when i install updates. From the build perspective, it checks once per month, as you cannot turn off updates, but that is fine with me.

Intel suspends all operations in Russia weeks after halting chip shipments

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Re: RE: knew what they were getting into

In a way, if the elections were fair, then yes, the Russian people get what they voted for, yet reports are that the election was fraudulent. From the BBC 20th September 2021 :


States :

"With almost all of the votes counted, the United Russia party had won nearly 50% of the vote, marking a slight drop in support from the previous election.

Mr Putin's biggest critics were barred from running, and there were reports of ballot stuffing and forced voting."

Putin got 50% of the vote. The Tories got 43.6% of the vote.

People being barred from running, does seem to be a situation that means the results were less than representative.

Amazon warehouse workers in New York unionize in historic win against web giant

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Re: Trickle-down economics

I agree that no one should be forced to do anything, and that unions must not have too much power.

With the UK at the moment, anything that is seen as a threat to the Tory party ideology, the usual scare tactics are used such as the unions of the 1970's, or people are labelled lefty etc. as a derogatory meaning. I do not see this challenged in the media, to the point that the issue of nationalisation is never discussed for fear of being called a socialist or communist (mainly the forums).

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Re: "objections based on the inappropriate and undue influence"

I would not expect Bezos to be the sole reason for the situation in Amazon.

There will be many people between him and the lower management who are driving the business the way that they are doing as their salary and bonus are thoroughly dependent upon it.

I have from experience seen people in lower management positions, brown nosing with managers a few grades above them, moving desks to be near them, marking down people with no evidence,cancelling their pay rise and reducing their bonus, paying out of their own pocket to go to meetings to show that they are a "company person" who can make hard decisions. There are c*nts at every level, willing to poop upon others to climb the greasy pole solely for their own benefit. It is the culture we live in.

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Re: Trickle-down economics

I think it is funny when people repeatedly (not you) bring up the 1970's as if we should be careful of unions. That was over 40 years ago, and people (Tory politicians) still use it to scare others.

What is also surprising is that people in the US do not seem able to join a union without consent of Amazon - maybe it is just the recognition of a union by Amazon ?

Unions make little difference now, in the UK. We have fire and rehire in multiple cases, and the unions did not really do anything, and the Tories either talks out the bill to ban it, or a few weeks ago, voted against it. Leadsom (Tory) last week on Politics Live said fire and rehire was a necessity, else businesses will fail. It really is not about businesses failing, but greed by corporations.

How experimental was Microsoft's 'experimental banner' in File Explorer?

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I use KDE and Dolphin. Have multiple tabs open accessing information regularly, and could not go back to Windows use regularly.

I have a windows PC and three instances of file manager open which is an absolute pain when copying and remembering which windows has what location in it.

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Re: Usual answer

I am using KDE, and it does not seem laggy or slow on the PC. The laptop is 7 years old, and does everything i want unhindered by the OS and front end.

Intel to spend €17bn on chip mega-factory in Germany

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Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

Dr. Vagmeister

I think as the article indicates, it is diversification, which is a good thing given the current situation with Covid, war in Ukraine and far east issues in the future.

I am not sure of any hurdles if some of the Intel design or fabrication areas were based in the UK working with Europe. Would be good to hear what Intel thought about the UK now not being in the EU.

Dr. Vagmeister

Intel have probably thought of that. With Brexit and no red tape, then why didn't they choose the UK for something ?

I get that subsidies play a part, but i do wonder how many other investment opportunities don't come the UK's way.

UK government starts public consultation on telco security

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Re: Quote "The news will come as a relief to the public"

I thought this was already part of the Investigatory Powers Act :

"required communication service providers (CSPs) to retain British internet users' "Internet connection records" – which websites were visited but not the particular pages and not the full browsing history – for one year"

From the wiki page : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investigatory_Powers_Act_2016

Does this proposed act go further, by recording web pages etc ?

New flashpoint: US may ask Chinese tech firms to bin Russia

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Re: Rail "cargo" trains from China to Europe.

Energy storage already exists in the home (solar and battery), for the power networks as per the link, and others such as hydro etc. Old article :


The issue is that the government fails to steer the correct direction.

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: Rail "cargo" trains from China to Europe.

