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Google ends gambling ad self-denial

Duckworth Lewis
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At 9/26/2008 03:23:00 PM google went evil

Google became evil at 03:23pm EDT 26 September, 2008. In the official google blog, Sergei Brin threw his company in mindless worship before the juggernaut of the liberal agenda to allow the manipulation of definitions. Very soon after this, Google mail introduced a new feature to make it harder to embarrass yourself by mailing while drunk -- but it was too late. It's all downhill from here. Enjoy them while they last.

Church hall bans 'unchristian' yoga for nippers

Duckworth Lewis

Mosque turns down request for Bible study meeting

In the same week, Imam Muhammed Muhammed Muhammed of the PBUH Mosque refused a request by a group of people who wanted to use the building as a venue for a mid-week Bible reading meeting. No reason was given, but a close aide of the Imam said, on a recorded video tape from the mountains of Snowden, we will have to cut off their scrawny infidel heads because we've discovered they have Bibles, which we do not read, or allow to be read.

And, in related news, the vegetarian society of East Swansey refused permission to the local Bratwurst federation for it to hold a banquet in its St Vegan Hall.

In an unmatched show of intolerance, The Hilton hotel turned down the opportunity to host a conference on the subject "Why the Hilton Hotel sucks." The organisers say they were very surprised, because the hotel seems like the ideal venue, and lots of cute little kids will benefit from the programme.


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