The UK energy supply as of 2020 was 43% green :


As long as energy storage design and development proceeds and is implemented, then green energy could reduce in cost considerably. There are redox flow batteries that can last 25+ years (based on same anode and cathode design) (https://invinity.com/largest-flow-battery-world-first/) The 25 year life was based on another website.

There are microwave boilers - the one aspect i am unable to find out (so far) is the running costs compared to gas boilers. (https://www.heatwayv.com/)

The governments own study by Professor Dieter indicated that the current price crisis for carbon based fuels could have been averted (his words Newsnight a few months ago). https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/cost-of-energy-independent-review

I am hoping that the Russia issue will mean that we move to green energy faster, and the same for Europe.

This morning President Biden was stating that the US will be manufacturing locally - and as per The Register articles, fab plants in Europe etc, will see China sidelined to some extent.#

I did not downvote you.

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Re: Rail "cargo" trains from China to Europe.

Agree, that China does play the long game. I expect China will indeed annex Taiwan in the future. Covid may have been the saving event where the west implements extra IC fabrication actually in the west, so we are less reliant upon the far east.

China needs Russian energy, so will support Russia for the foreseeable future. The upside is that the acceleration of green energy deployment for the UK to remove our reliance upon gas etc., will further our move to cheaper energy (this would be nice..... but how likely ??).

The possible long term result for Russia is that if Europe follow the UK direction, then Russia will eventually be poor unless propped up by China.

Govt suggests Brits should hand passports to social media companies

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Re: They want a passport ...

I can see this going wrong where Facebook have access to the government gateway or other, to verify the details you have submitted.

Then, i am sure that the there would be a data mining of the government system to "verify" others not using Facebook as some sort of test, or blatant data extraction.

Without a government portal, then how can Facebook "confirm" that the passport you have entered is valid ?

5G masts will be strapped to lampposts and traffic lights – once £4m project figures out who owns them

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Re: "Modernising the way local authorities and operators work together"

Oh yes, they are absolutely crepe.

Woman across the road backed into my car on two occasions coming out of her drive. I suggested that the council use on the kerb parking as per my side. Their response was that it would require the tarmac path to be strengthened as the utilities were running underneath the pavement. We had work completed for new gas pipes and water pipes in the entire road - and all utilities are my side not the other, and you can see the TV cable company trenches my side too.

Shut off 3G by 2033? How about 2023, asks Vodafone UK

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Re: 2G?

I have a 2G phone. The battery lasts 3 weeks with near zero phone usage. I don't need a smartphone. The only time it could come in handy is when i select a bottle of wine going cheap - does it taste like sawdust or vinegar ?

Hauliers report problems with post-Brexit customs system but HMRC insists it is 'online and working as planned'

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Yes, but that is British Red Tape designed by a French company, manufactured in Poland.... a la Blue Passports.

Battlefield 2042: Please don't be the death knell of the franchise, please don't be the death knell of the franchise

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Re: EA have killed battlefield

I recall that EA stated that they were directly competing with CoD and aimed to take some of CoD sales - the DVD cover looked very much like the CoD cover.

That was when the rot started, and EA pushed the game towards CoD gameplay.

Squads made the game worse. Squads isolated the squad from everyone else, so teamwork with the side failed. In BF2:MC people talked to one another, then later with squads, especially in Europe, people just don't talk due to this ?

EA obviously who have shareholders, went for the money, and all roads lead to CoD.

The other funny things was for BF5 where they did the "woke" thing (complains online), and the reply from EA was, don't buy it then. And guess what, people didn't. That was hilarious.

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: I was looking forward to this one... :(

I started playing BF2:Modern Combat on XBOX all through to BF4 (not Hardline). BF1 did not appeal, and BF5 tried the beta, and too many issues, but classes off, lighting poor, and people could see one another. So i skipped it.

There were always bugs, and some were very annoying even with the final game, but BF4 (PS4) was great fun (as were the others). How they kept on making the same bugs in each sequel amazes me. I thought code reuses was optimal ?

There were always designs aspects that were crap too. Brilliant that you had destruction but once everything was destroyed you were prey to every opponent in a vehicle. The strategic aspects of the game had some real howlers.

If they remade BF2:MC all the way to BF4 again, fixed, and strategics resolved, i would buy them again, especially the favoured maps too.

The statement, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, certainly applies to the BF franchise later games.

UK intel chief says MI6 must outsource innovation – and James Bond's in-house 'Q' is nonsense

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Re: Fear the frightening foreigner!

When i design and build my electronics as a hobby, i always use British components.... and that then ends up just being the transformer and PCB's.

For the PCB's the cost using a UK manufacturer is generally cost 8x more than using Chinese PCB's delivered.

Our government and the EU have been woefully incompetent here. (i know it is a simplistic statement)

Ofcom swears at the general public for five days during obscenity survey

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All Should Be Translated to Rogers Profanisaurus

No need for swear words, just translate them to Rogers Profanisaurus


Bunty or Twinkle ???

(Half way down the page)

UK promises big data law shake-up... while also keeping the EU happy, of course. What could go wrong?

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: "a world-leading data policy"

Yes, this is just another "UK for Sale" process, where the UK citizens are being sold.

Google staff who work from home might see pay cut under corporate policy – reports

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Re: Absolute cunt's trick

You are paid for your contracted hours, and that is usually based on attending your place of work.

Unless that contract states that 10% of your pay is for commuting costs, then Google as per the OP, are being c*nts.

They are simply denying those savings the worker benefits from, by working from home.

Google could easily deny home working, which would solve the issue, but people may not like that since people now realise that working from home is just as beneficial to the company as to the person.

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: Absolute cunt's trick

If Google are cutting peoples wages since they work from home and do not incur travelling costs, then this is just corporate greed at its best. They deny their workers the savings, despite their Q2 $19bn operating profit.

They can reduce building maintenance costs by downsizing, saving more money, yet seek to extract more from their workers. Disgusting.

I suppose the removal of "Don't be evil" from their code of conduct in 2018 has created a senior manager culture appropriate to the dystopian films of every decade.

UK regulator Ofcom seeks more powers to deal with mega constellations

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OFCOM could specify that the satellites must be able to de-orbit, i.e. crash into the earth once it comes to end of life, to stop the clutter and debris etc.

There are projects that are planning to collect ?, or other, the satellite. So would it not be better to specify that the satellite can de-orbit so saving the future of clutter and interference. OFCOM could state that no operating licence will be given in the UK, unless this is implemented.

(or has this been taken care of already ?)

Windows 10 to hang on for five more years with 21H2 update

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Re: They will have to support Windows 10 for longer than five years

A vast number of people are not aware of what an OS is. Some think it is Internet Explorer. They know about ChromeOS or Android, purely because it is the name assigned to the product they have. Same for Apple, as they know about the product, but not really bothered about the OS.

Microsoft have a monopoly, and their actions will be forcing people to upgrade their perfectly adequate PC's to a newer model, when they don't need to.

Is this in effect, forced landfill ?

If every business specifies MS Office product compatibility, and many businesses and government departments are now Office365, Cloud etc., then Linux does not stand a chance.

The culmination of Microsoft strategy and government inaction on their monopoly status will just cause the OS/Hardware merry go round to continue.

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: okay...

I have been using Fedora on the laptop for the past 5 years, and previous to that i was using CentOS, as working from home i could mirror work builds for testing software.

You only hop distros if you want, else you can easily stick with a specific distro as others have stated.

Dell bigwig: Expect another 6 months of supply woes. Oh, hello Windows 11

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Re: It's not just high end parts

Agreed. I was looking at Dell laptops, and their 17" Inspiron's are not available in the UK.

I was also having trouble obtaining the IRFI4020 for my class D amplifier, and Nov 2021 is the delivery date, but luckily i obtained them from RS, as they were out of stock for months, so some have just come in.

Strangely, same for some capacitors too, next year delivery on 1% tolerances in some areas.

Happy with your existing Windows 10 setup? Good, because Windows 11 could turn its nose up at your CPU

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It's cos of the temerity....

The fucking temerity that they think they own your PC.

Backbench Tory campaigner promises judicial review of data grab of English GP patients unless UK government changes tack

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Re: Is it a real opt-out?

Thanks for the reminder. I recall i sent in the form to the GP 8 years, or so, ago. I have resent the form as they have e-mail now.

This is atrocious that the Government is not telling people about GP records opt out. The NHS Digital online system should cater for both.

What you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11: It will run Android apps

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From the article :

CEO Satya Nadella concluded the presentation with a statement of purpose that positions Microsoft – the monopolist of decades past – as the champion of openness, at least compared to its rival Apple.

So, Microsoft are not as bad as Apple, so they can claim being open ?. Was he laughing when he said that ?

Microsoft will always be the monopoly for PC's. They know it, and that's why they can pull the crap such as forcing you to purchase a new PC when windows 10 is unsupported.

Unless you move to Linux.

2024, the year of the Linux desktop. Hurrah.

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: All I want to know is...

"1. Will I have another frantic battle to stop it trying to install itself on my mum's antique laptop?"

Judging by the article text, and comments here, the TPM2.0 requirement probably means you have no chance of installing it even if you wanted to.

Treaty of Roam finally in ashes: O2 cracks, joins rivals, adds data roaming charges for heavy users in EU

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Re: If it's not on the side of a bus...

Can we all agree that Boris Johnson, aka The Johnson, is the patron saint of liars ?

Dr. Vagmeister

Don't you mean "Chardonnay" ? That seems to be a popular name.

Dr. Vagmeister

Yay, Brexshit.

Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)

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Re: What's the point?

I thought that they would have moved to a subscription model by now.

If they do for Windows 11, i am wondering what those non-technical people will do.

I would be quite miffed if suddenly i had to upgrade, and then was asked for money for the upgrade, and the previous is not supported.

Maybe the strategy is full telemetry for those who do not wish to pay for Windows 11.

What Microsoft's Windows 11 will probably look like

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: A data leak in China? You couldn't make it up...

Didn't the Chinese get their own version of Windows from Microsoft, as the telemetry was an issue for the Chinese, reporting to the wrong servers outside China ?

So, i expect this to be a legitimate version, but the Chinese one.

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: Just

I'm using F33 and KDE, and no issues of using a USB stick - automatically mounts and is usable in Dolphin. You do have to eject the USB stick, rather than just pull it out, if it has NTFS.

Microsoft loves Linux – as in, it loves Linux users running Linux desktop apps on Windows PCs

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Re: Yes, of course

"Yes it has, but if KDE suited people's needs then they wouldn't be running Windows."

Of the limited people i talk to about computing (non work), many people don't know about Linux, so they would never even experience KDE.

They know about Android, but that is just because of the proliferatrion of the mobile devices, and probably don't know what an OS is about.

I use KDE, and it is great, similar to Windows 7 or XP interface in operation.

A conversation i had a while back, i explained that i ran Linux, and was asked, does it have Word or Excel, and i replied no (obviously), so the other person pretty much said what's the point. Perhaps until an ODF is the de facto standard, then Linux with LibreOffice won't make an in road that is required to accelerate Linux popularity ?

Microsoft OneDrive for Windows 7 drives off a cliff for business users

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Re: Is Win10 stable yet?

It has been 5+ years since Windows 10, and i am surprised that they have not started to request a subscription. Then again, with so many issues appearing, they perhaps realised that they couldn't really charge for it.

They have a captive audience, so they don't really need to try too hard.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson reluctant to reveal his involvement in the OneWeb deal

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Re: Call the RAC?

That was really, really, funny. You should have got more upvotes.

You can imagine the companion TomTom to go with it, speaking the location to the Brexiteer, maybe with a "Hurrah" every now and then, or "Definitely no foreigners" randomly.

Dr. Vagmeister

£500million on a PR Exercise

This was just "The Johnson" spending money on something technical, and GPS'y as we had shot ourselves in the foot over Brexit, so he could claim, we are doing it ourselves.

Utter waste of money.

Microsoft is designing its own Arm-based data-center server, PC chips – report

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Re: AMD <3 ARM too

I had an XBOX360 and good on Moistness-soft, they repaired the unit free of charge.

It was due to the in-house design of the ASIC (https://www.designnews.com/engineering-disaster-xbox-360-red-ring-death)

They have probably learnt by this serious error in judgement, and it will be out-sourced for their ARM design implementation.

Then again, sometimes despite having vast sums of money, they may try and cut corners.